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Kittens: The Continuing Saga

This morning we woke up to the sound of a very brief cat fight. It was one of those mornings where you tend to fear the worst, so that's what we did. We were worried all morning about if it was maybe one of the kittens getting hurt. I guess we could have gone out to look for it, but we didn't think that far ahead. We're not used to that kind of situation.

Page seemed restless, too, and we like to think that she wanted to check on the kittens just as much as we did, but maybe we were imagining it, because she also seemed very happy to stay in her nice heated cat bed during breakfast, which is usually her main outside time. On the other hand, we could all hear the guys doing yard work outside, which is probably why Page seemed so indifferent to the out of doors.

Anyway, at lunch we heard a dog barking, so I looked out the window, and there was the intrepid little kitten, running into our patio for refuge. If I remember correctly, he was followed shortly by his mother, but I could be remembering wrong and maybe it was the other brown tabby instead. See, one thing this whole kitten adventure has taught us is that the neighbor's patio has become a favorite hangout for many neighborhood cats. There's the dark brown long-haired tabby (the mother), the regular brown tabby, the gray tabby who we thought was the father until today, and a Siamese. And the two kittens, of course. But we weren't sure about one of the kittens, because we still hadn't seen it around. By this time, we just had to know, so I braved the mother's wrath (which really isn't more than her hissing at me) to see if I could spot it. And there it was, hiding in the shadow of the neighbors' patio furniture. What a relief.

I'm really not sure how Page feels about all this. She asked to go outside last night, and when I opened the door, the gray tabby came into the patio. He(?) and Page stared at each other for a while until he got settled in the corner, at which point Page took the opportunity to dash past him and leave the patio. She found a spot in the walkway where she just sat and Watched everything. It was very cute, but a little puzzling, because we're so used to her meowing for help whenever another cat invaded her space. I'm a little worried that the reason she seems a little restless is that she's mad at us for not caring for her the way she wants. Oh well, I'm sure we'll work it all out.

Today I'm thankful for finishing the translation we were working on today, both of the kittens being safe and sound, getting to meet(?) more of the neighborhood cats, our patio being the logical overflow area for neighborhood cats, and getting Mom to play Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi.
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