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Visiting the fam

I figure we should probably check in before we disappear. We're going to be visiting family for a few days, so we'll probably be running around too much to post anything.

In the meantime, yesterday was extra busy, because Athena had to prepare a talk to give in church today. And we decided to go watch a movie, which always takes way longer than we expect it to take, even when we realize that going to the movies takes forever. We decided we did want to see Captain America: Civil War after all, and we were a little excited about it until soon after we started on our way to the movie theater. That's when we remembered that we don't really like movies much these days, but we wanted to go anyway, and we told ourselves it would be educational. When we got to the theater, the guy who sold us the tickets asked if we'd seen it yet, and I said no, so he said he was very excited for us. That gave us a little bit of hope.

But then we went into the theater, and the girl who took our tickets had the movie title "Pirates of the Caribbean" on her nametag, and my best guess as to what this meant is that it was her favorite movie, or at least the one she liked enough to have printed on her nametag. The significance of this is that the guy who sold us our tickets had "Armageddon" on his nametag, and we hated that movie. So now we were even more worried about how we were going to like Civil War.

And the verdict is...

It was good enough, I guess. For some reason the usher who went in after we vacated the screening room asked us how we liked it. I think she overheard us talking about how it didn't make us nearly as angry as The Force Awakens (for no other reason than that we found it extremely boring, and time is such a precious commodity these days). I kind of hemmed and hawed, and she said, "Good enough?" and I was like, "Yeah, I think that covers it." I was mostly interested throughout, but at one point, somewhere during the big Avengers free-for-all, my attention span ran out and I was done. The same thing happened with On Stranger Tides, so I think that means, while I liked it enough not to be angry when leaving the theater, I don't think it's a good idea to watch it again. At least not without multitasking.

There are a lot of things that made it so I wasn't as sad or angry at the end as with, say, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Force Awakens. The characters were all interesting, and unlike recent movies, they actually seemed to value human life in this one. I think my biggest complaint about Guardians of the Galaxy is that they were killing people left and right, but that was okay because all the protagonists survived. Yay. But now they're saying, "Hey, you know all these people who are getting hurt and dying because of all your visually stunning mass destruction? They have feelings, too!" I think that really helped.

Spider-Man was super adorable. I feel like he was completely unnecessary to the movie, which really just seemed to be an excuse to have superheroes fighting each in that sense I guess Spider-Man was necessary, because if that's the whole point, you wanna cram as many superheroes in there as you can. So I guess I feel like the whole movie was unnecessary, but technically probably at least 98% of movies are. But the point is, Spider-Man was cute, and it made me wonder if, say you go to Disneyland to the Spider-Man meet and greet, could you get the Disneyland Spider-Man into a discussion about physics? Athena points out that since he's fully masked, he may not be allowed to talk at all. Oh well. At least in the movie he had a lovable New York accent.

I also liked Black Panther. I even liked him when he was still annoyingly obsessed with revenge, so I liked him a whole lot when he decided to be the guy to say, "Hey, you know what? Maybe this vengeance thing isn't such a good idea after all."

We're not sure if the theme was freedom versus security like Gaston led us to believe, so much as freedom versus order, which is a similar idea but a different nuance. I'm mostly with Captain America on the whole matter as far as the Avengers are concerned, because at General Conference this last April, someone told a story about a boat that was caught in a storm, and there was another boat that was able to help them, but they had to wait for a stupid committee to figure out the best course of action, even though they were right there and able to help, and in the end both boats sank. So the whole, "No, we have to have a committee decide what to do before we can actually take action to help people!" thing seems like a bad idea.

I also really liked when the one character said, "I can't control their fears. I can only control my own."

So there were a lot of themes in it that I liked, and plenty of fun dialogue, and the action scenes weren't too stunning visually. But it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. I think if the movie had been shorter (by which I mean shorter action scenes, not less dialogue), we would have liked it a lot.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Civil War, not being in desperate need of fudge afterward, buying fudge anyway (just 'cause you don't need it doesn't mean it's not delicious), getting to see our dear nephew, and the girl from my Sunbeams class being kind enough to rescue me at the potluck on Friday night. The few kids that were there were playing a game and if you went out into the foyer, you died. I went there anyway because I was on my way to the chapel, but since they were watching my plan was to stagger as if dying until I could get through the door to the chapel, but the door was farther away than I realized so instead I ended up collapsing very dramatically on the floor. Then the little girl from my class rushed into the foyer and started pulling me back into the cultural hall, and it was very cute.
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