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Say I Love You volume 13

Today was really tough. The plan was to finish a chapter of Nekogahara, do a rough draft of The Prince in His Dark Days, and then see if we could finish a chapter-like segment of In/Spectre. But Nekogahara took soooooooooo long! I don't even know why! Okay, maybe I sort of know why. Oh yeah, I do know why. Philosophy. Man, philosophy is hard, especially when it involves Japanese semantics and wordplay. On the bright side, we learned that a group of cats if called a clowder or a glaring. Also, Nekogahara is awesome.

But today is Review Rednesday, and we've had a request to post our review of Say I Love You 13, so here it is! Spoiler level: uh...I feel like it's moderate, but like nothing is really a surprise, so I'm really just confused.

Athena's review of this volume: why is the script so long (44 pages) when nothing happened?

That's partly the tired grumpiness talking. We were hoping to have this finished three days before we finished it, but then we went to Disneyland instead. We had a great time, but wore ourselves out after already being pretty worn out.

Anyway, this volume is mostly about Megumi, and despite not liking Megumi all that much, I thought it was pretty interesting. Maybe it's all the America's Next Top Model we used to watch when we were translating Nosatsu Junkie. I don't think she was being quite as silly as all the people in volume 12, but she was a little silly when she got Angelo's card and didn't immediately think, "Oh, maybe I can use this." But we can't really blame her for that, because going to a foreign country is stressful enough that it makes sense if you can't always think straight. And she wasn't just visiting, she was trying to make appointments and stuff in a language she didn't even speak. That takes a lot of guts.

I also thought it was interesting to discover that most of the readers hate Megumi. I'm not sure why I was so surprised by that. Maybe it's because Hazuki-sensei spends so much time on her, I figure it must be out of some desire to appease the readers. I should have known better from Hazuki-sensei.

The stuff with Kai is interesting, too. Rin is so cute with him. We're wondering if this is all leading up to Kai ending up with Megumi because she's such a jerk that he doesn't feel as inferior around her. I think that's not necessarily bad, as long as they try to help each other improve, but it does seem kind of...I don't know. Silly, I guess.

On the other hand, now we have Angelo. Speaking of Angelo, why is it that none of the French people in this series have French names? We kind of suspect that Carla's name comes from Hiro Mashima naming one of his female characters Charles (French pronunciation) in Fairy Tail and later discovering that it was a boys' name. The name became Carla, at least in the Crunchyroll subtitles, and maybe Kanae Hazuki was following that story. We know that she's familiar with Attack on Titan, and it makes sense that she'd be reading other Kodansha manga. Anyway, Italian names are cool, but so are French names! Oh well.

I think at one point my theory about Angelo was that Mei and Yamato are at a point that romantic rivals just don't make any sense, so now Kai and Megumi are getting them instead.

Speaking of Mei and Yamato, is Yamato going to propose? D'awwwww.

That review was kind of short. Sorry about that (unless you like short reviews, in which case, you're welcome)!

Today I'm thankful for managing to finish that chapter of Nekogahara, also managing to get a rough draft of The Prince in His Dark Days chapter done, finding out that there is in fact a third kitten, it being almost time to watch Gilmore Girls, and getting to see the finale of Castle. I can't believe it's over...which is kind of weird, because I would have believed it was over after last season.
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