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Tired as usual

Oh man, the brain friedness. It's always our own fault, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. But it's not entirely our own fault today, because they shut off our water for most of the regular working hours (which would be fine if we didn't work at home), which resulted in extra hunger because eating...doesn't always require hand-washing, but we were also tired and didn't want to deal with things.

Gaston arrived two nights ago, and we stayed up late talking and then woke up at about the regular time to go to Disneyland. We had a pretty good time, although with the usual wandering around aimlessly. Disneyland has a good atmosphere, so if you're going to wander around aimlessly, it's not a bad place to do it, but it still expends energy which we still somehow manage to never properly replenish.

We watched the new Fantasmic! again and confirmed our belief that no, it's not just because of our resistance to change; it really is just not as good a show. We'll even concede that many of the issues are a matter of taste, which in this case just happens to not match ours, but there are also legitimate story-telling issues, and they still have no concept of dynamics. It's fine to start a show with the energy level ramped up to the max, but you have to tone it down at some point or your climax won't be much of a climax. We were very grumpy after the show, but then we went to the Jazz Kitchen and had some Cajun fries and beignets, and we talked about things other than Fantasmic!, and we were feeling better. I do wish Disney would stop destroying all the things I love though.

Anyway, we slept in this morning, then opened up our email and were faced with a few more challenges to our free time, but we think we can manage the one. The other one is an offer for a new series and we're very torn about it. We're going to sleep on it and get back to that boss later.

And then we did our work for today, and now we're too tired to try to get ahead on the rest of our work, so we're updating LJ. Tadah.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely time at Disneyland, New Orleans hospitality (the Jazz Kitchen has pretty big serving sizes; Gaston tells us that people in New Orleans very much want to make sure everyone gets enough to eat), our water being back on, getting to sleep in this morning, and managing to finish that chapter of Cramer.

Highs and lows

Work-wise, today is going pretty well. And not just work, either! I managed to fix my camera! It's a miracle! Did I tell you that story? We were visiting the nephews for Christmas, and I don't remember why, but the subject of my camera came up, and I said it was broken so I had to get a new one. And our clever little nephew said, "Why don't you just fix it?" So I've had it in the back of my mind for a while, but I figured I'd need tools I didn't have. But then I remembered a miniature glasses repair kit I used to carry around in my old hip pack, and even later I remembered to pull it out and try it, and lo and behold, the camera is now fixed. Tadah!

There are some less well things going on, too. Page is steadfastly hiding from us. This is a problem because it means we can't give her her medicine, and she's still making unpleasant messes. We're hoping it's because of the super added stress of the vet visit and vaccines yesterday. On the bright side, she tested negative for giardia, so we're pretty sure she only needs the medicine to help calm things down, and once they're calm everything will be better. On the other hand, since we haven't seen her since we gave her half of her medicine earlier, I'm always a little concerned that she might have crawled off somewhere to die. But overall, I'm feeling like things are probably okay.

The less okay thing is...okay, it's kind of silly, but also extremely aggravating. I think we may have mentioned that Disneyland has been reminding us ad nauseum that Walt Disney once said...Athena wanted me to stop and check. Did you guys know that Walt Disney once said that Disneyland would never be finished as long as there's imagination in the world? We have so many mixed feelings about that, and especially about the fact that they seem to feel the need to keep telling us. First of all, there's the reaction that was best expressed when Gaston found out they were doing a remake of The Little Mermaid: "Well, the good news is Disneyland is almost finished."

The other extremely cynical reaction is that they want us to keep remembering this when they keep dismantling our childhoods and people say, "Hey, why are you ruining this thing that I loved?" I imagine the idea is that people only react badly to the new things because they loved the old things so much and so have a hard time accepting change, but once they give the new things a chance, they'll learn to love those, too. I cannot deny this possibility. In fact, I did not deny this possibility when I wrote up my whole thing about the new Fantasmic.

