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Speaking of Disneyland...

We just posted about Disneyland yesterday, but today we have pictures of Tokyo Disneyland! This batch features Westernland, the Tokyo Disneyland name for Frontierland, because Westerns don't take place in the Japanese frontier. I guess Westernland was a lot less confusing. We don't have a lot of Westerns anymore, and there's not a lot of talk about "the wild frontier," so I wonder if people have to think about it to understand the name Frontierland these days. (I realize that the term "wild frontier" could be problematic, so I'm going to clarify by saying that when I think of the "Wild West," I think of wild animals, uncultivated land, and cowboys shooting each other for the heck of it? I never really watched any Westerns except for parodies, so we don't know why they usually shot at each other.)

Anyway, here are the pictures!

Today I'm thankful for this week's bounteous Bread Day harvest, getting to reminisce some more about Tokyo Disneyland, getting a cute dragon Fumo-Fumo plush, getting to read some manga today, and it being almost dinner time.

More pictures!

After I updated yesterday, Athena pointed out that we could have posted pictures from our Japan trip a year ago...which actually ended a year ago today. *sniffle*

Anyway, we decided to go ahead and do that today! So here's the link! This installment features the "strange creatures" exhibit at Sunshine Aquarium and the beginning of our trip to Tokyo Disneyland!

Today I'm thankful for happy reminders of Tokyo Disneyland, Mom making it here safely last night despite the big storm, our apartment not flooding, Steve being kind enough to send us a salted caramel and chocolate pie, and not having to go out in the cold.

Looking back

Well, other than the usual tiredness from actually having to pull ourselves out of bed, today was not especially eventful. ...Okay, so there was choir practice, which was sort of novel, because we met on the stage instead of in the chapel, but that's about the only thing to report about that.

Anyway, we've been thinking about the trip we took to Japan last January, because it was just about a year ago. A year ago today, we were hiding in our hotel room from the reality that we were actually in Japan (and working on UQ Holder!). Of course, that's speaking only of the date and time on our calendar here in California. If you convert it to Japan time, a year ago today we were almost at the Fox Village.

And since we're thinking about it, and realizing that we never finished posting all our pictures from that trip, we figured we might as well post some more! Oh my gosh, you guys, we took so many pictures. For today's viewing pleasure, we present the second half of our trip to the Sunshine Aquarium. You can see the all here! (Since we started sharing those pictures on Shutterfly, we figure we might as well keep it up.) After that, we still have the pictures from the Bizarre Creatures exhibit, then Disneyland, DisneySea, and Otome Road. And we took so many pictures at Disneyland. It's kind of overwhelming to think about, so I'm going to just walk away right now.

Today I'm thankful for the ability to take pictures, having fun memories to look back on, finishing the book we were reading, new episodes of My Little Pony, and having plans to bake some lemon blueberry cookies.

Year in Review: 2016

I think we've finally managed to complete all of our responsibilities for the year. We still have stuff we have to do to get ready for church tomorrow, but technically that's a responsibility for next year. ...And Athena reminds me we haven't actually turned in our most recent translation, but technically that's also a responsibility for next year, since it's due either yesterday or Monday.

Anyway, it's time again for a year in review post. Let's start with the usual meme of pasting the first sentence (or two or three) from the first post of each month for the year.

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And there you have it. It hints at all of the important stuff that happened, but doesn't get into all the details of what made it so awesome. This year has actually been really good to us...and since it's been really bad to a lot of people, I do wonder if it's some sort of...like dark elves that feed on misery or something? I don't really think that; it just makes for a potentially interesting story device. But anyway, we went to Japan not just once but twice this year, and we got to meet the guy in charge of one of our favorite series of all time. And we got to see our family more than last year, including a family trip to Disneyland! Plus, I think we can build on the experiences we had this year to take us even further...but maybe not next year, because we also had some expensive dental work done, and what with that and two trips to Japan, we are currently pretty broke. But at the very least, we can probably talk to our really cool friends/acquaintances at Anime Expo again.

The other thing that really stood out this year, as it did last year and I think the year before, is that we did a loooooott of work. And to illustrate just how much work we did, lyschan was kind enough to make us a beautiful collage of all the things we translated this year (just like she did last year!)! (Minus an unannounced title and I think we did some video game work, but we never keep enough track of that.) Anyway, here it is!

