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A little adventure

I really thought that today was going to be a relatively laid-back day after seeing the dentist on Monday, seeing the orthodontist on Tuesday, and having lunch plans cancelled on Wednesday. But we had an adventure instead! Well, sort of. It was more of a vicarious adventure.

We were in the office, minding our own business and working (and wishing we could be playing video games and/or eating massive amounts of cookies instead, mostly because the ordeals of the week have left us with low energy levels), when suddenly we heard some crashing from the living room area. Clearly Page had found something to amuse herself. When the crashing turned into discordant piano music, we realized that the something that was amusing Page probably had wings, and could use them effectively. We've had beetles and moths and things, it was probably one of those. I went out to check on Page, because there really was an inordinate amount of crashing, and she had cornered her prey between the wall, the wall cooling unit, and a bunch of boxes. Surprisingly, everything seemed to be pretty much where we left it.

Page followed me into the office, where she got settled and we got back to work. Until! we all heard another crash. Usually this is just boxes falling over (we tend to keep empty cereal boxes until we're not too lazy to throw them out), but this crash caught Page's attention for some reason, and she dashed out of the room to investigate. This in turn made me suspicious, because it said to me that there was some creature in the house other than its usual residents. So I followed Page, and sure enough, there was a little sparrow, trying to fly out the window beside the door.

Neither of us has any clear idea of when it could have gotten inside--we might have had the door open before breakfast, but Page was on my lap during breakfast, so the door would have been closed. Suddenly it occurs to me that it might have come down the chimney. But for whatever reason, it was inside, and the door was closed, so it couldn't very well get back outside. Happily, I didn't see any trails of blood, so we're pretty sure the little thing was unhurt.

But when Page saw it, of course she went after it, so it escaped into the kitchen, where it hid in the corner by the trash can. We realized that if the bird was going to have any hope of getting back outside, we'd have to lock Page up in another room. So, remembering a story from Primary about helping a bird escape a church building (there's a lesson on being kind to animals), Athena closed all the blinds and opened the front door wide, so the bird would be attracted to the big source of light. We had to use some treats to lure Page away from the bird, and we closed ourselves in the office with her.

But having the front door wide open makes us nervous, so it wasn't long before Athena got up to see if the bird had managed to escape yet. She opened the office door and said, "You're not helping!" And I was like, "What?" Then she closed the door again to make sure Page didn't get out (and Page was very eager to get out, because of whatever it was Athena saw outside the office door), and continued her investigation while I speculated about why the bird might want to come inside in the first place. Athena responded with, "I can see why!" and again I was like, "What?"

Then Athena finished her investigation and informed me that the bird was still in hiding, and that when she opened the door to leave the office, she saw a little black cat dash down the hall and out the front door. Well, no wonder the bird wanted to stay inside. She says it was sitting in its hiding place, mostly calm, but possibly breathing heavily and terrified.

All we could do was wait it out in the office with Page and hope no other neighborhood cats ventured into the apartment while the bird made its escape. So, very distractedly, we continued to work until lunchtime, at which point we visited Facebook, but while that was going on, we kept hearing noises (mostly chirping, either from inside or the bird's friends were calling to it), so Athena got up to check again. This time, there was no sign of the bird, so we decided it was safe (for the bird) to go out and eat lunch.

We haven't seen her since, so we assume she made it outside. Either that, or she died from internal injuries or shock. But she wasn't in her hiding spot, so we know she at least made an attempt.

And that is the story, from our point of view, of the little sparrow's adventure. It's times like these that we're very glad Page isn't much of a hunter.

Today I'm thankful for the little bird's adventure ending safely (as far as we know), Page not hurting or killing it, being done trying the vegetable Good Thins crackers so we never have to eat them again, also getting another visit from the black cat (at least, we think it's the same one), and Athena starting weaving on her first weaving project.
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