But I did a silly thing. After letting all of the other ridiculous things slide, like the boring new light parade and the boringness of World of Color and the bad decision to make the old fireworks show so bright that the contrast between the night sky and the fireworks is negligible, and don't get me started on Mickey and the Magical Map... After not complaining about any of these things, I couldn't be silent about the mutilation of Fantasmic (Athena says it was more of a lobotomy). So basically I wrote a short introduction (along the lines of, "I'm bummed about it and I know you can't change it for little old me, but I can't just do nothing, so feel free to ignore this, but let me send it so I can feel like I tried"), then copied and pasted Saturday's post into an email and sent it along.

Today we got a friendly(?) response! And did you know that Walt Disney once said that Disneyland would never be finished as long as there's imagination in the world? (If you didn't, you haven't seen any of the boring shows (Mickey and the Magical Map, World of Color: Celebrate!, and Disneyland Forever) that, interestingly enough, are no longer running, but made it a point to remind us that Walt Disney once said...you get the idea. The especially interesting thing is that two of those shows (and Paint the Night) have been replaced...by older shows. So what's this about imagination?) So I'm annoyed to have it confirmed that it really is their excuse to mess with everything. And the super annoying thing about it is that I wouldn't even mind if they could just do a good job at it! But they can't! ...Okay, they can do a good enough job that a lot of people out there like it. Which is why I have to just resign myself to the fact that my tastes do not match the popular opinion, but that's not the point!

The point is, I'm so annoyed about it that I want to say something again, but I don't know if I should or if it would be a waste of time. Or if it would get us permanently banned from Disneyland (which I might be okay with at this point, as long as the Oriental Land Company still welcomes us). And if I do decide to say something, what should it be? Obviously, I would want to try to be nice... It's just frustrating.

In the meantime, on Saturday we made the mistake of looking at the Amazon reviews for Land of the Lustrous. That was an odd experience, because we've seen people dislike our favorites before, but this time they were actually blaming the dialogue. We had to spend some time reminding ourselves that the one person who specifically said she didn't like the translation was clearly someone who has her own idea of how things should be translated, which is fair, and the person who pointed out examples was more baffled by the use of "wallowing in despair" than the use of "as if you can't see!" (The latter had us puzzled, too, because we can't imagine using a line that clunky. It's likely the punctuation was changed, or he wasn't paying enough attention to know where we really had it. Our version was "As if! Can't you see I'm wallowing in despair?") He said he's never heard anyone say "wallowing in despair," and we were like, "Clearly you've never known any intellectual drama queens. We use it all the time." I mean, have you read my blog? (Okay, maybe I haven't used those words exactly in a while, but I can totally imagine myself using them. It was, in fact, exactly what we wanted to do after we watched Fantasmic last week, and would have done if we didn't have so many deadlines.)

It was just weird because, you know, it's the thing we've convinced ourselves we might be good at. But I think we've sufficiently calmed ourselves on that point. I just wanted to bring it up for some reason that I've forgotten because of this whole Disneyland thing.

Today I'm thankful for finishing two first drafts today, deciding to order pizza (we needed a break, but we can't take a work break, so this is the next best thing), having a working camera again, fun dramatic phrases, and Kigurumi Guardians being on sale now!


Okay, it's time to stop putting this off and start talking about Fantasmic. I think my biggest problem with it, and why I'm so reluctant to talk about it, is that I fully realize that it may only be a matter of our being resistant to change, paired with having different tastes than most people (I think everybody thinks they have unique taste, but the point is, what's popular today is stuff I mostly just think of as meh). The point is, a lot of people like it, so even though I hate it, it doesn't mean it's bad, just different than I like. But the fact remains that my favorite thing ever has been replaced with something that is decidedly not my favorite thing ever, and I want to go on a violent rampage about it (not super violent, just, like, throwing stuff, like stuffed animals, because I don't want to break anything). But I also have to come to terms with the fact that the new version isn't going away and the old version isn't coming back, and for most people it has virtually no bearing on their lives. But for me, I am crushed.

