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Sailor Moon Musical! Aaaaahh!!!

The original plan for today was to finish up the episode of Hozuki we were translating, and by then Gaston should have been here to go to Disneyland. We finished the episode, and he wasn't here, so we set up our new printer and did some paperwork things, and he still wasn't here, so we watched some of Hozuki season one, and then he still wasn't here, so we called him. Apparently he had a lot of work come in all at once and was stuck at home; he didn't call to tell us because I guess he was still hoping it wasn't really true. I just have to laugh about it, because we know that situation all too well. But I am a little sad about not going to Disneyland. The funny thing about Tokyo Disneyland is that it makes us forget our bitterness toward California Disneyland.

But the good news is! now we can get back to reporting on our Japan trip! Collapse )

Aah, what a lovely night. We are definitely going to order the CD and DVD when we've replenished some of our funds. Today I'm thankful for oh my goodness we got to see a Sailor Moon Musical, all of the sparkly costumes, the great music, Chibi Chibi's song, and making it safely to and from the theater.

A walk in the park

Oh man, this weekend has been very full in super good (General Conference) ways and not-super-super-good-because-it-involved-working-late-into-the-night-but-still-good-because-we-love-our-job ways. This General Conference was especially good for us, because a lot of things were said that I think we needed to hear, and we got a lot of advice and encouragement, so we're feeling pretty good about life. But still ridiculously busy.

And so! since today is the day of rest, and journaling is a perfectly acceptable Sabbath activity, we've decided to take this opportunity to FINALLY get back to our Japan report! And now that I've said that, I have to take a second and a couple of breaths to get my bearings and remember where we left off. Of course I remember exactly what day we left off on, but I have to get the sequence of events straight.

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Today I'm thankful for a wonderful General Conference, finally getting to tell everybody more about our Japan trip, getting to go to the super fancy Disney Store in Shibuya, the Koa Pancake House, and getting to see Yoyogi Park.

Inside the Dome

Today has been an odd day, scheduling-wise. We had it all worked out--we were going to finish our first draft of Say I Love You, then either start editing it or start on one of the other two books we have due by the end of the month, and it would go so super fast that we could easily get them in on time. Except for maybe the third book, but that one's not technically due until the beginning of next month and we're reasonably sure the publisher doesn't need it by then. But anyway, we checked our email and there was a new chapter of Farewell, My Dear Cramer (of course there was), so those plans all went out the window. Instead, we finished our first draft of Say I Love You, and then succumbed to the Sleepies, and then we translated that chapter of Cramer. The Sleepies and accidentally having our Kingdom Hearts Orchestra CD on shuffle resulted in everything feeling like we were in a dream and we don't even know what's what anymore.

And basically, all of that is a long way of saying I'm not sure how well I can focus today. But focus I must! Because we want to tell everybody about our Japan trip, and then we probably should get back to work. So let's get to it!

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And that concludes our first full day in Japan (this trip). Now it is time to get dinner, and then probably back to work.

Today I'm thankful for making a fair amount of progress on work despite the Sleepies, getting to see the Attack on Titan planetarium show, Princess Principal character songs (we haven't listened to the CD yet, but I think the songs are all by the same composer as the opening and ending themes, so I'm confident they'll be good), finally getting to check out Nekobukuro, and getting to say hi to the otters.

Jiggity jig

We're ba-ack! We survived our trip, and now we are home and surprisingly not-sleepy. That's not to say that we are not sleepy, just that we are not struggling as hard to keep our eyes open as we've normally been on the day of a return from Japan. The difference, I'm sure, is that we actually managed to sleep on the flight home, but I'm still not sure how that happened. I wasn't sure it would even count, either, because, as Athena pointed out, it wasn't so much sleep as waking up every few minutes and struggling to find a reasonably comfortable position. But since my eyes are kindly staying open, I'm going to have to say that it did indeed count.

In sum, the trip was good. There were a lot of ups and downs, the latter of which mostly stemming from the fact that we were pretty far outside of our comfort zones and also that there are a LOT of stairs in Japan. We wore ourselves out pretty good.

But let's start from the beginning. Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for random kindly old men, getting to see the flying penguins, making it home safely, Page being relatively good about using the litter box while we were gone, and Singapore Airlines always supplying us with Haagen Dazs.


The dun wannas hit pretty bad today, because we've been working kind of overtime all week with no "me" time, so even though we didn't meet our work quota today, we called it quits at what used to be our regular quitting time. But in our defense, we might have met our quota (or gotten a little closer to it) if we hadn't spent time buying plane tickets. And that wouldn't have taken so long, either, if...okay, so we had decided on dates to go to Japan, and then stuff happened that made us think maybe those dates wouldn't be so good, price-wise. So we picked new dates, and then, kind of by accident, we discovered that, with the sale we were taking advantage of, our original dates would have cost the same. And so buying tickets took extra long because we had to decide if we wanted to go with our original dates or different ones. We settled on dates right between the original and the revised plans.

