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Your Lie in April volume 6

Today I had my root canal. I was pretty scared about the whole thing because I remember many, many, many years ago, when we were young, Dad had to get a root canal and he said something about it being one of the most painful things ever. Then when I mentioned needing a root canal to Gaston, who's father is a dentist, he started saying things about the procedure that had me terrified. It didn't help that the dental assistants were like yeah, don't get your extractions on the same day as the root canal, because that's way too much stress.

Well, as it turns out, the procedure itself was painless, thanks to anesthesia, but afterward, the doctor said something about how the roots of my tooth go too deep and if the root canal went all the way through, it would affect the nerve and I could lose the feeling in my lip. So now I'm terrified and my lip is still numb and I think it's probably because it hasn't worn off yet, but I won't know for a while.

But anyway, today is Review Rednesday! And it has come to our attention that when we reviewed Your Lie in April 5 a few weeks ago, we actually should have been on volume six! We were worried that we posted the review for volume five twice, but it looks like we just missed it when it came out in December. So now we will post the review for volume six and hopefully we'll be all caught up. We need a better system for keeping track of releases. Spoiler level: mild.

I'm afraid if I don't write this review right now, I'm going to forget everything. It's already a little iffy. Athena (who is more overworked than I am currently, because she just planned a big Singing Time) says, "It's like my brain is holding a lot of heavy things, and it's about to drop them."

So this is the volume of Your Lie in April with Liebesleid, or Love's Sorrow, and it just so happens that we finished our Freakazoid! Season Two DVDs two days ago, and one of the bonus features was named Liebesleid, so that was a neat connection. I bet the classical music they played in the background was that very piece, but I wouldn't be able to recognize it. We're kind of like fake geek girls when it comes to classical music. We know a bunch of the mainstream stuff, but start asking us more and we're like, "Uh buhhh..."

Which brings me to another point. I think everybody knows that there are videos on YouTube, provided by Kodansha Japan, of musicians playing each of the pieces featured in the manga. I know for the first volume we just translated it to "search these terms", which turned out to be useless, so at either volume four or five, we started copying the link into the translation script. I don't know how that's been turning out in the final print version, but the point is, we have been to the video page of almost every one of those videos. Now ask me how many we've seen. Go on, ask.

If you guessed that the answer is less than one, you guessed right! (Unless you mean "seen" as, "Yes, I have seen the real life page where that video has been uploaded.") I think we actually watched part of the Kreuzer video. And the thing is, it's not that we don't want to watch the videos. Of course we do! It's classical music, and related to a manga we love! But whenever we work on Your Lie in April, we're so strapped for time that we don't stop to watch them. There's a bit of a, "We'll watch it later, when we have time," thing going on in the back of my head, and yet it never happens. Probably because it involves switching to Japanese input to search YouTube videos, which is something we just don't generally do unless it's for work. So maybe someday... Maybe someday we'll decide we can pause for three minutes to watch a video. I don't know.

Anyway, this is the volume that portrays Kosei's mom in a much nicer light. It's like, "Wow, she actually was a human being." It's nice to see that, but it makes me even more curious to know what changed her.

As for Hiroko's thing about how music has to be what saves Kosei. That's like saying, "This knife is what caused that gaping wound, so I bet that will fix it!" On the other hand, Athena points out, she did try taking the knife away entirely and that didn't work, so maybe it's the conclusion she came to after she realized that Kosei can't stay away from music.

It was really cool looking up Michelangeli and Pogorelich, and being like, "Wait, is this talking about a real life musician, because it sounds a lot like..." I was going to say who Pogorelich was like in the translation note that mentioned them both, but Athena was like, "Come on, the readers don't need us to tell them everything."

Kaori's parents were fun. The whole family makes us wonder if they're wizards or something, because it's like they know everything about Kosei, including the thing about Love's Sorrow being his mom's favorite thing to play. We're pretty sure Kaori chose that piece on purpose, but since we suspect she's dying, we can't tell for sure whether she ditched the concert on purpose or not. I guess that's a story for the next volume.

Today I'm thankful for getting some work done before we went to the dentist, also getting to watch Bungo Stray Dogs before going to the dentist, Page going in her box, seeing kittens outside, and the root canal procedure being a lot less scary than I'd been led to believe.
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