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Under the weather (tm)

Most of today has been overshadowed by something I'm not really at liberty to talk about, so I'm struggling to remember what even happened in addition to that. Page is still not eating very much, so we tried the grocery app again to get some new angles of cat food to try. So far, she has licked the first one, which is better than nothing. And the good news for us is that we got a couple of non-pepperoni Freschetta pizzas out of it, too.

As for Page, based on the evidence, it seems that the problem is she really just wants liquid food, but she's tired of the one flavor of bisque that this treat company makes. So we went to Amazon and searched for liquid cat food, and that's how we discovered Under the Weather, a cat food supplement for cats who aren't eating enough. We almost feel like it was made just for us and our cats, because whenever Page stops eating regularly, we chalk it up to her feeling "under the weather." So ideally it will arrive before she starves to death, and then help to get her the calories and nutrients she needs so she can start eating normally again. It's scheduled to arrive on Saturday.

We also caught a Duosion! And that means there are now only three Pokemon we won't be able to get before beating the Champion. We're excited, but I guess some people are bored by Pokemon. (Grumbling brought to you by a phone conversation we had earlier. Don't worry about it.)

Today I'm thankful for having cheese Freschetta, having a Duosion, cat food supplements that look like they're just the thing we need (even better if they turn out to actually be that), making good progress on work today, and Miraculous making it better.


This week was looking really promising as far as workload was concerned, but then! we got a simulpub chapter to translate. But it was the easiest chapter of Farewell, My Dear Cramer that we've had in a while, so we forgive it. Especially because we had time to finish our original work goal and the chapter of Cramer and have a little time to goof off before dinner! (By which we mean "write a review of Hatsu*Haru" and play Kingdom Hearts.)

What we did not have time to do was go to the grocery store. We usually go grocery shopping on Saturday, but Gaston and Alice were visiting, so we didn't, which was okay, because we aren't really running low on food, but! what we were out of is dinner food. So instead of pizza like we usually have, we had cereal for dinner. We thought about ordering a pizza, but we spent a lot of money on food at Universal Studios, so we wanted to be frugal.

And then we called Mom and ended up talking longer than usual, so now we're up past our bedtime anyway! Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for finishing all our work for today, learning about today's tricky soccer term from another thing last week, having a lovely chat with Mom and Steve on the phone, finally getting the March YumeTwins box, and Athena's loom being warped and almost ready to go for a new project.

So much work...

Today has been exhausting. We got a text from a friend in the ward asking about our Thanksgiving plans, and that's when I paused and really did the math. We have five books and three anime episodes due in the next three weeks, and that is why we will be working full-time on Thanksgiving. So of course this month's volume of My Monster Secret is way more talkative than the more recent volumes. I seriously wonder how much the people who invented this format considered the time it takes to actually type up a script in said format, and if so, have they ever done it for a series that talks this much? And I'm not even bothering with adding bold text.

In other not-so-happy news, after a few days of observation we have determined that one of the kittens almost certainly has been taken. We can only hope that this means it has been taken to a warm home, and not taken away by, say, a coyote. I think our complex has plenty of other places for coyotes to raid between us and wherever the coyote live...I don't even know if we get coyotes here. I have heard about raccoons and possums, though. Of course our number one suspect is the neighbor who came by the other day, but there's no evidence, and there are plenty of other people who walk by.

In happier news, we got to try Pizza Hut's new ultimate cheesy pizza, or whatever they're calling it. It was pretty tasty, but the crust is a bit of an enigma as far as how to go about eating it. Especially for people with small mouths like ours.

Today I'm thankful for Page being extra cute today, getting to try a new pizza, finishing our first draft of My Monster Secret, the hope that one day the kittens will come to trust us again, and at least getting to watch them jump around on the fence.

Japan report! ...Part...four? Five?

It's Sunday! And that means we finally finally finally have time to write a long post about Japan! In fact, we might have time to write two, because Gaston and Alice are going to Disneyland this evening (at least, that's what we heard during the week), and since they want to sleep here when they're done, we'll probably be up late waiting for them to finish at the park. But we'll just write the one first, and then we'll see. If we write another one, we'll probably save it for posting later, so no one will have to read it all in one sitting anyway.

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Today I'm thankful for the miracle of Shakey's, the police officer who helped us find our way to church, the nice people at church, knowing that there's somewhere in the world that really understands cute, and our first meeting at our newly organized ward going relatively well.

Not the best day

I was thinking today I'd probably tell a cool story about a mountain lion, but things are going on, and we have some issues that need working out and/or venting. I mean, there's a lot of stuff in the wide world going on that's affecting everybody, and that's probably what's on a lot of people's minds, and we are definitely thinking about that stuff, too, but we're a little bit more worried about our own personal problems. Why? Because we are broke. Like, super broke. And when rent is coming up, and you're broke, it tends to occupy the majority of your brainspace.