So here goes. The first thing we noticed about the new Fantasmic is that they changed the guest control costumes. Before, they wore fluorescent yellow shirts with a black stripe across the chest--very attention grabbing, designed for high visibility. Now, they wear a light matted blue, designed to fit in with the Rivers of America theme, we assume. They kind of blended into the background as early as dusk, but that's okay, because their traffic control wands are super super bright now. Of course, we immediately hated it, because we were primed to hate all changes, especially if we could justify not changing them to that. Actually, the outfits themselves are kind of cute, but we were like, "Do they NOT understand that the fluorescent yellow was there for A REASON!?" Gaston said that bright colors actually aren't more visible in the dark, and we were like, "Not in total darkness, but if there's any light at all (which there is during Fantasmic, duh), you're a heck of a lot more likely to spot a white shirt than a black one." I also want to point out that Fantasmic is all about lights and sparkles, not really about fitting into the Frontierland motif. So I will contend that the bright yellow costumes were more appropriate, but what does my opinion matter anyway.

The next thing we noticed was that they had in fact switched out the Peter Pan scene, because we got off of the Haunted Mansion in the middle of the first show and went to hide in Critter Country until it was over so as to avoid spoilers. As we walked that way, we saw the Columbia docking, with the new characters hanging on to the rigging. And as we waited in Critter Country, all the way by the Winnie the Pooh ride, we noticed that the show seems louder, because we could still hear it. On the other hand, it's been ages since we've seen Fantasmic, or heard it from Critter Country, so it's possible that it's the same volume.

Collapse )

And that's that. I will say that, if I had to say, Fantasmic is still the one thing that Disneyland California has that's better than Tokyo Disney Resort. But before, it was better enough to make us care. Since neither show is good enough to make me want to stick around to watch it, I'll just go to the park that has more overall appeal, thanks. (Or I'll keep going to the California park, because, you know, I live here. Sigh.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the new Fantasmic, running into very understanding people after the show, having the soundtrack to the original version, A Table Is Waiting, and Out of Shadowland.

Another day, another disillusion

I've kind of been dreading this, because I feel like it will take a long time to figure out how to convey all my feelings about our recent trip to Disneyland. But we decided to take most of today off, so we actually have plenty of time to work it out! It would be a lot better if the feelings were happier.

Okay, so on Monday, Gaston called and said he was thinking about driving down that night so we could all go to Disneyland on Tuesday. He decided not to do that, but did start driving on Tuesday morning. It was just as well, because we lost enough sleep even with the extra sleep we got from not trying to get into Disneyland at opening on Tuesday. We had three things we wanted to do most: see Farley, check out the new train stuff (since the grand circle tour reopened while we were blocked out), and check out the new Fantasmic. (It doesn't get exclamation points from me anymore, but if I were to accurately convey the amount of sensory stimulation provided by the show, it should probably be more like "Fantasmic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!")

It seemed like a simple enough plan, but as chance would have it, Facebook revealed the Disneyland presence of Gaston's estranged cousin and her family, so we met up with them. It wasn't the first time we happened to be at Disneyland at the same time as one of Gaston's cousins and his family, so this wasn't really anything new. The new part is that nobody ever introduced us to the kids, so by the end of the day, we only knew the names of half of them from hearing parents and siblings yell at them. Despite leaving a good enough impression on the girl during Pirates of the Caribbean to get her to want to share a doom buggy with us on the Haunted Mansion, we never knew her name until we were leaving the park and asked Gaston about it. Of course, if it really bothered us, we would have asked, but the only times it really mattered was when, as tends to happen with children, one of them got distracted by something and the group kept wandering off without them. I wanted to shout, "Hey! [child's name]!" but it was impossible.

Aaaanyway. The kind of odd thing is that we didn't actually get to do any of the things we wanted to do until we broke away from the family. Not that they didn't want to do those things (except for Fantasmic; they felt "sleep" was more important). When we visited with Farley, another one of his regulars was there, and that gentleman happened to be a writer, who had written a theme song for Farley! I don't remember the lyrics, though, so I won't type them here. They're working on getting it recorded. Oooohhh.

