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After the Ice Princess

Somehow, it's just so heartwarming to see a picture of a Noragami cover on our Facebook feed, even though it's just a new release announcement from the Kodansha Facebook page. Maybe it's because it's volume 14, which I think is still my favorite cover...but 16 is close, because that blue. Man.

But reviews are not until tomorrow, silly! And tomorrow we will be reviewing Say I Love You, but that's okay, because it gives you more time to catch up on Noragami! (I'm pretty sure I haven't hammered on that point for a while, so it's okay, right? Seriously, everybody should read it.)

Anyway, I wanted to tell everybody about the cute scene in our patio this afternoon. Our friend the little black cat was finally back after a very long time, all curled up in the corner of our patio. But with the little black cat was the little black cat's new best friend, shy kitten! It was so cute!

Also, I have some Labyrinth of Andersen to talk about, but I don't know if it's super low blood sugar or a bad reaction to strawberry Ensure, because we're both feeling a little woozy. This time, we were going for the Ice Princess's ending, so we got the potion to make Thumbelina human-sized again, and then she made her decision to keep traveling...and that's when she and Svia set off on their own to reunite the Ice Princess with her sister. Svia let Thumbelina come along, but she didn't want to talk about her family, because she didn't want to scare Thumbelina off, and we were like, "Dude, if she's not scared of you now..."

Anyway, they journeyed north, and it was getting dark, because in this game they actually pay attention to the fact that nights are extra long in the far north, and Thumbelina desperately does not want to camp outside, so she plays up the oncoming cold angle to get a very belligerent village girl to let them stay the night at her house. The village girl is none other than not-so-sweet Gerda, the heroine of the Snow Queen fairytale. In this version, she's pretty contrary, and she can be very mean. She tells her tragic tale (after lots of denying it) of how she and a village boy, Kay, used to always hang out and stuff, and he saved up all his money to buy her a potted rose, and he said that when it bloomed, he had something to tell her.

But the night it bloomed, before they had a chance to get together, he disappeared! And something's been wrong with the rose, too, so Thumbelina cast a spell on it that melted the shard of glass that was stuck in it, and it was able to fill in the details. The Snow Queen had come riding by on her sleigh, and her demon's mirror got knocked against the wall and shattered, and a piece of it went into Kay's eye, so she said she'd have to take him away to live with her and she did. According to the rose's story, she said it was because it would be dangerous for Kay to live with humans anymore, but unsavory rumors have been going around about the Snow Queen, something about how she destroyed a whole village or something, so it's like, "What do we believe?"

We were inclined to believe the rose, because Svia had already told the story of how her infertile parents prayed to Mt. Spitsbergen for a child, and then they had twins. Awwww. But when the girls turned three, they awakened to their powers, and while Cecilia could use her snow powers brilliantly to help the village, Svia didn't have the capacity to rein her powers in and prevent herself from freezing everything. So her parents did what any good parent would do and locked her in a room for eternity.

Meanwhile, the ice spirit of Spitsbergen needed somebody to take over for her while she slept for a century or three, so she came and demanded one of the twins (not identical, by the way). According to Svia, her parents wanted to send her, but then Cecilia left without telling anybody. After that, Svia stayed locked away in her room, concealing not feeling, for a whole hundred years. When she finally decided it was probably okay to leave, her whole village was dead, including her parents. Happy memories...and then she went to live in the village where Thumbelina met her, and we all know how well that went.

I think that will do for now. Today I'm thankful for finishing our Devil Survivor edit, little black cat and shy kitten being friends, having more emergency Ensure, seeing Noragami 14 on our Facebook feed, and the perspective given by Humans of New York's visit to the children's cancer hospital.
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