Guiltrip and Mega Leech

Now that we've finished watching The Seven Deadly Sins, we're back to watching Miraculous! ...Not that we stopped watching Miraculous. I don't think we ever went down to less than three episodes a day (Athena thinks there were a couple of days where we only watched two...). But the point is, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for having time to snap some Pokemons, having more grape juice, getting to watch more Miraculous today, getting Nayru's flame, and adorable new superheroines.

Seven Deadly Sins finale

We did not binge the entire last batch of Seven Deadly Sins episodes all at once, partly because we had work, and partly because we still wanted to watch Miraculous. But we finished it tonight! Collapse )

And now I'm just feeling very sighful. Athena's suggesting we go watch Oblivio. Sleep is probably more important. We'll see.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see all of Seven Deadly Sins (except for the final movie, which I think hits Netflix in two weeks?), also getting to watch Miraculous, work going pretty okay, the tasty lemon bars we got from my ministering companion, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.

Research problems

We let the day get away from us, and now we're up late because we got an email this morning from someone asking about a source for a note we wrote up in Noragami 22. These are very important questions to ask, and the immediate feeling when we get them is, "Oh yeah, let me just Google that again real quick and get you the link!" But then we do Google it and remember that if the link was that easy to find, they probably wouldn't have had to ask us where we got the information to begin with, because they're just as capable of Googling as we are.

There are two problems(?) that this question has brought to my attention. First, if you ask us to find a source even, like, three days after we wrote a note, there's a good chance we'll no longer have any idea how we found it. We experienced this several times when our editor asked us, " did you get this information again?" about Sailor Moon.

And more importantly, if we're getting all this information from such obscure sources, can we really be sure it's accurate? We do usually try to make sure we're getting our information corroborated at more than one source, but when it becomes impossible to find either of them again, it does make it all sound a little fishy. For this particular question, the information we did find, although not exactly matching the details from our translation note, was such that we think we at least weren't way too far off base. (The question was in regards to sorei (ancestral spirits) and the specific times of year they visit villages, etc., as opposed to going back to and living in the mountains.)

Still, it's a timely reminder to be more careful and responsible when researching notes, as we have a volume of In/Spectre on the horizon.

Today I'm thankful for important reminders, work ending early today, getting lemon bars from a friend at church, getting to watch Seven Deadly Sins, and also getting to watch Miraculous.

Sole Crusher and Queen Banana

Work has been very kind to us lately, which means we have lots of time to watch Miraculous! So let's talk about it some more!

Collapse )

I think I may be letting a cartoon have too much influence over my life. But for better or worse, the last batch of Seven Deadly Sins episodes should be hitting Netflix tomorrow, so at least I'll get some distraction from the distressing possibilities. (I really should stop worrying about it, because as Newt Scamander says, "If you worry, you suffer twice.")

Today I'm thankful for wise words from Newt Scamander, work being kind to us, new Seven Deadly Sins soon, season one of Elephant Princess, and getting to have sundaes soon.

Mr. Pigeon and Furious Fu

We watched three episodes of Miraculous today, but we finished the evening by watching the last couple of Shaman King episodes that are available on Netflix, so I'm having to switch gears. I find that's usually not very difficult until it's time to go back and remember stuff. But Athena reminds me, we were on Mr. Pigeon 72.

Collapse )

Tadah! That's two episode reviews! I mean, these episodes aren't so plot-twisty, so there's not as much to say. But that doesn't make them any less enjoyable! We...think we may be in a contest with our other Miraculous-watching friend to see who can watch these episodes the most the fastest, because we've seen all the other episodes at least ten times. But it's not because we wanted to have this super high view count to brag about (I could say there are more productive ways to spend our time than watching offense, Miraculous--you're the best ever!). It's really just because the characters in Miraculous are the people we want to spend our time with, because we love the series that much.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch more Miraculous (started with Truth again), getting a decent amount of work done despite some serious distractions, meeting a fan of ours, the idea that we actually have fans, and also being caught up with Shaman King.

Miraculous: Gang of Secrets

We have now seen the first half of Miraculous Season Four twice! "Only twice?" you might ask, and frankly, we're a little surprised, too, but I assure you, it's no indication of our diminishing love for the series. It only means that we also have a Legend of Zelda game going on, and stuffed up ears that we're hoping to un-stuff for maximum enjoyment of vocal performances.

Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch a bunch of Miraculous today, also getting to play a bunch of Skyward Sword, work going super quick so we had time to do those things, getting to help Grawp when he was forbidden from playing video games, and having preordered our copy of the Noragami 24 special edition.

Miraculous: Lies

Today we learned just how difficult it can be to acquire certain allergy medications, even when they're over-the-counter! What a strange world we live in.

But let's get back to our Miraculous Season 4 reviews! Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for our allergy meds quest (surprisingly long as it was) ending in success, getting to play video games with Grawp, getting to play Skyward Sword, the grocery store having our preferred flavor of chips, and getting plenty of exercise.

Reviewing Miraculous

I gave just a few of our thoughts on the most recent batch of Miraculous episodes to hit Disney+, and now it's time to expand on them! Starting with the first episode of season four, Truth.

Collapse )

...And I think that's it for this episode. I wasn't originally planning to do reviews on each episode, but it turns out we just have too much to say to do it otherwise.

Today I'm thankful for getting to take the day off (mostly), getting plenty of sleep this morning, getting to watch four episodes of Miraculous, having a decent chunk of time to play Skyward Sword, and finishing the little bit of work we had to do.

Surprise visit

We did a little bit of work today, but we were thwarted first by Gaston calling, which led to an hour-and-a-half phone conversation, and second by the realization that the under-the-weather-ness we had been blaming on allergies might actually be a legit cold or something. So we finished what needed to get done today (some bonus material for the print tankobon of a simulpub series), and then we spent the rest of the day relaxing. We watched three episodes of Miraculous, and the more I think about all of them, the more I love them, so I do want to write about them, but!

Gaston came by at about nine and brought us chicken, so we hung out and chatted while we all ate our dinners. It was great on many levels, because we got to spend time with a friend, we got some fresh air, and we had been talking earlier about how chicken noodle soup is like the cold cure-all and we'd had past for our usual dinner but without chicken, so now we had chicken! And I think we are both feeling much better. Not that we were feeling super terrible, just enough to be like uuuuuugh.

Still, just to be safe, we're going to take tomorrow off. ...Except to finish up the bonus material for the other tankobon we need to translate bonus material for.

Today I'm thankful for getting to spend time with a friend, getting some fresh air, getting to eat some chicken, getting to watch Miraculous, and getting to play a teeny tiny bit of Skyward Sword. (That's the main thing on the agenda tomorrow.)

Miraculous day!

New Miraculous today! Aaaahh, it was so nice to be watching Miraculous again. It didn't kill us nearly as bad this time as the last batch of episodes did, probably because it was the first half of the season. We have no idea what's coming, but we're well aware that the second half could destroy us even worse. I don't think we can ever be prepared for it, though.

There is one problem with binge-watching, and that's that it can be hard to process all that information at once. Collapse )

And that's all for now. Maybe I'll write some more about all the episodes later.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to see more Miraculous, certain developments that were mentioned under the cut, Disney+ making sure to have the French audio, leftover pizza, and our nephew remembering we exist.