So some of you may be thinking, "Then why were you so reckless with your spending?" That is a fair point. We were very adventurous with our spending last year. But the bigger problem is that, at the end of the year, we were working on projects for people who don't pay right away, and we didn't realize we were going to run out of money. Why? Because another thing we didn't realize is that, when we sent in an invoice for a project two months ago, we didn't actually attach the invoice file. And nobody emailed to tell us (in fact, we got an auto response to let us know that the email had been received, thus creating a false sense of security), so we didn't figure it out until we checked the mail yet again to find that there was no money, and we were like, "What's the dealio!?" We have now sent the file, but I'm not sure if it went through the proper channels. I think we may have to keep an eye on the situation and hope we get enough other payments in the meantime.

After we sent the new email, we figured we might as well see what all was in our inbox, and there was something from one of our editors! Huzzah! This is sure to be happy news! ...Or not. Our editor was very nice about it and very apologetic, but apparently there was some miscommunication and one of the new titles we'd recently signed on for (figuratively speaking) had also been assigned to somebody else. Not only that, but that somebody else had already completed two volumes' worth of the series, which meant it was too late to say, "Hey, wait a minute!" It was a bittersweet email, because by way of apology, she made sure to tell us just how much she loves our translations. On the bright side, at least we get to keep the books she sent us. And on the other bright side, it wasn't the series we had lined up to work on in February, so we still have paying work to look forward to in the near future.

And to top it all off, our suspicions that we may be allergic to tomatoes have intensified. This is a serious problem for someone whose main staple is cheese pizza. It's not a serious allergy, though, so we're hoping we'll be okay if we just cut back to eating pizza only once or twice a week. In the meantime, we need to start exploring other options of food. This would actually almost be exciting (we got a pancake maker about a year ago), except for the aforementioned fact that we are broke. On the bright(?) side, we're also out of pizza, so at least it's not like we'll be forced to binge on it until we can afford to buy something else.

Today I'm thankful for kind and understanding editors, the beautiful weather we have today, the super chocolate chip cookies we bought several weeks ago, Mom leaving us some high-calorie victuals when she visited last week, and catching the invoice sending failure so at least now we know why we're still broke.

It's time to go

Last week when we went to the store, they didn't have any good frozen pizza on sale, so we thought we'd try splurging on a Freschetta. They still didn't have the 5-cheese one that we like, but we thought if we bought a pepperoni pizza, maybe the store would think, "Hey, people like Freschetta. Maybe we should get more of that." It worked with Cheez-its--they had the ones we really liked, then they didn't anymore, so we just bought the regular ones, and eventually they got the ones we like again. Anyway, when we went back to the store today, they had our favorite Freschetta pizzas! Oh my goodness! It worked, and way faster than we thought it would!

So that was nice, and I'm sort of stalling about getting to the real thing I wanted to talk about today. Some of you may have noticed that we got our passports yesterday, and there was a little bit of screaming about it. Of course we're excited because it means we have ID so we can use our annual passholder discounts again! And order pizza without having to get cash ahead of time.

But we're also excited in the Bambi sense of the word, because of the reason we decided to renew our passports to begin with. We need to go to Japan again, and we need to stop dilly-dallying about it. The things we like the most in Japan are helping us in this regard, by having a Kingdom Hearts event this November. Of course it seems silly to go to Japan just to go to an hour-and-a-half-long Kingdom Hearts fan event, but we're not going just for that. We're going because we need to go, and having an event to aim for gives us a deadline.

And it just so happens that around the same time our new passports arrived, the Japanese Disney site updated with information about buying tickets to this event. That's where things get a little weird, because they're not selling them on a first-come-first-served basis, they're selling them on a yusen basis. The dictionary tells us that yusen means "selection", but other than that, we don't know what it means. I have some vague idea that it's kind of like a lottery? The tickets won't actually go on sale until September, so we have some time to get the freaking out out of our systems, and then we'll follow the instructions on the website and see if we actually get tickets or not. If we do, then we'll take that as a sign that we really need to get off our butts and go to Japan. If not, we'll...probably...go anyway. But maybe in like February or something.

Anyway, the point is, this thing is starting to get real, and that's kind of freaking us out, so I wanted to come to LJ for moral support. Tadah! We just contributed to the BauBax Kickstarter project to get two of the super amazing travel jackets some of you may have seen on Facebook, so we're all set! ...Except that the estimated shipping date for those is November, and if we go to the Kingdom Hearts event, we'll probably already have left by then. But hey, maybe they'll ship early. (The project already has almost 300 times as much money as it was aiming for.)

We also found out (thanks to Anime News Network) that they're going to have a Yato Matsuri! What! We'd totally want to check that out, except that it's earlier than we're emotionally prepared for. It's going to be in early October. But the point is, there's a bunch of stuff happening in Japan that makes us think maybe we want to go...

