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Missions of Love volume 12

Today's trip to the dentist resulted in an unexpected wisdom teeth extraction, so I'm too beat to say much, but it's Review Rednesdays, and we can't pass up that! I know that a Missions of Love came out recently, so in order to avoid doing any research, I'll go ahead and post that review.

Oh man, it feels like ages since we last visited Missions of Love. (In fact, it was approximately four months since the last time we translated a volume of Missions, which is ages at the rate we've been going. But before that, there was a gap of like a year. It's slow going with Missions.) [And it's been over a year since we wrote this review.]

And I feel like so much happened in this volume, but like not much happened at all! Let's see, where did it all start... Yes, Hisame. I feel like we should have put an accent mark on that E, but we didn't put an accent mark on Shigure, so we probably left it out for consistency's sake. We started this series before we started Kingdom Hearts, so it's before we got really hardcore about pronunciation rules.

Okay, so because I'm having a super easy time compartmentalizing and therefore do not remember much before the last thing that happened, we're skimming over the book again and THAT'S RIGHT! Yukina and Akira almost kissed! It almost even looked sincere and everything. And Akira is so cute. He's so noble to be able to tear himself away from that for Mami's sake. Or is it that he actually cares more about Mami than he realizes? Or more than we realize, because he never finished telling Mami what he decided after thinking things over for a day. Or it's possible that subconsciously, because he knew that Yukina didn't really like him that way yet, he didn't want to go that far with her, for her own sake. On the other hand, there's all the stuff he did in volume 11. That was so stupid. But he never kissed her, so maybe a kiss is just too...whatever it is.

Hisame is messed up. I don't think that requires much more philosophizing.

And Akira just goes around saving girls from messed up Kitami boys. Shigure abandoned Yukina when she was vulnerable, too. Aww, they are alike. *whack whack*

Then there's the whole video message thing, where Hisame tries to mess with Yukina. This is where we see Yukina going back to the Yukina we expect based on the first couple of volumes. When Shigure and Akira tried to do things to her, she would either get flustered or be all, "Okay, if you insist," and in typical shojo manga heroine style add, "But I trust you not to do anything I wouldn't want you to do."

But when Hisame tries to mess with her, she has no feelings for him, so she's all, "What are you, stupid?" The look on her face is great. And then she decides to mess with him instead and is much better at it. Yay! The way she tricks Hisame into talking to her again was also great.

And then there were the hairpins! That scene with Mami and Akira was just so...I don't know, but it was like...I don't know. First it was like, "Wow, Akira really does dress girly." And then it was like, "Awww, Mami!" And then Hisame's all, "Who knows what I would do if she gave her pins away?" right after she gave them away! So it was like, "Oh no, Akira! Aaaaaaaahhh!!" And then Mami confessed her love, and it was so sweet! It's really cute how those two care about each other.

And Mami said the pins would be a good luck charm for Akira, and it turns out they were! He wanted Yukina to be jealous, and they made her jealous! Yay...good for you, Akira... It was cute in a kind of twisted way. Especially how Yukina got upset and Akira was all, "Oh, you don't like them!?" because he definitely knows Yukina well enough to know that she knows exactly where they came from. So even though he was being a jerk about it, it's nice to see people paying attention to each other. Or something.

Then we started to wonder if Yukina was going to form an unholy alliance with Hisame. But based on what happened at the end, we're thinking probably not.

And the very best was the bonus manga at the end, where all the kids see Mami confess her love to Akira. The looks on their faces. Oh man.

I think that covers it. It's kind of weird to have almost a whole volume without Shigure in it, and a little sad. But Akira was adorable (we can't help but like Akira a little more than we might if we hadn't fallen in love with Yuuki Kaji). And Yukina was pretty awesome. And Mami was so sweet. And Hisame. And apparently Shigure will be in the next volume, and hopefully he won't be all, "I'm a stupid boy who can't talk to you anymore."

Aww, memories. We actually have volume 13 on our calendar now! But not for a little while yet.

Today I'm thankful for friends who are willing to up and drive you to the pharmacy, being able to get my prescriptions, finding out that the kittens are still in the neighbor's patio after all (they disappeared for a while, so we were afraid they'd been taken away), Naked smoothies, and Page once again being super cute.
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