So yeah, that's official. We are now going to Japan, and if we back out at this point, we will have wasted a lot of money. It's just a liiiiittle bit more nerve-wracking than last time because it's been almost a whole year since then, where as with that trip, we'd been there eight months previously. There's also the matter of Comic-Con, which is a thing that seemed really exciting and then turned out to be pretty meh, so now we're like, "Okay, here we are super stoked to go to Japan, but what if it turns out to be meh!? We won't know what to enjoy in life anymore!!!" At least DisneySea should still be pretty great. If nothing else, Out of Shadowland and Sindbad's Storybook Voyage should still make us happy. I hope. (It's gotten pretty bad.)

We spent tonight playing KamiAso IF, and now we have one more of Melissa's endings. Just one more and his story will be complete!

Today I'm thankful for airfare sales, having official dates for our Japan trip, having one more of Melissa's endings, Page joining us for part of the gaming (she doesn't like to hang out with us in the living room these days, but she made an effort!), and the yummy Freschetta pizza we had for dinner.

Another tale of woe

Whew, this last weekend has been intense. So Thursday was not great, but really it wasn't all that bad. Just a series we don't particularly enjoy and some really bad news that I guess shouldn't affect us that much (talk about your first world problems). Friday was also not great. The plan was to just work as much as we could and hopefully finish Kigurumi Guardians (that's its real title now) before my dentist appointment, and then get the rest of the weekend off!

Thursday night had other ideas. I heard a dripping sound, and since money hasn't exactly been something we've had in abundance lately, I wanted to find it and see if I could put a stop to it before our water bills got too high. But all the faucets were dry. This was not promising. Reluctantly, I checked the water heater. I couldn't find where the water was coming from, but the dripping was definitely louder and the floor was wet. Well, shoot.

So the next morning, instead of getting an early start on work, we went to the office to report the leak. And since the mailman was at the mailboxes, we couldn't check to see if maybe we'd gotten a paycheck. That's right; we've been suffering from "someday my check will come" syndrome again. And it's been really bad this time. Like, really bad. Had to pay the rent with a credit card bad. And you may be thinking, "And you were complaining about a stupid nighttime show?" and you would be quite reasonable in that thinking. In fact, I was wondering about it myself. I figured the difference is that I have faith that this trial of broke-ness will not last, but Fantasmic! will likely be gone forever. But don't worry; I did get pretty broken up about our lack of money when we did manage to check the mail and there still wasn't a check. It was getting to be an issue because we were just about out of food (after having macaroni and cheese for the last four days straight) and our internet provider was getting rather impatient with us.

So we emailed our editor about a late payment, and since it was super duper late, he went ahead and asked accounts payable when that was going to be a thing, and they March 17. And I was like, "Perfect, that's two days before the lady at our internet provider said they'd have to cut us off." But it still leaves us without food for a week.

That's when we were getting desperate and blew off work for a little while, while we opened Monopoly game tickets from our grocery store to see if we won a million dollars, or at least a $25 grocery gift card. Spoiler alert: we didn't. By then I was ready to just hide forever, but our workload wasn't getting any lighter, so reluctantly we went to work. Fortunately we really like Kigurumi Guardians. (There was also the option of refusing to do any work until we get paid, but that seemed counterproductive, because those deadlines weren't going to move just because we were broke for a while. The public wants its manga on the release date!)

Also fortunately, maintenance came and started fixing that leak. Apparently it wasn't the water heater leaking; it was the pipe in the ceiling above it. So they had to go into the attic. But they fixed it without too much trouble, and! as an added bonus, they literally made our lives a little bit brighter by replacing the fluorescent kitchen light that had been out for at least two years. (Our floor plan is such that we can see well enough in the kitchen by using the dining area light.)

With all that going on, of course we didn't finish work before my dentist appointment. We also weren't on a proper eating schedule, which was made worse by the fact that we couldn't stop by Joe's for some Italian Ice like we usually do on the way home from the dentist. (Remember, we had no money.) So we came home and had an early dinner of, once again, mac and cheese, and then we called Mom and asked her to standby in case we needed $25 to buy groceries for the weekend. It was kind of funny, because Steve was all, "Why not ask for more? We know you're good for the loan," and we were like, "Because we're not really asking for a loan..." But before we could explain that properly (we weren't 100% rational at that point), Mom said she didn't want to talk about it anymore, I'm not going to loan you anything have a gift of money and buy yourselves some food for goodness sakes. And she gave us significantly more money than we asked for, for which we are very grateful.

