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More cats and Labyrinth of Andersen

The feline saga continues to unfold outside our apartment. It would appear from our observations that either the gray tabby or the brown tabby is the father of the kittens. Or they're each the father of one of them. Either way, they're the ones who are allowed to hang out with the cat family. The Siamese, on the other hand, seems to never be welcome, and is greeted with growls and low-pitched meowing. If it goes on for a while, we've taken to opening the front door and scaring him off (not by doing anything; opening the door is usually enough, but if it's not, staring tends to work just fine). We're considering seeing if we can catch him and get him neutered.

In the meantime, right about at sunset yesterday, the kittens decided it was time to play, and the best place for that was our very own patio! So we spent about half an hour just watching them run around and tackle each other. It was the cutest thing. Remind me to upload the videos I took (I took two; they're two minutes long each).

In other news, we got to another ending in Labyrinth of Andersen. We figured we could get to a new ending fairly quickly if we went back to where Thumbelina has to choose a door and chose the other one, and we were right! And we got to the ending even more quickly than we imagined! ...Because it was a bad ending. Ha, ha, ha.

Thumbelina goes through the door, and then...and then it occurred to me that our internet is telling us that "Thumbelina" is misspelled, but I remembered something and I checked, and sure enough Chrome does have Rumpelstiltskin in its dictionary. Clearly this internet browser has a Grimm bias.

Anyway, Thumbelina goes through the door, and then the moon narrator tells us what happened an hour ago. Lars went through that same door and walked and walked down the super dark halls until he came across the Black Knight, only instead of just unconscious like he was when Thumbelina found him in an alternate universe, he was dead. And like, really, really dead, with holes gouged out of him and stuff. That's about when the Little Match Boy realized this was a bad idea and turned around to go back...but of course he was stopped by a creepy evil voice. The voice of the Nude King. Dun dun DUN!

There's a brief struggle, and the Nude King tells Lars that he needs a new right arm, and we're like, I think your right arm is working just fine, see? it's right there, attached to your shoulder. But of course right arm is just a metaphor for best assistant, like a right-hand man. So he sends all his dark evil magic into the Little Match Boy, and then the next scene is the emperor sitting on his throne, with Lars standing next to him, talking about how when Thumbelina gets there, the emperor is going to eat her, and Lars can have that other reject seed, and they are smug about their great power and the end.

So as usual, the makers of these games are making it difficult to predict how to get the different endings. Next, we're going to see if we can get the Ice Princess's ending.

Today I'm thankful for getting our x-rays without any trouble, being done getting our x-rays much sooner than we planned for, getting plenty of work done afterward, getting to watch kittens play in our patio, and it being time to play Kingdom Hearts now.
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