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The Nasu Animal Kingdom

Sorry for disappearing yesterday. We ended up sleeping in until about eleven-thirty (which is pretty late for us these days), and that didn't leave us much time to get all our errands done before having to get ready to go to some stake conference sessions in the evening. We did take some extra time to go to Baskin Robbins, though. All our talk about Mr. Donut made us want donuts, so we were trying to decide if we should get donuts or if we should get ice cream, and we remembered that we forgot to check what the flavor of the month is at Baskin Robbins' website, so we walked all the way to the physical location to fine out. Turns out it was pumpkin cheesecake, which we have no interest in, but! they were advertising their new donut ice cream sandwiches, which meant we could have donuts and ice cream, so that was the obvious winner.

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Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the Nasu Animal Kingdom, getting to see all the super fluffy dogs, getting to see the sheep herding demonstration, getting to hear Japanese spoken with a thick New Zealand accent, and really cool bird shows that keep the birds flying the whole time.

Back from Japan

We are back from Japan! Tadah! It occurs to me that if we'd bothered to post last night, we could have posted a review for Review Rednesdays, but we didn't, so oh well. It looks like we've only had one book come out the last two Tuesdays, so maybe it's okay that we missed two in a row.

Anyway, we had a fantastic time, even if it was a little short. Traveling is so hard, because there's so much to do at our destination, but we still worry about our cat. We're either going to have to work out a better system or figure out how to just not worry about it so much. But soon-ish before we left, someone on Facebook posted something about how dogs' lives are so much shorter than people's that when you leave them alone for a long time, it's that much bigger a portion of their lives so you should really not do that so much. And I know it was probably talking to people who get pets and then spend all their time out doing stuff and only come home to sleep, but still. The other option, of course, is to stop traveling, but that hardly seems like a good idea.

And I'm rambling because we're still not fully recovered from that long plane ride and stuff.

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Today I'm thankful for another lovely trip to Japan, getting to go to the Noragami art show, making it to the hotel without too much trouble, making it home safely, and being back with our dear Page.


I guess I was planning to mention this as soon as I got the link, which I think was yesterday, but then I guess I forgot or something, because it didn't occur to me. Anyway, here is the link to the article where we tell the story of how we learned Japanese. I don't really have a whole lot else to say about it, though, because it's all in the article. ...On the other hand, we only read what the other translators said, because we didn't feel the need to reread what we wrote, so it's possible that some edits have been made that change the entire tone! I did notice that Justin went ahead and italicized "Sailor Moon". We do tend to get careless about stuff like that, which is either because we're not editors or why we're not editors.

In other news, we're going to Japan in about a week! How did that happen so fast? Well, because we were a little impulsive and planned to go on a not-too-faraway date, that's how. Planning is also progressing on that front. Kyoya had already made a Facebook event page for the roadtrip he's planning that weekend. We haven't had the patience to read all the websites for the places we'll be going, but we do know capybaras will be involved. Since the main motivation for this trip was a Noragami art show, this seems all too appropriate.

Also, we have just two books we need to finish before we go. Well, technically we only have to finish one before we go, but it would be smarter to finish both of them. I think we're making pretty good progress, but since Gaston is coming to town for a Disneyland trip this week, there's no telling how that could affect things. It's the last two volumes of Corpse Party, and because of weird timing issues yesterday, we had extra time when we finished the first draft of volume nine today. Instead of heading straight into the edit or taking the rest of the day off, we decided to start on volume ten, and man is it getting intense. And just at the most dramatic part! our playlist ended and we decided to call it a day. We'll be starting our volume nine edit tomorrow, so it may be a while before we get back to it.

And this is by no means a way of saying that the series isn't gripping enough to compel us to go on. I am really curious to see how this all plays out. But we are also very tired, so not working wins.

Today I'm thankful for getting to tell the manga/anime loving world (or at least the readers over at The OASG) how we learned Japanese, having plans for what promises to be another fun roadtrip in Japan, having plans to go to Disneyland with friends, learning that you can exchange Stitch Fix clothes, and getting to take the evening off.

Noragami stage show

Those of you following us on Facebook will know that we have now officially booked our flight to Tokyo. Tadah! We are so going to be at that Noragami art show! But we're also freaking out a little, which is why we decided not to get back to work today, even though we're so close to finishing the last volume of Your Lie in April. It's okay; we got the full effect of the story when we did our first draft back in June.

