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VB Rose

I was originally planning to talk about the different character aspects that could be gleaned from the two different versions of the scenario in our recent poll, but I tried it and realized that it's still kind of difficult for me to explain my thoughts on it. So instead, we figured it'd be a good time to reflect on VB Rose.

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And I can't think of anything else I had to say.

Today I'm thankful for the amazing lemonade we had at the Institute barbecue last night, having a slightly cooler apartment today (we turned down (up?) the air-conditioning in a fit of disgruntlement; the only problem being that our disgruntlement came in large part from not having any money, eheh), having an excuse to play even more Ace Attorney (we have to pull out Apollo Justice to get some reference material), fun combining names together, and easily localizable pun.

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! Our bishop is from Canada, so he called this weekend "Double Independence Weekend." We liked it.

Aaaanyway. We're still sadly lacking in votes on the poll we posted two days ago. I know we're not going to get enough votes to do anything conclusive, but seven? Really? We can't get any more than that? (Thanks to the seven of you who did vote, by the way!)

In other brief random bits of news, another translation of VB Rose has found its way onto our hard drive. I'm guessing people don't need it anymore, though, since it's volume five. Or fourteen. Right, it's fourteen. Still not sure anyone needs it, though, because it's taken so long to get it that we're pretty sure everyone's either figured out all the dialogue or had enough time to learn Japanese. This is what happens when Negima! omnibi take over our lives. But anyway, if anyone's interested in a copy (of VBR; you're going to have to wait for the official release for Negima!), let us know.

So far we've enjoyed our holiday mostly by playing Final Fantasy XIII. That's one Final Fantasy for each of the original colonies! Or maybe we just decided to play it because July weather reminds us of Final Fantasy XI, so we wanted to play a game that involved a big screen (as opposed to a DS or PSP) and wandering around a giant fantasy world. And we still haven't beaten FF13.

We also watched a lecture on building better sentences. We started ignoring those when our schedule got really busy, but since things have slowed down, we decided we should watch the rest of them. Then today we got an email announcing the start of the latest Kurodahan Press Translation Prize, so we figured we really ought to get some writing help.

Today I'm thankful for the blessings of living in a free country, once again being surrounded by adorable kitties, having a nice leisurely day off, all the neat patriotic things people have posted on Twitter, and not having to go outside in the 105 degree weather.

Roses and kitties

Hmmm... What's this? A translation of VB Rose 13 seems to have found its way onto our hard drive. I wonder if anyone would be interested in that phenomenon...

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Today I'm thankful for getting to see Oreo's old doctor again, Mom being kind enough to take us to the vet, having some new medicine that we think will help, having more of the old medicine so we won't run out, and Page being kind enough to keep us company while Oreo rests (it might be considered more nice for her to keep the sick one company, but we don't think he'd like that very much).


Page has been determined to prevent us from working today! I finally figured out that if I don't take my hands off the keyboard to pet her, she won't lie down on top of it... or at least she won't lie down where I'm typing. She still managed to render the keyboard useless by lying down on the number pad and maybe some key close to it that made it so nothing I typed registered. Cats are fun.

Anyway, there are some things about shoujo manga that we've noticed that we keep wanting to point out but never get around to. For example, we wonder if anyone else noticed a couple of extras in volume one of Happy Cafe that look suspiciously like VB Rose's Ageha and Mamoru.

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Today I'm thankful for being bigger than Page (so we can extract her from the keyboard when necessary), kitties that like to have our attention, remembering to turn the air conditioner on, getting to synth five items today at Square-Enix Members, and having a List of things to work on.

Rainy Friday

Today feels pretty uneventful. I guess it feels uneventful everywhere, because nobody's updating Live Journal. Actually, I've been thinking a lot about our backstory lately (I talk about our life as if it's a manga or something, so by "our backstory," I mean the Issues we had in the past), and I'm starting to wonder if revealing said backstory to the readers will trigger story awesomeness, since that tends to be what happens. Or, as in the case of Gundam characters, it could result in Untimely Death, but since it's not happy backstory, I think it would result in story awesomeness. And now you all think it's super big and dramatic! But it's probably not. At any rate, thinking about it (much as I have been) makes me tired, so I'm not really ready to go into it yet.

So in the meantime, since it's Friday and we've been working on non-manga stuff (and manga is about the easiest thing we could translate, so anything else is harder), we decided to stop early and take it easy. And taking it easy of course means reading manga! And I had some reason for bringing that up, but I can't remember what it is now. Oh right! I've been reading VBRose, and that reminded me that we've introduced I Hate You♥ to a bunch of people who probably don't realize that Banri Hidaka's characters' stories Never End, so they show up in later manga of hers! And that means I Hate You♥ characters are in VBRose, so all you new I Hate You♥ fans might want to check it out. Especially because it's awesome.

Unfortunately, we don't translate it, so we can't distribute comp copies like with I Hate You♥, but as of... some volume in the middle of the series, our friend Barb Lien-Cooper does the English adaptation. But TokyoPop probably doesn't give her enough comp copies to give out, either, so don't ask♪ (Athena says the proper punctuation there would actually probably be a star, but I only know one way to do stars, and they don't look good that way, so I'm not gonna.)

The lights just flickered brighter. Ooooohhhhh~~~ Today actually started out pretty dark and rainy, so that might be a little creepy.

So anyway. Banri Hidaka manga is awesome. And Dissidia Final Fantasy is awesome. And today is our special day, so we're going to go play that some more.

Today I'm thankful for having lots of time to read manga today, hearing from more work-type people, tag-along kitties, Tag-along Girl Scout cookies (now I wish I had some...), and good video game weather.

Hidaka World

Now that we've spent a day working on Negima, we can say with certainty that it is one of the Big Three. It does make me wonder what will happen if Nosatsu Junkie ever makes a comeback, though. Will we have a Big Four? Or maybe by then we'll be done with I Hate You♥. Only time will tell...

Anyway, we watched Aladdin last night, and reconfirmed that it is in fact made of Awesome. It even gets a capital letter. (That reminds me, Celeste has a t-shirt that says, "Without me, it's just Aweso.") It's funny how when you watch something growing up, you see something like a magic carpet and all you think is, "He's a funny carpet!" So as you get older you don't think anything of it until you watch all the extras on the new special edition and they talk to the directors and animators and they talk about how impressive it is that the animator got so much emotion out of a rectangle. And then you're like, "Whoa..." We also realized for the first time the significance of the Sultan's line, "Her mother wasn't nearly so picky." Poor guy.

We've also been reading a lot of Banri Hidaka manga, so we've been in a kind of Hidaka World for a while. That's part of why last night, when we decided it was time to start writing fan letters, we decided to start with her. It was really funny how hard it was to get started. We'd be like, "Okay... It's time... to write fan letters..." And then we'd sit. And sit. And sit. And Athena would say, "I'm going to get the paper next time I get up." And then we'd sit. And sit. And sit. It's such a simple thing to do and yet it's so hard. We eventually forced ourselves to get started, but then I decided I wanted to not write something I'd just written, so we decided it was time for a break, and okay not to push ourselves. Life is so funny.

But on the bright side! (as if that was so gloomy...?) Athena's read volume one of VB Rose now, Collapse )

Right now we're both reading Tears of a Lamb and enjoying it immensely. (I think I have one chapter left in volume one.) Saito and Rihito are exactly our age! That's almost creepy.

Today I'm thankful for animated rectangles, getting to watch Aladdin again, Hidaka World, fan service for girls in Negima (it's almost like Ken Akamatsu knew girls would be translating this volume), and Harvey being so cute in Kieli.