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Well I think it's about time we get back to telling the Ice Princess's story from Labyrinth of Andersen. When last we saw our heroes, they just found out that tsundere (with a whole lot of tsun and maybe two percent dere) Gerda's boyfriend had been taken away by the Snow Queen. The logical solution to that problem, since Svia and Thumbelina were on their way to see the Snow Queen anyway, was to go get him. So they left and got attacked by bandits. They hurt Thumbelina, and that made Svia really mad, so she pulled out all the ice stops and started freezing everybody, but a few of the bandits were clever enough to hide. So when the ice storm calmed down, they jumped out and grabbed Gerda and Thumbelina and held them hostage.

That's when their ruggedly handsome but pungent ice salesman sub-chief stepped up and said hey, we don't want to kill you but we gotta pay the bills somehow. And stuff happened and it was agreed that the girls would go with the bandits back to their lair under the guise of being captured to be sold into slavery (Athena reminds me that the thieves decided not to kill them because Thumbelina unfroze all their friends and cured their frostbite), but then Kristoff Alvo would break them out of the thief dungeon and let them take Sven his reindeer up to the Snow Queen's palace.

So that's what happened. Sorry I don't have a whole lot of funny commentary on this one; I haven't been feeling especially funny these last couple of weeks. Also, this story was pretty straightforward. There was a bit of an incident where they all ran into a witch that takes your memories, that kept Svia with her for 20 years because she liked playing with her hair. We don't remember how they got rid of her, but they were all like, "Let's just pretend that never happened."

So they did, and then they went to Spitsbergen to confront the Snow Queen. First they ran into Kay, who of course was not the Kay Gerda knew and loved, but she loved him anyway, despite her claims that he had confessed his love to her and been rejected ten times. She was kind of fun, because any time they came across something we might have commented about, Gerda would make a comment for us. Like when they got to the ice castle, Thumbelina said something about how she'd never seen anything like it, and Gerda was all, "Really? I saw something a lot like it in Sapporo." And Thumbelina was like, "Where's Sapporo?"

Anyway, the Snow Queen arrived and gave the obligatory monologue about how humans are weak and aren't you so glad we're above them, Svia, now we can rule over them together blah blah blah, and then they had a battle. The fight was one-on-one between Svia and her sister, while Thumbelina put up a warmth field to protect herself and Gerda and Kay. At one point, you get a choice to either check on the not-so-happy couple or help Svia. We chose to help Svia...and Svia got turned into a snow sculpture. Then Thumbelina got turned into a snow sculpture.

And then they both work up in a mysterious icy place where they saw all the victims of Svia's powers, and Svia started to freak out, but Thumbelina kept her presence of mind, which was good, because that's when the Snow Queen showed up and threw a shard of the evil mirror at them. Thumbelina protected Svia from it, but it got her right in the heart, so she died. Then Svia killed her sister and felt all the power of Skadi (the ice spirit that gave them their powers to begin with) flow inside of her and she was now all-powerful, but it didn't mean anything to her, because Thumbelina was gone for good and now she was thrust into solitude yet again.

And that's how we learned that you can get a sad end with all the characters! So we went back to Lune's storyline...speaking of which. We also found out that if you go to the extras and look at the gallery, the gallery for each character is labeled with a spelling for the character's name, and so we learned that it's Lune, not Rune. Anyway, we went back to get his sad ending, and it turned out to be harder than we thought. It was weird, like how hard can it be to make a bad decision? But eventually we figured it out...well, we got it to work anyway, but we still don't know what we did right/wrong.

So if you recall, Lune had to fight the creepy evil wizard guy, who was arguing with himself about whether or not he should break Thumbelina's arm. When you get the sad ending, one of the requirements is to choose not to heal Lune, but to try to struggle against the evil wizard, which is really very useless because Thumbelina's already lost all her magic and he has a huge size advantage. He doesn't use it, though; instead he puts some kind of evil wristband on her. Then Lune fights him and saves the day, like in the happy ending, but she still has this evil wristband that makes her arm hurt sometimes. When they finally get around to saying, "Oh yeah, we better check that out. What is that?" then they find out it will probably kill her in about three days. (It also would have forced her to do the evil wizard's bidding, but he was dead.) The elves could probably figure out how to fix it, but it would take a heck of a lot longer than three days.

The only solution! is to put her to sleep in one of the cryogenic pod thingies, but she knows she'll have to be asleep for hundreds of years, and she's not real keen on that idea. But then! Lune offers to sleep in the pod with her, awwwwwwwwwwww. So they both go to sleep for an unspecified amount of time while the other elves work on a solution to the problem. Hopefully they keep good records so they'll know what to do when Thumbelina and Lune wake up. Anyway, the end.

And then it was back to the Ice Princess's storyline to fix things with Svia. This time, we chose to check on Gerda and Kay, and that's when Gerda cries so much over Kay that her tears snap him out of his trance and they're all in love again, awwwwwwwwwwwww. But Svia gets distracted and turned into a snow sculpture. But Gerda's tears also served to melt the Snow Queen's heart just enough for her to realize that oh snap, I just killed my sister. Hold on a sec while I go fix that.

So the Snow Queen goes to the mysterious icy place with all the victims of snow and ice magic, and she meets Svia and tells about how the villagers offered her up to Skadi to be the ice spirit heir because they loved her and she protected the village, but Svia was a threat so they forgot all about her because she was locked up all the time. It's really pretty sad, because if they'd sent Svia, who was supposed to be the heir anyway, she could have learned to control her powers and gone back to visit her family and her parents wouldn't be scared of her (as much) anymore and everybody could have been happy...except that apparently taking over for Skadi means losing all your human emotions, which is how the Snow Queen ended up killing her parents.

But then they use the warmth that Thumbelina sent with the Snow Queen to melt the pillars that represent them or their powers or something, and that's how they made it back to the other world with everybody else. Thumbelina thinks she should go and let Svia be alone with her sister, but Svia's like, "Why, do you hate me?" and so she joins Thumbelina on her journey back to...wherever Thumbelina was going to go. And the best part is, now she can control her powers so she can touch people without freezing them, and drink hot tea. Tadah! And they lived happily ever after.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go out to Downtown Disney today, having fudge to eat later, being caught up on our Labyrinth of Andersen reporting, having leftover pizza that we got to snack on, and not having to carry a bunch of groceries home from the store today.
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