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Today I had a followup appointment with the dentist to make sure my gums were healing properly and stuff. I really wasn't sure what all she was going to want to do, because every time we go over there, they seem to say, "And let's just get this other thing taken care of while you're here," and I know I need more work done. And I'm just tired.

But! we went, and the doctor just looked inside my mouth, saw everything was in order, squirted some mouthwash, asked if I had any questions, and said okay, come back next week to get your sutures out. Woohoo! This is awesome! ...Oh but while you're here, let's get some spacers in to prepare for braces. I just wanted to go home and stop being in pain all the time (the dentist didn't do anything painful, but since I've been in pain all week...), so I was like, "Whoa, wait up! What does this mean, spacers?" Oh, it's just some rubber bands we're going to put in your teeth. Well, okay, that doesn't sound so bad.

So I sat down in the chair, and the assistant said, "Now, this is going to shove your teeth around, so you're going to want to take a Motrin when you get home." And remember how I just said I just wanted to stop being in pain all the time? And now they're saying they're going to cause me MORE pain!? I was like, "Do you not get that I just had my wisdom teeth out!?" I was angry. Athena asked why I didn't just say, "You know what? On second thought, no. I'm going home." And to be honest, I couldn't say. Right now I'm thinking I should have. But I guess they were like, "We have to do it before we put the braces in," and I knew the appointment for that was next week, and for some reason I guess it never occurred to me that I could, like, reschedule. And now I'm frustrated at the whole entire world. ...Okay, actually just me and the dental people. I'm so indignant that if the pain gets to be too bad I'm going to pop those spacers right out.

And so I've been ranting in my head about how I wish everybody could communicate better, because I try to say what I mean, and everybody is using mental shorthand, so instead of listening to what I mean, they pick up on a few key words, because let me tell you about these spacers again. Here I am not wanting to have painful spacers put in my mouth because I JUST had oral surgery last week, and the dental assistant starts telling me about how yeah, when you get braces, every time they adjust them it's going to be a little painful, as if I just have to resign myself and get used to it, when really, I just had my wisdom teeth taken out, which people generally agree is one of the more painful oral procedures you can have done, and I don't want to add more pain to what I've already been going through. But somehow, that doesn't seem to factor in, and she's already talking, and her response is so much like, "Wha...?" that it takes me too much time to recalibrate and figure out where the disconnect is so I can't stop her and say, "No, this is my real problem."

So I'm tired and frustrated. Not so much in pain, though, because on the way home we got some Joe's Italian Ice, and then I took some ibuprofen when we got home. Actually, a big part of the problem is that I stopped taking the pain medication on Thursday (the day after the extractions) because I hate nausea that much, and it didn't really occur to me to try regular over-the-counter painkillers. I have a bad(?) habit of just dealing with things.

On the bright side, we're making pretty good progress on the volume of Devil Survivor that's due on Wednesday.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our first draft, ibuprofen, Joe's Italian Ice having the peanut butter cup flavor today, good listeners, and Page once again rescuing us with her cuteness.
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