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Today I'm thankful for deals on airfare to Tokyo, having enough room in our schedule that it's okay to stop working for the day, the wonderful casting job that went into the Noragami stage show, getting to try some Pokemon gummies yesterday (supposedly the flavors evolved if you combined them...I didn't really get that), and having a super cool hydraulic robot arm that we built ourselves.

Livingstone volume 3

We have now posted our intent to go to the Noragami art gallery on Facebook. We did it in the least committal way we could think of, because we're always so tentative about everything, but it's a step! Oh, but while we were working today, I kept imagining Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, and it would be so nice to go back there... I admit, I'm a little worried that too-frequent visits will cause them to lose their sparkle, even though I'm pretty sure that's not the problem with our local Disneyland (at least not all of it, anyway).

But let's prevent ourselves from freaking out too much by changing the subject. It's Review Rednesday! And next on our list is Livingstone volume 3! Spoiler level: moderate.

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Today I'm thankful for being slightly ahead of schedule, getting to read a fun review of Livingstone, remembering that we still need to write a review for In/Spectre, the Noragami art gallery site updating with pictures of the merchandise, and getting a shipping confirmation for our next Tokyo Treat box.


Our main concern (aside from money, of course) about going to Japan for the Noragami art show was that we didn't want to have a million things to translate when we get back. This month is busy enough as it is--if we finally manage to get through it all and have a few days to relax, and we spend that time doing something as stressful (in a good way, but still stressful) as travel, and then have to get right back into work work work work work...well, that just seems like a recipe for a health crisis.

Out of curiosity, we looked at our calendar yesterday and were a little surprised to see that, despite all the new assignments we'd added recently, our September workload was pretty light. We started to get optimistic, but we knew we still had to hear from editors for four of our current titles. Today, we got an email from the editor on three of them, with a list of deadlines...dun dun DUN!!!

We immediately pulled up our calendar and started plugging the new deadlines into the dates...and discovered that the earliest translation on the new list isn't due until mid-October. Our September is still relatively free! This impulsive Japan trip might work out after all! And to top it off, another link popped up on our Facebook feed about low prices for airfare to Japan. I think we might actually do this. We evaluated our finances and it looks like it wouldn't be too unreasonable, but we're still wary.

There are two things that might put a damper on this whole scheme. First, we might have forgotten some expense we need to pay, or something might come up (after our dental adventures of a few months ago, we're more aware of the realism of this possibility). Second, new title assignments. We still need to email our editor from the one publisher, but we honestly can't decide what we want to do about that. It's always hard when they show us a list of new licenses and tell us to pick one, unless there's one we're already familiar with and like, but we don't have a lot of time to familiarize ourselves with stuff we're not translating. Maybe we'll just email back with, "Which one can wait until late September? We'll take that one."

Of course, there are probably any number of other things that might cancel our plans, but those are the most predictable ones. We need to start contacting people who might want to see us if we go to Japan soon, but we still like to take our time on things. And it's all so sudden, we're still not entirely convinced it's happening. (It might not be!)

Today I'm thankful for having a light September workload (whether we go to Japan or not, this is a welcome blessing), finishing our second draft of In/Spectre today, making our way ever so slowly through Ace Attorney 6, one of the kittens being a fan of our apartment, and being able to release her last night. She came in when Page wanted to go out, then Page came back in and we didn't see any kittens around, so we closed the door. Later, I heard our neighbor whistling for the kittens to come get their dinner, and she kept whistling and whistling and I wondered if one of them was missing. Then I heard a squeak. So I went out to the living room to check it out, and sure enough, there was a kitten trying to stealthily escape our apartment.
kid flash

Busyness and pictures

We're going through another one of those phases where we have about a bazillion things to do, and some of them are work related and some of them are self-imposed, but we can never decide which ones really get top priority, so we panic about everything. I mean, of course work gets top priority on workdays, but yesterday we were trying to decide between two different video games and getting early work done on Your Lie in April, which of course we want to do before Anime Expo because the creator is going to be there and we still don't know how the series ends but you can bet most of the people attending his panel will know and we don't want to be spoiled. Also, we bought Inazuma Eleven from the Nintendo eStore, because it's looking like the most promising way to educate ourselves on soccer terms for Arakawa-sensei's new series. But we're still in the middle of Labyrinth of Andersen, with KamiAso waiting for us and a new Ace Attorney just around the corner. We're so conflicted. We went with Andersen.