Collapse )

And then there was the matter of Fantasmic. I will admit we were expecting to hate it. But can you blame us? The original Fantasmic was so perfect! And we were already so disappointed by the one in Tokyo, and we've been suspecting our Disneyland of trying to copy Tokyo Disneyland on everything lately, so we didn't have high hopes for this, especially because they haven't had a great track record with impressing us in the last several years, so now if they're trying to make something more impressive by copying the less impressive version of it...

And we just took some time out to read our report of Tokyo Disneyland's Fantasmic, and just sigh about everything. Anyway, Collapse )

And that's probably a lot to read already, so maybe I should save my report of the new version for tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the new train stuff at Disneyland, getting to board the train at Main Street, Uniqlo having a sale on exactly what we wanted to buy, having a hotel booked for our Japan trip, and taking it easy today (whether or not that's a good idea).

First Love Monster, volume 7

As you probably guessed from our lack of posting yesterday, we went to Disneyland. We saw the new Fantasmic!, and it made me cry tears of sadness and frustration. I really miss my beloved original Fantasmic!. And I will tell you all about it! ...Tomorrow. Because today! is Review Rednesday!

This week we bring you our review of First Love Monster volume 7! Wow, we turned this in so long ago, I don't even remember what happened! ...But I guess that's not very unusual. Spoiler level: moderate.

Collapse )

And there you have it. Kind of a short review, but it was a short volume.

As for this week's releases, well, first there's First Love Monster. Anime News Network tells us that apparently volume five of Fire Force also came out--we had it listed for next week, but I guess we had it listed wrong, or they decided to release it a week sooner. Anyway, we also have Land of the Lustrous volume two! I hope it proves to be less confusing than volume one! Anyway, I think we'll stick with alphabetical order and review Fire Force 5 next week.

Today I'm thankful for finally having our Kingdom Hearts Orchestra CD, also getting our Si and Am shirts from Uniqlo, Gaston finishing off the edamame Pretz for us (we tried, but there were just so. many. of them), having a good time talking to Farley yesterday, and finding out about Miraikan.

Happy Mother's Day!

Oh man, I have so much to talk about today! First off, Happy Daughter of God Day! Or Happy Mother's Day, if you're not religious. And don't tell me, "But I don't believe in mothers," because science has proven that you would not exist if mothers didn't.

Now there are some people who might argue, "Well, yeah, but Mothers' Day just makes a whole bunch of people feel bad!" And they're partially right. There are people whose mothers have passed away, and people who had really, really terrible mothers, and they have every right to not be excited about Mothers' Day. Okay, in all honesty, I'm not exactly over the moon about it, either, in the same way I'm not particularly excited about Arbor Day. Or Flag Day. Oh my gosh, I'm not a flag; I'm such a failure. I don't even have a flag!

...Okay, now I'm getting silly and possibly offensive. I'm very sorry. (Not sorry enough to delete it before you post it?) (Well, it's kinda funny...) (...)

Ahem. Anyway. Collapse )

Okay, now I'm done with my own rant, I have nicer things to talk about! Our friend who took us out for our birthday successfully located the crepe truck last night, and so we went to Anaheim Art Crawl. The crepes were adequate. So far in the States, we have yet to find a place that isn't afraid to cook them long enough to hold up in the ice cream cone style that they used in Japan; apparently we have this idea that they're supposed to be floppy. That's fine, I guess, but more importantly, the fillings/toppings options were extremely limited, so that was kind of a bummer. Still, a plain crepe with just sugar can be pretty tasty.

As for the rest of the Art Crawl, it was pretty neat. It seemed like a bunch of local artists/artisans came to peddle their wares. There were painters, seamstresses, photographers, glass workers, woodworkers, all kinds of things. There was more than one booth selling amigurumi, and of course they all made licensed characters that they probably didn't have the rights for... Nevertheless, one of them had some super cute cacti crochet pieces, and since, as far as we know, the cacti weren't licensed, we bought one! And it has a paperclip in the top so it can hold pictures! I should take a picture of it! And then put the picture in the clip, and then take a picture of that and put it in the clip, and then take a picture of that and...