...And also feeling a little guilty for asking prematurely, because when we checked the mail the next day, we found payments for not one but two books! Huzzah! So the story has a happy ending, although we are nowhere near out of the woods yet.

So then we didn't update LJ yesterday because we were busy finishing up Kigurumi Guardians, which is now ready to be turned in tomorrow.

But more importantly than all of that! We finally posted the last batch of photos from our trip to Japan last last January. Check them out! This is a very important batch, because it has all our pictures from the Noragami cafe!

Today I'm very thankful for Mom and Steve's kindness in giving us money, getting a payment, catching a blue Meowth, Anubis being in Thor's story, and having food again.

More pictures!!!

Well, the work has swallowed up our lives again, which is why we didn't post yesterday. But! we finished the translation we were working on, so we might be back on track. Ideally we'll finish three translations this week. Can we do it!? Only time will tell.

But for now, pictures! For this batch, we finish out a trip to Disneysea. Check it out! And next week (probably), we'll have our pictures from wandering Ikebukuro!

I still have to talk about our last Disneyland trip, but I was hoping to give that an entry to itself. On the other hand, there wasn't a whole lot of new stuff, but there was a close encounter of the Gaston kind, so I definitely need to talk about that. Fortunately, I got almost the whole thing on video, so if I forgot about it, I have reference.

Today I'm thankful for a lovely stake conference, getting some interesting stuff at Bread Day, finishing the translation we were working on, getting to start a translation at the beginning of our workday tomorrow, and knowing that at least one of the translations we want to finish next week probably won't take long.

We have returned!

We're alive! Sorry for neglecting to post the last couple of days. All of our time was taken up working on Noragami. That series is hard, you guys. We were actually hoping to finish it on Friday, but that's what we get for going to Disneyland instead of working. And then, we had just almost barely finished the translation when it was time to go to a church activity. The activity was a lot of fun, though, and then we came home and wrote three notes that we decided we still needed. I have to tell you, there was a line that took us like half an hour to figure out, and the most frustrating thing about it is we knew one hundred percent what it meant, but we had no idea how to work it into any sort of coherent English sentence. Learn more about that in the review!

Anyway, we still have to tell you all about the Beauty and the Beast experiences they added at Disneyland! (By the way, in case you're wondering, we are not planning to see the new "live action" version in theaters. We're utterly biased against it, so we figured we'd spare everyone our bitterness by not having specific things to complain about. We're already bad enough about the trailer. "Really? You didn't read all of them just because some of them are in Greek? What kind of a weird pseudo-intellectual are you?" (Athena's read The Count of Monte Cristo, in which it was indicated that the educated nobles in France, around that same time, were expected to know Ancient Greek, possibly even before know modern Greek.) (Also, we're kind of against this whole "live action" remake trend, so we don't want to contribute any of our money directly to it.))

But! We also wanted to not neglect posting more pictures from our year-ago Japan trip. So I was thinking we'd save the Beauty and the Beast stuff for tomorrow, and post pictures today. Check them out here! This week's installment features One Man's Dream 2 and the Mediterranean Harbor at DisneySea!

Today I'm thankful for memories of One Man's Dream 2, finishing that Noragami translation (almost; we still want to go over it one more time before finalizing it), having a good time at the ward activity, the cake there not having cream cheese frosting, and getting a break from teaching Primary next week.

More pictures!!

It's that time again! Time for pictures from our more-than-a-year-old trip to Japan! This time, we bring you pictures from Adventureland, Fantasyland, and a teeeeeeeny tiny bit of Tomorrowland. Also featuring the delicious desserts from Captain Hook's Galley, which I guess they change seasonally because they were different when we went in September. Anyway, here they are!

Today I'm thankful for more fond memories from Tokyo Disneyland, Primary going reasonably well today, the delicious Hershey's cookie thingies we got at the store a few days ago, having documented our trip to Tokyo Disneyland so we can remind ourselves what all happened in that show, and milles crepes.

Happiness Is Here

It's that time again! Time for pictures from our year-old trip to Japan! In this week's installment, we present the Happiness Is Here parade! Check it out! After the parade, there are a few more Westernland pictures (Danny!), and next week we'll have pictures from Adventureland! (Mostly the Tiki Room, and Minnie! Oh, Minnie!)

Today I'm thankful for having manga to cheer us up after a tough day at Primary, getting a brief visit from my hummingbird, getting to look back at Happiness Is Here, having some mint chip ice cream to enjoy later (even if we wanted to have it now, we'd have to thaw it first), and having plans to watch Sleeping Beauty tonight.