But more importantly, we posted a bunch more pictures over at our Shutterfly site, so we wanted to post a link! And here it is! This album features our trip to the Black Butler cafe and a bunch of aquarium stuff. I took a heck of a lot of pictures at the aquarium, though, so we had to cut it off in the middle. This time it ends right before we headed to the second floor. So if you like aquarium pictures, not only do you have a lot to enjoy in this album, but you can look forward to the next one as well! Possibly the one after that, too, but it's too soon to tell.

Today I'm thankful for making progress in Labyrinth of Andersen (we got the Little Mermaid's endings; maybe we'll post about them sometime), getting cookies and cake at Bread Day, being able to safely give away the oatmeal raisin cookies so they didn't go to waste, having lots of new video games to look forward to, and making progress on cosplay (we ordered a bunch of things from Amazon that, when put together, will hopefully be a reasonable facsimile of Hiyori Iki's high school summer uniform).

Belated picture post

Okay, guys! We just went through a bunch more photos, and here they all are for your viewing pleasure(?)! This time, it features our journeys through Port Discovery, to the Center of the Earth, and to the Temple of the Crystal Skull, ending at the American Waterfront. Next time, we'll start with the pictures from our favorite new show, "A Table Is Waiting"!

Today I'm thankful for the Sunbeams being reasonably well-behaved at church today, getting to look at all our fond memories of DisneySea (or that batch, anyway; it's always fun!), getting more endings in Labyrinth of Andersen (maybe someday we'll have time to post about them!), one of the kids in Athena's Primary class always being excited to look at our pictures from Japan's version of the Indiana Jones ride, and the lovely cool weather we've been having.

Photo Phriday

It's time for another...Photo Phriday! This time, I added a whole 33 pictures! I guess I'm just too afraid to commit to more than that just now. Maybe if we find ourselves with some extra time over the weekend, I'll just post a bunch of pictures and comment on them. And oh yeah, here's the link! This time, we're finishing up in King Triton's Kingdom and moving on to...well, you'll just have to go check it out! (Unless you read our trip reports and happen to remember all the details.)

I'm just a little bit bummed about it, because Mom was going to visit on Wednesday, and we wanted to show her our photo book, but she got sick and had to cancel, so I don't know when we'll ever get to show her the book, but you can bet we'll be emailing her the link to the albums!

Anyway, that's all for today! Today I'm thankful for getting to look at more DisneySea pictures, getting a bunch of paperwork done finally, finishing work early today, how easy it is to pick up and put down a weaving project, and mint/eucalyptus scented wax sprinkles.

Let's try...an experiment!

Well, today was another great day of General Conference! President Dieter F. Uchtdorf gave a beautiful talk about the restoring power of the Atonement, and Patrick Kearon gave a powerful talk on helping refugees. The Church even has a website about helping that you can find here. It talks about what the Church has been doing, and lists ways you can serve,too!

And in other news, we're getting really eager to show off our Japan pictures, so we're trying an experiment! Because we already loaded all our pictures to Shutterfly, we thought we'd see about sharing them via that site. So we went there, and they're not real big hyperlinking, but! they let you create a "share site". So we uploaded a sampling of our Japan pictures to see how the sharing thing works. If you're interested in checking them out, go ahead and go here and see if you can look through the pictures. There should be arrows at the top of the picture that you can click forward and backward on. There are comments on most of them, too, and I think you might be able to add a comment directly there, but you might need a Shutterfly account.

Anyway, let us know what you think of this method! If you like it, great! We'll keep doing it! If it doesn't work, or if you need an account and don't want one, or if you hate it for some other reason, let us know, and we'll either upload directly to LJ or see if we can get back into our Photo Bucket account or something.

Today I'm thankful for another wonderful General Conference, experimental ways to share our pictures, having maple sugar candy to look forward to, getting our tax vouchers soon, and finding out that we didn't accidentally throw out the Yato bracelet after all.