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Alethea & Athena
Getting back on track 
14th-May-2016 03:46 pm
I released at some point, like this morning or something, that oh hey, yesterday was Friday! That's when I usually post pictures! Ah, ha, ha. I don't know if there were a lot of people looking forward to that, but to anybody who was, I'm sorry, and I think I'll post some more tomorrow, if we don't get too busy preparing for church.

In the meantime, I think we're finally on track to restoring blood sugar to its appropriate levels. I like pudding well enough, but you have to eat a lot of it to get enough calories and you can only eat so much of it before you get sick of it. We also bought some applesauce at the drugstore, and I thought I hated applesauce, but after I lost the battle of the pudding, I needed to eat something so I had some and I was like, "Oh, this isn't so bad!" Then I had some more later, when I wasn't completely drained of all my energy, and I was like, "But it's not so good, either." I had a third serving of applesauce and I almost couldn't finish it. So the official opinion on applesauce is I like it well enough when I'm starving.

So today we went to the grocery store and bought some protein shakes, and some juice, and a can of chicken noodle soup just in case I'm not healed enough to chew anything tonight, because I am dying for something savory to eat. We're going to try some mac and cheese, and if that goes well, I will probably be less afraid to eat and then I can properly maintain my energy levels.

And then we can get back on track with everything else, including work! We have a volume of Devil Survivor due on Wednesday that we meant to start yesterday and didn't. Ha, ha, ha. It's okay that Gaston wants to come to Disneyland next week, though, because he'll be coming on Thursday, the day after it's due.

Today I'm thankful for not passing out on the way to or from the grocery store, getting our Tokyo Treat box today, finally getting that payment we'd been waiting for, Ensure, and it being time to play Kingdom Hearts.
14th-May-2016 11:08 pm (UTC)
I had my wisdom teeth out when I was 25, which was 37 years ago, and I do remember having to eat mushy food for about a week. And I remember being sick of it, but I can't really remember what I ate. Pudding and applesauce ring a bell, but maybe also mashed potatoes and squished up vegetables? (I know you don't like vegetables, but I'm not sure about potatoes). I may have bought baby food. I don't remember, except that I do remember that we went for a ride one day, and I had to bring my little container of mushy food, while my husband had something actually good to eat. My daughter had her wisdom teeth out when she was in college, and living at home at the time, but I don't remember what she had to eat, or for how long she had to eat soft foods. This isn't very helpful. ;) Hope you are feeling better soon, and that you can find something to eat that you like!
15th-May-2016 09:49 pm (UTC)
The idea of buying baby food was tossed around here, as well. I don't usually like mashed potatoes, because soft food that is also warm just feels pre-chewed, but when I was dying for something salty, I did consider it. Currently, I've decided that Ensure is my best friend, because even though it's still sweet, it has all the nutrients I need, so I don't feel like I need anything else. Now if only we'd bought more than a six-pack... (On the other hand, we were walking home from the grocery store, and we didn't want too many heavy things.)
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