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Kingdom Hearts Day

Taking the advice of lyschan, we emailed our editor about the non-urgent project and he was indeed kind enough to give us an extension. So then we had to decide which other book to work on, because the one was due on the seventh, and the other was due on the sixth if possible, but on the tenth if not. Ultimately, we decided on the former, and that means that today has become a Kingdom Hearts day! Tadah!

So generally we're feeling much better about life, but Kingdom Hearts days do not come without their risks. First of all, the obvious problem is that it makes us want to blow off everything and just play Kingdom Hearts all the time. Second, and perhaps a little sillier, but still more problematic, is that it's the very last volume of Kingdom Hearts manga, and so now we want the circumstances to be absolutely perfect when we finish it up. Of course this is an impossible thing to guarantee, and so we're pretty nervous about the whole thing. Most of all, I'm just sad to think that we won't get to see any more of Shiro Amano-sensei's interpretation of the games, because he's just so good at this! And it would have been so nice to see a version of Birth by Sleep that had everything in chronological order and could switch perspectives between the three heroes instead of just playing through each point of view all at once (which is a really cool way to do it, but sometimes I really just want to know how exactly that timeline works).

On the bright side, this volume was a pretty quick translation, and there's a good chance we can finish the whole thing today. This is fantastic, because it means we'll have that much more time to work on the other two books. But it's also sad, because then the Kingdom Hearts will be over. And tomorrow we'll get back to our other work and forget all about how much we wanted to start playing Kingdom Hearts again, and we'll be distracted by otome games until Kingdom Hearts II.8 comes out in...whenever it comes out. ...Oh wait, it won't be otome games the whole time. Athena reminds me that Ace Attorney 6 comes out next month. We have things to order from CD Japan...

Anyway, now our plan is to have an early dinner so as not to interrupt our Kingdom Hearts edit with Gilmore Girls (which we always watch while eating dinner), and then to hopefully finish the tenth and final volume of Kingdom Hearts II. It will be bittersweet, but fortunately, we can always reread it.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely Kingdom Hearts day, said Kingdom Hearts day reminding us that we can play Unchained Chi multiple times throughout the day if we have a few minutes to spare, the hope of playing Kingdom Hearts again someday, the hope of our schedule not crushing us after all, and finding out that it would be just as practical to see Captain America: Civil War on Saturday as today (part of our "perfect Kingdom Hearts day" dilemma was that we had tentative plans to see Civil War today).
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