I won't do that. I just thought people might like to see it, and that's where the flow of the story went. On a completely unrelated note, the comic book store located on the same street as the Art Crawl had a photo op thing with people dressed as Star Wars characters (apparently that was the theme for this one, Star Wars), and we thought, "Hey, we haven't been in a comic book store in years! Let's check it out!" And they had almost no manga whatsoever, which was a bummer. They had one Attack on Titan...trading card game or something? And a shelf with Sailor Moon.

We also bought some cookies from Lucky 13 Cookies, because their slogan was "We bake cookies so you don't have to," and I gotta love someone who will bake cookies for me so I don't have to. I'm just not that interested in cooking, okay? Our joshiryoku is pretty low, come to think of it. But they had some sandwich cookies that were peanut butter oatmeal cookies with a honey peanut butter cream, and they were amazing.

We also got our names written in calligraphy! I should take a picture of that, too. See all these things that I should just take pictures of. This is the main reason I consider buying a smartphone. And why I want to get the Pixel, because it has a really good camera. But then I'm like, "Do I really need to spend that much money on a smartphone?"

And that was a lovely evening. I have two more things to talk about, but I think they're brief. First, Disneyland has officially announced "upgrades" for Fantasmic!. When I was lamenting changes before it was from one of those sites that has "sources" but isn't official, so it isn't necessarily technically reliable. But it's turned out to be reliable so far, because changes are definitely being made. So far, Disneyland has only owned up to one (adding an Aladdin scene); maybe they're hedging their bets in case things don't work out with other changes, in which case they'd keep the old? Anyway, the good news is that the blog post that mentioned it said they were keeping the original fanfare and theme song. So now I'm hoping that "theme song" means the actual theme song and not just the music from the fanfare theme that's not the actual fanfare itself. On the other hand, we're getting pretty fed up with the madness, so if they ruin Fantasmic!, that just means we'll have practically nothing to keep us attached to this Disneyland, and we can move on with our lives. (I'm not sure how I feel about this line of thinking, but there it is.)

The other thing is that Loot Crate finally got to us the other day. We'd been ignoring it because, as we keep reminding ourselves, we're actually not too excited about most of the really popular anime, so we'll only sort of care about approximately 98% of the things we get from them. But then an ad came across our Facebook feed that said they were going to have a Noragami item. We didn't even think about it; we just clicked the link and signed up for a box. We'll see if we like the rest of the stuff enough not to cancel the subscription when we get it.

And that's all. Whew, I haven't talked that much on LJ in a long time.

Today I'm thankful for my mom, an exciting(?) Noragami item to look forward to, the super awesome shark toy I got as part of a souvenir from Gaston and Alice's trip to Europe, getting to go to Art Crawl, and also having time to play KamiAso last night.



Thanks, I needed that. I'm not sure it's enough to just type it, though. It's just been one of those days. We've been trying to cultivate an attitude of optimism, so I...'m not sure how that's going to factor into any of this, or if this is going to really hurt those chances or what, but today has just been one of those days. It started off with editing, which is always something we tend to go into with a sense of impending doom, and that's kind of silly because it's probably more than half of our job with our current methods, so it's like just get over it and do it, okay? Okay, but today it was for First Love Monster, which, given the low text density, can actually be a pretty easy work day (especially if you factor in our heavily increased apathy...but we do try to get over that), unless! there are a lot of puns. And guess what. Yup. There were a lot of puns. It was pretty bad.

But! those were in the second half of the book, mostly, so we hadn't had to deal with them too much by lunch time. Things were actually looking pretty good, and the biggest hardship by then was that we just don't like the series that much, and we knew the puns were coming. And these are things that you just get over and work through and it's really no big deal. But they turned out to be a lot harder to deal with when we were hit with some news that really made us want to just go hide inside some video games. We were thiiiiiiis close to blowing it all off today. We had already started our day by watching the Noragami festival video to help lighten the mood and decrease the lack of motivation, but we had to watch it again after this, because it was...well, I guess technically I can't say it's bad news yet. Let me just stop the suspense.