Anyway, this is the sort of thing that makes me think of the song "Compass of Your Heart", and it's simultaneously encouraging and infuriating. I'm like, "Yes, follow the compass of your heart! You'll find the best things in life! I get it! I'm going! ...But I don't wanna go!!! Waaaaaaahhh!" ...We're working on it.

Today I'm thankful for 5-cheese Freschetta being back at our grocery store! wooooohoooooooo!!!, people who design super awesome and convenient travel jackets (even if we don't get ours in time for a trip to Japan, they'll be really handy to have when traveling to see family), remembering to donate to the project before it closed, having enough money that we can do that without feeling like we're running ourselves into bankruptcy, and getting to watch Charlotte today.

Just call me weak.

I'm unreasonably exhausted today, and all we did was stay up a little extra late. Or until two. and then wake up an hour early. Who knew sleep was so important to energy levels? (You can all raise your hands now.)

As I mentioned yesterday, Gaston came over last night. When he called we were a little...surprised is not really the word. Maybe indignant. It was a general feeling of, "Why would you be coming now? Our passes to Disneyland are all blocked out!" But we knew why, and it's because he wanted to play hockey with his brother who doesn't have a place for Gaston to stay in his apartment. And that made us just a little bit grumpy, because our schedule is jam-packed as it is.

But we can't really be upset, because we got to have a lovely time visiting with our friend, and then we got to go to Earl of Sandwich for breakfast this morning. Maybe I would have preferred to get more sleep, but as a result, we got an early start on work, which is a very good thing, I think. We finished our Noragami translation and made significant progress on the first draft of a Type-0 translation.

But now we are very tired, and because we are tired, we are going to give in. We had an email from Pizza Hut this morning with surprise savings!. I thought, "We could get 50% off!" but we just ordered pizza last week, and we had plans for fancy pasta tonight anyway, so we said, "No, Pizza Hut. Not today." And then we were at Facebook and we saw an ad that said cheesy bites pizza is back. What. That's our favoritest kind of favorite pizza of all time. And then it turns out we're too tired to deal with fancy pasta, especially after Athena burned herself last night. So, pizza it is! Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for the return of cheesy bites pizza, having a lovely time visiting with Gaston, getting an early start on work today, finally finishing that Noragami translation, and this Type-0 translation being much more agreeable.

We're almost there!

The overtime week of doom is almost over! Of course, it's not over yet, but we feel like things are winding down, and that's really the important thing. We're done thinking about the big project for the whole rest of the weekend (unless we get an email saying we actually need to put in more time after all), so now it's all manga all the time. Or rather, all Negima!. And not really all Negima!, because obviously I'm sitting here, updating LiveJournal instead. Also, Celeste is having her birthday dinner tomorrow, so we might be lucky to get anything done. But fortunately, this volume has been kind to us so far.

In other news, we realized that if we don't order a pizza tonight, we won't have anything to eat for lunch tomorrow... Okay, that's not entirely true, but we wanted to order a pizza anyway. So we went to Pizza Hut's website and discovered that oh my goodness, they're still selling Cheesy Bites Pizza! Bliss!

But the problem with ordering pizza is that my mouth starts watering as soon as we make the order, so waiting for it is very trying. Ah well, it will get here eventually. We also ordered Chocolate Dunkers, because we are sadly lacking in the chocolate department here. Okay, technically that's not true either, but all the chocolate we have is unsweetened (or really old, as is the case with a certain bag of chocolate chips), so it would take some "cooking" to make it edible, and we don't have time for cooking!

Did I have something else to talk about? Oh yes. I want to point out that "step" is not a transitive verb.

I think that's all for now.

Today I'm thankful for getting to order another Cheesy Bites pizza!, getting to order Chocolate Dunkers, Oreo doing well despite missing his medicine this morning, the adorableness of Oreo sitting on a pile of leaves, and being almost done with the overtime week of doom.

I don't wanna think of a subject.

In case anybody was wondering how the new Domino's was... we're still wondering that ourselves. There aren't any places around that deliver to our apartment. Boo. So, because nobody wanted to go out of their way to obtain the pizza, we ordered from Pizza Hut instead, which is good because Pizza Hut pizza tastes great, but not so good because it was more expensive, and we're a little bit worried about funds. It doesn't help that Fresh & Easy has these cupcakes that we wanted to get when we walked over there to obtain the chocolate milk to help us make triple-chocolate milkshakes. But we need to save our money, because we are in desperate need of a trip to Disneyland.

