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Phoxy Photo Phriday

We did not intend to update LiveJournal so late, but we got distracted because we decided to play Kingdom Hearts first, and then Page was on my lap so of course we couldn't leave the living room. And since the PS3 was already hooked up, we figured it was the best time to pull out the DVDs from the CD singles we bought while we were in Japan. So for those of you who can't be bothered to remember minute details from someone else's four-month-old vacation, I will remind you that we found some CD singles featuring our beloved favorite voice actor Yuki Kaji. The singles came with DVDs that had music videos followed by mini making of featurettes. So we watched them!

And that's when we got really distracted, because the music video for Sense of Wonder is super adorable and mostly just features Kaji-kun walking his fingers across various miniature sets, and we just couldn't help smiling through the whole thing, but here's the most interesting (to perhaps nobody but us) part! In the last scene, his fingers walk across a row of books. Athena says, "My eyes are drawn to text. Occupational hazard, I guess." (It's her job to make sure we don't miss any text when translating manga. Sometimes the text is so small she decides she'd rather not strain her eyes enough to figure out what it says. "So if you've noticed something that we've missed," she says, "it's not that I missed it, but that I don't hate myself enough to figure it out.")

Anyway, that being the case, she looked at the spines of those books and thought, "Hey, those are in English! I wonder if he can read those." And then he got closer to the end of the row, where there was a book with a blue cover and a very familiar, sort of calligraphic font. All she could read was the top of the title, which said, "The". Well that could be anything. But as his fingers got to the end of the row of books, they slid down, and the camera panned down with them, and then you could see that it said, "The Book of Mormon". And we were like, "!!!!!" Our beloved favorite voice actor's music video has a Book of Mormon in it! What! WHAT! WHAT!!?

And then we're like, "Yeah, probably somebody else was in charge of props." But it's exciting anyway.

And then we went to our ward potluck, so we were gone for a couple hours, which is why we're updating so late.

But you guys are probably more interested in the fact that it's Photo Phriday! And you should be, because this week's installment features the Fox Village!!! Yay!! So without further ado, here's the link! We hope you enjoy them!

Today I'm thankful for oh my goodness our beloved favorite voice actor's music video has a Book of Mormon in it!, a few members of our ward being sympathetic to our excitement despite having absolutely no interest, Page setting off her tweeting cat toy whenever she jumps off the desk, getting to watch those music videos, and people bringing pizza to the potluck.
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