They're changing Fantasmic!. Our favoritest of favorite things, the one thing US Disneyland was still doing better than Tokyo Disneyland, and they're changing it. And I think it's an indication of how low our faith in the current Disney regime has gotten that we immediately read the article instead of saying, "No! I want to be surprised!"

Collapse )

But let's stop ranting about it in too much detail, because it really isn't fair when we haven't seen it yet. I will just say this, though. Every time they've tried to "upgrade" Fantasmic! in the past, it's resulted in a slightly less awesome show. One of my greatest fears with this whole overhaul of the Rivers of America was that they'd try to do something to "upgrade" Fantasmic! again, and now it's being realized in a big way. I feel like the universe is trying to remove all the lingering attachment we have for this Disneyland, so we can either move to Japan or forget about it entirely and move to some other state where housing is cheaper.

And I still haven't talked about our Gaston encounter last week. Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for being finished with First Love Monster until the next volume comes out in Japan, the next volume not being scheduled to come out until the end of the year, good memories of the real Fantasmic!, having the real Fantasmic! soundtrack on CD so at least we can listen to it again if not see it, and Out of Shadowland.

Fantasmic 2000

Oh my gosh you guys, our schedule is hilarious. So there we were, working on this big, long, time-consuming project that our project manager was hoping we could finish by the end of January. That's looking like a big fat no-can-do right now, but we're still plodding along on it. Then we get back from a much-needed snack break and have an email from our editor with our upcoming schedule. Of course we knew that Noragami 13 is due in about a week (a week and a half, actually, fortunately), but what we forgot is that Noragami 14 is due one week after that. Well, that's okay; we love Noragami! But that's the same day we have a volume of Livingstone due. That wouldn't be a problem either, except that we want to take some time off for Disneyland's Lunar New Year festival, but we can make it work.

The funny thing is that the next Friday, we've been asked to turn in a Devil Survivor and two Corpse Parties. And Gaston will be coming over that whole weekend. And that's not even all the fun! Athena erased the whiteboard and wrote down the new list, and it looks like we have ten books due by March 18th. That's about seven weeks away. This is going to be exciting! (It would actually look pretty fun if the first project on the list weren't so tiring. I like the series, but it takes a lot out of us.)

So now, let's try to recharge Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Fantasmic!, Sindbad making it better, having lots of Noragami in our future, Page being super cute in her heated cat bed, and it being time for dinner.

Happy Anniversary, Fantasmic!

I sort of meant to do this yesterday, but I forgot. See, this weekend marks the 20th anniversary of one of our favorite things ever--Fantasmic! So I thought we could share some memories about it.

We first saw Fantasmic! the summer it opened. We very well may have seen it on opening weekend or the weekend thereafter, but maybe not, because we tend to go on Thursdays, so it might have been during the week. On the other hand, I know for a fact that the park was open until midnight that night, because we saw the eleven forty-five show.

Parents keep talking about how their kids must all be asleep for that show, but I remember watching all of it...I think. And of course, I can't vouch for how awake we were while we waited for it to start. I think we were wide awake, though, because for one thing, we were already staying up pretty late on a regular basis by that time. Our friends would talk about not staying up until midnight on New Year's Eve, and we'd be like, "Why?"

For another thing, I remember the jazz band that played the pre-show. We were in our elementary school's chorus, and that must have been the year we'd performed Alexander's Ragtime Band, because we remember being haunted all day that day by that very song. We hated it, because the chorus teacher made us do these ridiculous motions to go along with it. It wasn't until we were in the audience of one of Sarah's chorus concerts that we realized the motions were not ridiculous so much as ridiculously adorable. We were young and of little understanding. So when the band played that song YET AGAIN (actually, the band only played it once, but we'd already heard it at least once during the course of the day (somewhere on Main Street), and that was enough for us to be convinced that we were being HAUNTED! (but we probably wouldn't have said we were "haunted" back then, because why would we freak ourselves out with anything even remotely close to a ghost story? are you kidding me?)).

