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Another lazy Sunday

Today has been hot and windy, which we're pretty sure is why none of the kids in Primary seemed to be able to behave (except for the youngest class, the Sunbeams, surprisingly enough...well, except for the one kid who spends all his time in Sunbeam class crying for his mom until one of the leaders humors him by taking him to the Nursery, but we didn't have to deal with him in the main Primary today (I'm happy to let him wail his head off until he realizes he's not going to get his way, but I'm cold and heartless like that)). So even though today has been a fairly good day (despite kids with bad attitudes), we're tired.

In other news, Gaston will be coming over tonight. He called sometime last week and said he might come over this weekend but there were a lot of ifs involved, and that was about as much detail as we got on the matter. That's okay, though, because we're flexible and we're on Book Watch, which means we were probably going to take tomorrow off anyway. But what nobody accounted for was the tooth crisis I had in the middle of the week, which resulted in us having dentist appointments tomorrow morning. My teeth have been mostly feeling a lot better since then, but there's a very mild, dull pain lingering to say, "Whatever you do, don't cancel the appointments!" Fortunately(?), we don't have to worry about hurting Gaston's fun at Disneyland tomorrow, because he's probably going to enjoy the park to the fullest today.

In the meantime, we're just relaxing. I feel like I should say something important. Here's something deep(?) I've been thinking about. Everybody seems to spend a lot of time thinking about or working toward ways to be important. They compete to be the best or the smartest so they can be important, so they can matter. But ultimately what people want is to matter, so the most important person, the person who's going to matter the most, is the person who lets other people know that they matter.

Today I'm thankful for having chocolate on hand, Page being super cute again, Good Thins snack crackers, people actually showing up to choir practice this morning, and having room in our schedule to take the day off tomorrow.
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