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Alethea & Athena
The Orthodontist 
19th-Apr-2016 03:07 pm
Today's trip to the dentist was a lot less draining than the first one, partly because no actual work was done on any teeth, but also because we pretty much already knew exactly what the orthodontist was going to say. The only things we didn't know were the price (although we knew it would be a lot, which it is) and how long the braces would have to be worn. We were hoping so dearly for the Invisalign option, but our teeth are just too crowded for that to be a viable one. I should have known, because yesterday the non-orthodontist dentist said that our need for braces was a legitimate health concern and not really just for cosmetics. Le sigh.

Anyway, we have until Monday to decide what we want to do about it. We're mostly leaning toward fine just do it, but the cost and time commitment are rather off-putting, so.

And then we came home and got some more work done. Translation work, not dental work. But not much, because we're still in a "blow everything off" kind of mood. We finished a rough draft of a simulpub chapter and now we're calling it a day. We figure it's fine not to edit it, because tomorrow's going to be a short workday, too, since Mom and Steve are coming down for lunch. That means tonight we need to pull out all the Japan souvenirs and Christmas presents we bought for people and label them so Mom can distribute them properly.

Other than that, we are tired. Oh! And when we were having lunch, we opened the door so Page could go outside, but she decided it was too warm outside and got settled by the dining room table. So I thought it was really odd when Athena kept glancing at the door and grinning. Page wasn't by the door, so what could possibly be so funny?

Well, apparently there was a neighborhood cat who had come along and noticed the open door. I guess it wanted to come in and look around some more, but cats are cautious creatures, and Athena caught sight of it when it had one paw hesitantly through the doorway. She thought maybe if she looked away, it would feel like it was okay to sneak in, so she tried resuming eating lunch...but the cat stayed frozen in place. Then I noticed what was going on, so Athena tried to explain, but she had to stop suppressing her laughter first. That's when the cat decided it wasn't safe and left. It's also when Page realized that something was up, and after that, she stood guard by the doorway until everyone was ready to move on.

Today I'm thankful for today's dentist trip not sapping all our energy, visits from neighborhood kitties, having time so that we don't have to finish that translation today (on second thought, I should probably double-check that; oh good, we do), having Bungo Stray Dogs to look forward to tomorrow, and also having Review Rednesday to look forward to tomorrow.
20th-Apr-2016 12:54 am (UTC)
Aww, cute kitty story!! :D (it was fun to imagine Athena holding back laughter as she watched, too. I know that feeling—don't want to embarrass (or spook) the proud ones...)

Thanks for the reminder about Bungo Stray Dogs! I just watched the second episode that I forgot about last week, and my favourite character (on the basis of her voice) was in it!! YAAAAAAY! And her voice was as gloriously squeaky as ever and oh I love it so. Now I need to play And Yet the Town Moves in the background so I can hear more...
20th-Apr-2016 11:58 am (UTC)
Kitties are the best!

Yay Bungo Stray Dogs! We actually recognized the name of the new guy's power from our Japanese reading list back in college, so we looked him up on Wikipedia to confirm. (His book was translated as "The Makioka Sisters", which doesn't seem like a good translation for a superpower (depending on what it actually is), but we watched it without subtitles, so we don't know what they used.) Turns out he also wrote a book that was translated as "Naomi", which is about a man who ends up being dominated by a woman named Naomi, so thinking back on how the sister started kind of taking over once the act was over, we were like, "Ooohhh!" This series definitely inspires an interest in Japanese literature.
20th-Apr-2016 12:16 pm (UTC)
Haha, yes! I looked up "Tanizaki Naomi" as soon as I saw Chiaki Omigawa's name in the credits on ANN, so I spoiled myself with the connection between the author and the book title she was named after (or I guess she was named after the protagonist and not the actual Japanese title). I didn't expect her to be his sister, though... (I was thinking if their powers were all named after their books, she'd be like some supernatural being he could call out?) You're right, she does kinda take over once they explain things. Hahaha. I hope she gets to talk a lot :D
20th-Apr-2016 07:48 pm (UTC)
We didn't know about the character until after we saw the episode, so we were like, "Huh. Did Tanizaki-sensei have a sister?" and that's why we looked her up.
20th-Apr-2016 01:11 am (UTC)
I'm sorry about the teeth! Just caught up on your previous post, too. I say go for the braces now, because it beats dentures down the line. Those are also really expensive. Good luck, and drink a lot of smoothies until you get the permanent crown.
20th-Apr-2016 11:53 am (UTC)
Thanks for the support and the advice! That is a good point about dentures.

We read about your mini-migraines on Facebook, too. We're sorry you have to go through that, and we hope the doctor can get it taken care of without too much trouble (and without giving you too much trouble).
20th-Apr-2016 01:15 pm (UTC) - How long for braces?
I would imagine that the technology has improved a lot since I got braces in 1972. But I had them on for four years! How long are they telling you?
20th-Apr-2016 07:48 pm (UTC) - Re: How long for braces?
Two years.
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