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Is it "yes," or is it "ohh yes!"?

This week has been very odd. I think it has something to do with not only going to Family Home Evening, but then to Enrichment night, and then expecting company on Wednesday and not getting it until Thursday. This week has been entirely too social. And while being social this week is probably not the reason neither of us could access the vocabularies in our brains properly for translating, it's the only thing different we can think of to blame it on.

Or it could just be that we've never translated financial type stuff before, and we were doing it for a potential employer, the stress of which fact probably made it even harder.

And so, while we're in the midst of not being able to translate because we can't think straight and we don't know a whole lot about finances (there was a lot of web-searching today), our home teacher calls and asks us if we have any plans for seven tonight, and two or three hours after that. Why? Because he's seeing his friend in a stage production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. This proves that he's a good listener, because he was our company yesterday, and he mentioned his friend being in the show, and we mentioned how we'd always wanted to see it.

Normally, I really think we would have been much more excited, but I think that translation and the strangeness of the week had sapped all our energy. It may also have had something to do with, after years and years of wanting to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, and our sister getting to see it, and our friend getting to see it, and us not getting to see it, they go and put that Romano girl who plays Kim Possible (I know her whole name, but not how she spells it) in it as Belle, and then we just lost interest. I'm not sure what it is, but for some reason, I just don't like her, which is why I have a hard time listening to Yuffie in Kingdom Hearts.

But we agreed to go see it anyway, and it was a lot of fun. Anyone who knows us would know that we did in fact spend the whole time talking to each other about how if we had done it... We really did enjoy it, though. Lumiere was really cute. And Gaston had a great laugh. Our home teacher's friend played the Beast, and he had an awesome voice, though there were a few parts where we thought, "No, you're supposed to be more excited!" or "We can see you don't have much practice being insecure" (he had played Gaston in another production of the show about a year ago), or, "It's a revelation! Sound more like it's a revelation!" Still, it was really good.

Sometimes I want to be a director. The Mob Song was nowhere near angry enough, though, as we discussed with our home teacher, the mob was mostly made up of women, so... That was my biggest complaint though--the big showstopping numbers all sounded tired. And I wished I could have been Belle. There was a time when I came to terms with the fact that I'm not a Broadway actress, and if that really bothered me, I would work harder to be one, but I just didn't care enough. But man, watching this, it made me care a little more. The actress who played Belle did have a wonderful voice. We just didn't feel it, her as Belle. And man, watching the scene where Gaston proposes--the way Belle reacts to Gaston is exactly the way I react to Steve. I try to be polite, but sometimes I just can't help making the mean comments, which he somehow manages to completely miss, and then when he's gone, I rant and rave about how annoying he is, and then go on to obsess about other things. And the way she talked to the beast when he "invited" her to dinner was very similar to my arguing with Mom last year.

And so I thought, if I had a better singing voice, I could totally be Belle on Broadway. Or at least in a production of the Broadway version. I mean hey, I already have the lines memorized!

I also think it would be really fun to be one of Gaston's three fangirls. The two of us and Celeste or Sarah--that would be awesome.

Our home teacher says we should be Disney consultants, because they were playing some Disney remix CD and we were commenting on what they did wrong with each song. (Not that I don't think a man could sing "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)," just that I really don't see the point (and I would rather hear Go the Distance (but not sung by a girl)). The music was also just barely too quiet to be able to hear how they dealt with the "Girl, don't be proud" line.) I wonder how we could get jobs doing that...

So despite the extra socialness of the evening, I think it really helped me to regain my sanity. We really need things to obsess over, I think. I think the times we're closest to losing it are when Danny Phantom and Teen Titans are in reruns. We actually really need the socialness, too, but since we're so unused to it, it just stresses us out. Which is why it's perfect to be social in the setting of seeing something Disney, because we know Disney, so it's a good shock-absorber.

And tonight I'm thankful for being able to see the Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast, good listeners, fruitful web-searches, sparkly costumes, and live orchestras.
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