Anyway, the band played Alexander's Ragtime Band, and we were like, "Noooooooooooooo!" And then maybe they played some more stuff (they played a bunch of things, of course, but I don't remember the order; that was 20 years ago, are you kidding me?), and then when the band's barge made it back to where it started, they were done playing and it was time for the show! Oooooohhh...

At the time, we had no idea what kind of awesomeness was in store. In fact, at the time, we didn't even understand the kind of awesomeness we had just witnessed. Obviously it was cool, and we went home and told all our teachers and classmates about how they made a screen! out of water! A water screen! And they put pictures on it! Moving pictures! (It was a little more coherent back then; we were Smart kids.) And Aurora, even Smarter, quipped that it was made for blind and deaf people a mile away. Now that we know better, we have to contest that argument, because we have not once been able to hear the music from the Disneyland parking lot.

The sad part of the story is that we gave in to the weakness of most Disneyland regulars and proceeded, now that we'd seen Fantasmic! once, to ignore it. Though to be fair, there was never a more perfect time to go on rides back then. It was before they cancelled the Electrical Parade, which happened to go on at exactly the same time! So half of the tourists are watching Fantasmic!, the other half are watching the Electrical Parade, and the lines are non-existent! We went on the Sky Way (ah, Sky Way...) four times in a row! And we didn't even have to get our of our sky bucket! We'd get to the other side and say, "Can we go again?" and, since there was literally (and I do mean literally) no one in line, they'd say sure and just push us around again. The best part? We could totally see the Electrical Parade from the sky.

It wasn't until about six years later, when we got our first annual passports, that we were reminded how amazing Fantasmic! is. The annual passes made it easier to feel like we could stop and smell the roses (or gunpowder, as the case may be) a little more. So we watched it again and completely fell in love. And now it's one of our favorite things ever!

...But it makes us a little sad, because they shrank the dragon to make it look "more realistic" or something. We've gotten into massive arguments with Gaston about it. With suspension of disbelief, piece-meal Dragon-Head on a Stick was much better than pansy little robot dragon. Dragon-Head on a Stick covered the whole island! ...Or would have, if it were a real dragon and not just a head on a stick. But that's beside the point! (And to further my argument, I want to point out that with all the smoke and mist in the air from all the fireworks and waterscreens, it's really easy not to notice that it's just a head on a stick.)

...Anyway, they set the river on fire, and that's just awesome.

One of these days, we'll get to see the Tokyo version... *wistful*

Today I'm thankful for twenty years of the super awesome amazingness that is Fantasmic!, all the rides we got to go on when it teamed up with the Electrical Parade (thanks Disney entertainment!), Dragon-Head on a Stick, having grown past my aversion to Alexander's Ragtime Band, and getting a paycheck yesterday.

Dreams come true

I feel like I had something to talk about before getting to the Disneyland stuff, but I can't remember what it is. Maybe it was something about how we had nothing to do with the Negima! stuff about how the cover notes haven't been published in the latest volumes. We don't know why that is, because as always, we've been translating everything. When we started work at TokyoPop, Jake said, "Just translate everything, and we'll decide what will be used in the final English version," and that's how we've always translated. If we were to make a guess, we'd say maybe there's a new letterer on the series, or a new person in charge of the images who doesn't realize there's stuff under the slipcovers. But of course this is all pure speculation.

I guess we'd better ask our boss next time we send him an email. Sigh. I hate being stuck in the middle.

Anyway, Collapse )

Well, that's enough rambling for now. Today I'm thankful for finally getting to see Fantasmic! again after two years, finally finding the Eeyore parking lot sign again, getting to see a bunch of adorable reindeer, getting to watch anime today with a kitty on each lap, and getting to go on Indiana Jones twice.