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It's time for another...Photo Phriday! Without any ado, here's the link! This time there's a whopping 71 pictures! Part of this is because when we got to the Arabian Coast, we were like, "Eh, just show 'em all!" They're not as blurry when they're not under the sea. Apparently we need a waterproof camera. (See what we did there? Because you're not actually underwater when you go to Triton's Kingdom. Haaaa ha ha...ha...)

And, if you're not in the mood to look at pictures, if you're interested in a text-based adventure(?), let's talk about some new manga! Those of you who follow us on Facebook probably already know that one of the new titles we're translating is Farewell, My Dear Cramer--the newest series by the creator of Your Lie in April. We're especially excited about it because the creator is coming to Anime Expo, and Kodansha (Japan, we think) specifically asked us to do it, so we're totally getting our hopes up about getting to hang out with him there. Ha, ha, ha!

But now let me tell you about the title's title. For anyone who doesn't know (which I'm guessing is a lot of people, unless there's a surprising amount of people interested in everything there is to know about Japan's soccer history), Cramer refers to Dettmar Cramer, who is most well-known for being a super great soccer coach in Japan. We're told that other than the fact that the series is about girls' soccer, there is no other significance to the title. We even got to suggest new titles! But we are not that creative, so we had nothing. We asked the girls in Primary who play soccer what they would call a series about soccer, and they said "Breakaway," and we were like, "Okay, why?" and they handed Athena a book, which did not seem to be in any way relevant to the discussion. So later we asked their mother about it, because the title Breakaway seemed like it might actually fit, but their mother sent us a picture of a different book that was titled (you guessed it) Breakaway. So much for that. We're okay with it, because it's confusing in a way that amuses us, but later I thought it might be better to make it "Farewell, My Sweet Cramer", just phonetically speaking.

So far it's pretty good. It has the same feel as Your Lie in April, but all the characters and the story and the main subject are all different. I'm guessing that, unless you only liked Your Lie in April for the music, you'll probably like this one, too (if you liked April).

Then there's the non-simulpub new titles. We still haven't met the requirements to talk about the one, so we'll just not mention it by name for now, but we have a little bit of a story. Our editor emailed and said he wanted to talk to us about new assignments, and asked if there was anything we wanted to translate of all of Kodansha USA's recently announced licenses. We were like, "Are you kidding? Only, like, everything." But, realizing that we are not superhumans, we decided to narrow it down.

On further investigation (meaning, we went back to Kodansha's Tumblr to remind us what all the new announcements were), we remembered that one of the titles was authored by Kyo Shirodaira, whom we have loved ever since Spiral: Bonds of Inference. Oh my goodness, you guys, Spiral is so good! Then we started watching Zetsuen no Tempest for no reason we could think of because we didn't know anything about it, and at first we were like (according to Athena), "Why does this show hate color? And joy?" We didn't like it, but the main guy was played by Koki Uchiyama (Roxas), so we kept watching it anyway. And as it went on, it got better and better, which was weird, because right at the point that we were like, "Suddenly this show is super awesome," some reviewer somewhere (either Anime News Network or Twitter) said, "This show was really good until suddenly it has nothing to offer," and we were like, "What is wrong with you?" And then Yuki Kaji was in it, but that was right before we fell madly in love with him, and I think that character might be why we were so favorably disposed toward him when we finally heard him on a Koe no Ouji-sama CD.

But the point is, somewhere partway through watching Zetsuen no Tempest, we realized that oh wow, it's by the same person as Spiral! And we ended up really liking it a lot a lot a lot, and by the end it was just so happy...and then thirty seconds before the last episode ended, we got interrupted by a phone call. It's funny the things you remember. But the point is, when we found out Kodansha had licensed a series by Shirodaira-sensei, we were really bummed that we hadn't been assigned to translate it, so when we found out all titles were up for grabs, that was our number one choice!

On the other hand, there were two shoujo titles that looked interesting, and we're so starved for good shoujo manga, and the one about ballroom dancing! And most of all, a Warring States Era manga starring a cast of all cats. How can you possibly pass that up? So we told our editor, "We're interested in aaaalllll of these, but if we can only have one, give us In/Spectre, please." (We were even more excited about it after we realized the awesome pun in the English title.) And our editor emailed back with, "Okay, you got it. And you can have more than one, if you think you can handle it." (He knows how busy we've been.)

And we were like, "!!!!" But we remembered once again that we are not superhuman, but we also remembered that practically everything else we were working on was either ending, or caught up with Japan. So we could not only handle more work, we kind of needed more work. But just to play it safe, we narrowed it down to two. (We also figured some other translators might want to work on something.) We asked for Nekogahara and one other one that we said we weren't going to mention by name yet. It's something like, "Yon Lupine-Fellow Belongs in My Possession!" And then we didn't hear back from our editor anymore.

A few days later, we got a package. It had In/Spectre and Beast-Lad, but no Nekogahara. We were okay with that, because historical drama? Are you kidding me? That stuff's hard! But then we were in an "I hate work!" mode, so we were stalling getting our workday started, and that led us to this video of a photo shoot that they did to promote the manga. It's two minutes long and I would venture to say that you would regret not watching it. (Spoiler version: they dressed a cat up like a samurai.)

And then we were a little sad that we wouldn't be translating Nekogahara. ...Until! our editor emailed us and said, "You're doing these three titles, right?" and Nekogahara was one of them! Yay!!!

Finally, the editor on Animal-Guy asked us if we would be willing to translate one more title, which we also haven't met the requirements to talk about, but it's something like the Royal Youth in His Dismal Diurnal Courses. She said she thinks our tone would be a good match for it, which is a pretty neat compliment! But you know us--we have to take everything the wrong way. It's like, "Wait, we have a tone? And it's noticeable!? People are noticing our tone!? What if it's wrong for something!? Something like...Noragami!? Ooooohhhhhh noooooooooo!!" And then we're like, "...Oh well!" And we continue on our merry way.

(But I do wonder if we ought to tweak our tone just a little for Nekogahara. Ideally it will tweak itself naturally in the course of our translation. But speaking of such things, samurai films are like the Japanese equivalent of Westerns, character personality-wise, but thinking of the time and the setting, it's a lot closer to, like, the Renaissance, so we're kind of at a loss for what kind of movies we should model the character dialogue after. Maybe pirate movies, but it's not nautical, it's agricultural. What are good movies with farmers and ruffians? ...Westerns, huh? But you don't have feudal lords in Westerns, and therein lies the problem. Samurai movies are like if a Western were set in Medieval England.)

Anyway, I think I've talked enough for today. Today I'm thankful for all the neat new titles we get to work on, having fun with synonyms, getting to look back at all our fun pictures of DisneySea, remembering to add the pictures of us with Aladdin and Jasmine (they were taken on our friend's phone, so they aren't in the same album on Shutterfly), and Page enjoying being inside her box (all the internets say that cats just adore boxes, but Page is more reluctant, which is why we're very happy to see that she's finally going inside the box we bought her over a year ago).
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