In other news, Athena's visiting teaching companion called today to invite us over to watch Ponyo with her and some other friends tomorrow night, which is pretty exciting. It will be even more exciting if we get to watch it in Japanese, but we don't know what anybody's preferences are, and Athena seems to remember her brother saying something about her preferring dubs. (I'm too tired to come up with pseudonyms for people right now.) Fortunately, we haven't seen the movie in Japanese yet, and the dub isn't terrible (most dubs really aren't terrible, just not great) so it should be fun either way.

Speaking of dubs, we thought we had sworn off of English-dubbed video games entirely, but our poor-streak went on for so long that now Final Fantasy XIII has gone and been released in North America already. We usually just don't think about it, but we really do want to play it, and it has come to Mom's attention that she still owes Athena a Christmas present. (I think she found out from an entry I posted the other day. I didn't mean to complain about it, except in the sense of explaining how whiny we were at the time of the events I was posting about.)

Actually, to be more specific, Athena was given a gift certificate promising a video game from Game Stop, and it was supposed to be from Kimee in a gift exchange that limited the price to $25. FF13 costs a lot more than that, so of course we weren't going to ask for the whole game. Just $25 to help off-set the cost. Not that we can afford to spend extra money on video games--we are in desperate need of a trip to Disneyland. Plus, we still haven't decided whether or not we're willing to sit through the dub. But on the other hand, FF13 was made for PS3 and HD and all that fancy stuff, so the subtitles are reeeeeeeeeeally tiny (we know because we played the demo). And since we don't have an HDTV, it's nearly impossible to read them. But if we get the game in English, not only would it be a lot easier, but it would be less necessary. But Japanese voices are so much nicer!

Anyway. I remembered the thing I really wanted to talk about yesterday. We were stuck trying to find a word or something, and Page was sitting on my lap. You know, in that half-standing kind of way cats have. And she was just so huggable that I hugged her! And, unlike Oreo or Mimsy would have done, she didn't leave. So I hugged her again! I was so excited (and probably in need of a hug) that I squeezed just a little tighter each time (never enough to strangle her or anything though), and then after about the fifth hug... she chomped on me! Either she was sick of me, or she was just waiting from the first hug for me to keep adding to my crimes until she could justifiably chomp on me.

I'm guessing that latter, as she is currently once again testing to see just how close she can get to Oreo. This is dangerous territory--she got a cut the other day that looks like Oreo might have taken her toe off if it had gotten too deep. Seeing it made us realize just how important it is for us to get a first-aid kit.

Today I'm thankful for first-aid kits (we really need to get one), Page still having all her toes, the pizza only being ten minutes late last night, the cheering power of the Black Mages, and Page deciding she didn't need to get that close to Oreo after all.
kid flash

Pizza woes

I feel like I had something I was kind of thinking of posting about today... but it seems to have flown away...

Right. Now I remember. A certain translator who will remain nameless. He's in the manga news again, and it's kind of had us on edge, reminding us of how incompetent and insecure we are. But mostly insecure, because we're pretty sure we're not that incompetent, but because some people have decided to judge us without actually looking at our work, it's difficult to know for sure. Anyway, it kind of has us afraid that the entire manga community has read that one blog entry, figured out it was us, and is now convinced we're worthless. It's amazing how your imagination can blow things out of proportion. At least, we hope it's out of proportion.

On the other hand, I didn't want to throw a pity party. So what to do... Actually, today we kind of are throwing a party that has mostly nothing to do with pity but everything to do with needing an excuse to try the new Domino's pizza we've seen so many commercials for. Our original hope was that we'd be able to convince someone to take us to a Domino's to pick up the pizza, because we have very bad luck with pizza delivery in this apartment. It's really kind of sad.

Almost every single time we've ordered pizza, we waited for a while (usually about as long as they said, but kind of often we've had to wait longer) and then the delivery person would need to call and get directions. Sometimes they would make it to our apartment building, wander around for a while, and then call to get directions to our unit. One time--and this was probably before he found our building--I'm sure the pizza guy was absolutely determined that he would find our place on his own, because he took forever to call and sounded very much like he was trying to cheerfully hide his embarrassment.

One time, back when Celeste was living here, the pizza guy took like two hours or so, and then when we got the pizza, it was all squished on one side like he'd gotten into an accident. Poor guy.

And so we hesitate to have pizza delivered. Plus we're poor, so we haven't been able to implement a strategy of ordering pizza frequently and tipping the delivery people enough to make sure they remember us. We know this works, because back when we were living in Glendale, we would order pizza, and I don't even remember how the conversation went, but the delivery girl said something like, "Oh, we know who you are." I'm pretty sure it was because of the tips.

And now all this talk about pizza is making me want pizza. I think we might need to make sure to have something to snack on in case it takes forever to get here tonight.

Today I'm thankful for pizza deliverers, excuses to try the new Domino's pizza, finishing our first draft of Oh! My Brother 3 in just two days!, getting 100% in Ventus's story line, and finding out what to do to get combo leaf for Terra.