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A Christmas miracle

So after the horrible evil ending of last week's episode of Teen Titans, I managed to convince myself that it wasn't necessarily as horribly evil as I thought. The main reason I thought it was evil was that it seemed like they would never go into it at all ever, and that would have just been horribly evil. But after hearing Tom's summary of the episode for this week, I realized that they might really go into it, so I have been looking forward to tonight's episode almost all week. Especially because "new episode" equals "possibility of seeing the Kid Flash♥"

And then on Thursday I remembered that the ward Christmas party was tonight. So we checked to see what time the party started, and it was at six! Excellent! Plenty of time to have a party that's about over by the time we would have to leave to catch Teen Titans! Right? Wrong. The party was scheduled to go until eight-thirty (just after Teen Titans ends!), and the person we were relying on for transportation was on the activities committee and had to stay the whole time. And our home teacher was there and we would have asked him for a ride, but he's also on the activities committee and was taking all the pictures. *sigh*

On the bright side, they did that thing where everybody brings an inexpensive gift, and then you all sit in a circle while someone reads a story and every time they say "right" you have to pass the gift you're holding to the right, and whenever they said "left" you have to pass to the left, and the people were Mr., Mrs., and Grandma Right, and they left stuff all over the place. It was chaos. But in the end, Athena ended up with a box of cereal, which is perfect because we had just run out of breakfast foods. It was a Christmas miracle!

I ended up with some Ghirardelli dark chocolate thingies with white mint filling. So it wasn't a bad idea to go to the party after all. We'll just have to wake up at 6:30 on Friday to catch the episode of Teen Titans that we missed. And yes, we seriously are planning on doing that. The 31st is just too far away.

Also, our apartment management is awesome, and they had a Christmas party today with fudge (lots and lots of fudge...) and a word scramble that you could complete to get $25 off of rent. With all our FFIX obsession, you'd think we would have gotten the last one (LGRANDA) faster. I'm disappointed in us. Still, it was only about a minute.

Tonight I'm thankful for miracles, having cereal for tomorrow's breakfast (got milk? eheh), got milk? commercials, Ghirardelli chocolates, and getting $25 off of rent for next month.
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