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We started nine new series (one not pictured), and finished ten (two of which were ones that we also started this year)! One of our simulpubs went from a weekly schedule to a monthly one, we did some video game work, and we translated our first anime movie TV special! Plus, a lot of the stuff we worked on was a heck of a lot of fun, and even though I think we translated a few more books than last year, I feel like it didn't eat up all of our time as much. We probably have Corpse Party and That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! to thank for that.

And I think that about sums it up. We have a lot to be grateful for this year, and I'm looking forward to seeing what's waiting for us in 2017!

This year I"m very thankful for all of the wonderful books we got to translate this year, having the courage and the funds to go to Japan twice and all of the great experiences we had there, getting to meet a lot of really cool people (I forgot to mention, we met lyschan in person!), finally getting to see Gaston in his namesake role, and getting to make lots of fun memories with our family.

The trip comes to a close

We're back from church, and we still have a fair amount of ground to cover, Collapse )

And that concludes our most recent Japan report. It was a short trip, but it was a lot of fun.

Today I'm thankful for another great trip to Japan, spare keys, getting to try the tipo tortas, super cute Halloween Danny merchandise, and the kids being reasonably well behaved in Primary today.

Sea and Land

So I made the realization last night that we very likely won't have time to post to LJ from Monday until Friday (although I might make some time to post a review on Wednesday), which means I only have two days to finish up our Japan trip report! We have yet to determine if this will result in longer posts or multiple posts for today and/or tomorrow, but as you can see, it certainly didn't prompt me to post earlier. That's because we were working, because our Plans for next week won't really be conducive to that, either, and we have deadlines.

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Today I'm thankful for the most amazing chocolate crepes in the world, getting all the colors on our Crystal Compass, getting to pose for pictures on the Indiana Jones ride, having another lovely encounter with Stitch, and the bisho-nure course on Aquatopia.

Out of Shadowland

Our schedule is completely out of whack today and we have no one to blame for it but ourselves. I mean, we'd have to be pretty lacking in logic to not have realized that our schedule would be seriously messed up after what we did today. ...Although, come to think of it, there is a little bit of shared blame, because we had a chapter of Persona Q to translate today, and we weren't expecting that until next week at the soonest. And that makes me fear for what might come along next week, because simulpubs like to be translated ASAP and we have Plans next week.

Anyway, the point is, we took the morning off to go to Disneyland. There was something at the beginning of the week that had us going, "Yeah, we really want to go this week! Well, if we get enough work done by the end of Thursday, we will!" And then we did get enough work done, but last night we couldn't remember what it was that had us wanting to go to Disneyland so badly. Nevertheless, we went. We lost a pin back in our luggage in Japan and we wanted to buy some spares, and they had some new Halloween food offerings we wanted to check out--namely, butterscotch beignets and maple creme brulee. Both of them tasted good enough, but clearly someone was afraid to commit on the flavors. The beignets were barely butterscotchy and the creme brulee smelled like maple the first time I put it to my mouth and that was about as maple as it got. But the latter was served at the Jolly Holiday, which does have a reputation among our associates (read: us and Gaston) for generally being vaguely disappointing. In its defense, though, despite the lack of maple, the creme brulee was very good, so if it hadn't billed itself as being maple, we would not have been disappointed at all. Unless the attempt to make it taste like maple is what made them do whatever it was that made it taste good.

And then we came home and had a new book to add to our schedule! Tadah!

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Today I'm thankful for stumbling on Hangar Stage, getting to see a super amazing show, getting to try maple pumpkin churros, having the soundtrack for the show (it even has all the dialogue! but none of the visuals, so it can't ruin the effect of seeing it live), and getting to try the new seasonal food offering at Disneyland today.

Listen to the sea, listen to the sea♪

Today is so exciting, because we finished our work quota and didn't have to work overtime, even though we took extra time out from work to go to the grocery store! Aah, I feel so free! ...I may not feel the same way when we work on the edit tomorrow and it takes forever, but for now, I will relish in the freedom. We'll probably play Ace Attorney.

And! because we have so much time today, we definitely have time to get back to our Japan report! Not that anyone was necessarily waiting with bated breath for that or anything, but we like to talk about it.

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Today I'm thankful for getting to go back to DisneySea, having a commemorative Crystal Compass, potato churros!, getting our work done today without having to work overtime, and so many helpful cast members.