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The Wisdom Teeth Saga

I started to write this posted yesterday, but very shortly afterward, I was like, "I don't think I can sit up anymore." I think this is due less to the wisdom teeth extraction and more to extremely low blood sugar, since I hadn't been getting enough to eat before the operation, and then I was getting even less to eat. To exacerbate the problem, I didn't feel any nausea from the pain meds until after I ate some pudding, which disagreed violently with the pain medication and lost. So needless to say, I was running on fumes yesterday. But now I've had a good night's sleep and the pain is subsiding and I'm not taking the pain medication anymore, so I can eat as much pudding as I want. I even had enough energy to work! ...Very briefly, between episodes of Gilmore Girls.

Anyway, here's what I typed up yesterday:

"Now that I have more energy, I should probably explain what all happened yesterday. I had a dentist appointment, and I wasn't really exactly sure what it was for, because there's so much that needs to be done. I thought I was probably going to get my bicuspids pulled for the braces.

But! I had some concerns. First, I was worried about the aftermath of the root canal. The doctor told me that if I was going to lose the feeling in my lip or tongue, it would be gone by now, which is slightly comforting. They still need to keep an eye on it, but I'm not going to wake up one morning and suddenly not have any feeling in my mouth.

My second concern was related."

Now to continue the story. My second concern about my teeth came because I was eating on the left side of my mouth in an attempt to avoid making the root canal problem any worse (the dentist told me at the most recent appointment just that they need to keep an eye on it, but also that I can still use it, I think is what she meant in a roundabout way; communication is more difficult than it seems, apparently), but on the left side of my mouth I had a filling for a cavity that was caused by a wisdom tooth, and that couldn't be properly filled because of said wisdom tooth. So as I was eating on that side, there came a point where that got to be painful as well. In other words, I wasn't eating because it hurt to eat with the left side and I was too scared to eat with the right side of my mouth.

The dentist realized that all my problems and potential problems were caused by my lower wisdom teeth, which I had been reluctant to remove when she first suggested it, because she said she'd have to recommend a specialist, and that means figuring out transportation, and the thought of trying to figure out transportation anywhere always makes my chest hurt. So she asked why I was reluctant, was it just the transportation thing? And I was like, "Yeah," even though a few minutes later I realized, "Oh yeah, and the cost." So first she thought about calling the specialist to see if he could come to that location, and then she looked at the x-rays and thought, "You know what, I could take those bad boys out." (She was more professional than that, but you know how I like to embellish.)

So first she called the People In Charge, who usually don't like to let the regular dentists do that kind of extraction because they have some kind of a relationship with the oral surgeon, but apparently she successfully convinced them to make an exception, because then they came and started numbing me. The good news is, by getting the regular dentist to do it and not the oral surgeon, I saved at least seven hundred dollars. The bad news is this stupid operation costs enough that you can save seven hundred dollars and they're still making a significant amount of money.

Anyway, a couple hours later, I was free to go and handed a prescription card, which was fantastic (she said sarcastically) because how in the heck am I supposed to get to a pharmacy when I'm already exhausted from getting my wisdom teeth pulled? I mean, technically there's a pharmacy within walking distance, but the post-op instructions said not to exercise and we already had to walk home. The post-op instructions also said to reduce stress as much as possible, which is great because I need pain medication (which they told me to take As Soon As I Got It, like, no seriously) and antibiotics (which I personally want to start taking ASAP because I can be a bit of a hypochondriac sometimes), and I need to get to a pharmacy RIGHT NOW but I have to figure out transportation (see aforementioned source of major stress).

When we got home, all I had the energy to do was post a quick note on Facebook to see if anybody happened to be available to help. (I did not have the energy to call around and deal with people not being able to.) So that's what I did, and I proceeded to run on very high blood pressure (something the post-op instructions explicitly said not to do) until I checked my iPad and discovered that someone had a reply! Yay!

And here's the best part about it. None of the local people we see all the time are the type to be on Facebook all the time or have it on their phone or anything--the people we usually get rides from either check once a day or less, or they're not on Facebook at all. But there is one person--a person we met last August by chance(?) at Disneyland, then saw her about a week later, and then only knew each other via Facebook since then. And because we've only met her a couple of times in person, we don't usually comment on or even like most of her posts. But she happened to be online that night and available to help, and very sympathetic to our plight, so she drove on by and very soon we were at the pharmacy. It's really amazing how even the smallest encounter can turn out to be important later in life, and you cannot believe how grateful I am that we were put in each other's paths that day in August (I only even remember when it was because it happened when we went to Disneyland right after our passes came back online at the end of summer).

And that's the story of my wisdom teeth woes. Today I'm thankful for it being over with (except for the recovery), chance friends who are online and willing to come over and drive us to the pharmacy (I know I was thankful for that on Wednesday, but I'm really really thankful for it), said friends also making sure we buy soft foods to eat, getting to work on In/Spectre today, and Gilmore Girls.
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