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Alethea & Athena
This, that, and the other thing 
14th-Apr-2016 03:17 pm
Well, we've just finished our first translation that's due at the end of the month, so the logical next step would be to start on the other translation that's due at the end of the month. Unfortunately, we don't have the book to translate, and when I mentioned it to our editor there seemed to be no acknowledgment. So we decided we'd rather take matters into our own hands and make a manga order. But now we're faced with a bit of a dilemma, because manga is best ordered...not necessarily in bulk, but lots of volumes at a time. And we're sure there's some series out there we need to check out, or ones we started and wanted the continuation of, but everything's been so hectic, we can't remember! So if anybody has any idea what we wanted to read, or has an idea of something they'd like us to read, now's your chance to let us know!

In other news...well, work's been nice and easygoing, which is good, because my tooth has been bothering me, and according to my very brief internet research, there is a possibility that I need a root canal. I'm reeeeeeally hoping that I don't, and when I called to make an appointment at a local dentist's office, the woman who made the appointment didn't seem to think it was important that I get in to see him RIGHT NOW, even though she asked if I was in pain (I guess that's standard when someone calls for the first time--you're a new patient which means you're calling because you have been forced to realize that you need a dentist), I said yes but it was mild. So I could have gone in today, but we figured it would be a good idea if we could both see the dentist at the same time, since we know we both have cavities, and so instead we made two appointments for Monday. Here's hoping the nerve in my tooth doesn't die in the meantime.

In happier news, we got our photo book! It's so nice and pretty--even prettier than it looked when we were designing it! Our concerns about picture size turned out to be valid, but I think for the most part we arranged things so you can see the important things well enough. It's kind of hard for us to deal with this sort of thing, because when we take notes, we use tiny handwriting, so we're used to things being small, and when people start complaining about things being too small to see, we don't think we can judge things properly. (To give you an idea, when we watch General Conference, we take notes in wide ruled notebooks, and Athena can fit up to four rows of text before she has to go to the next line (and still read it). She says her pen just doesn't have a fine enough tip to get it any smaller.)

But the point is, yes, we would definitely make another photo book if we had anything to document! This time, now that we have it, we look back and think, "Hmm, maybe if we'd gone with a different layout, we could have made the pictures bigger..." But it's okay; we have all of the pictures on the computer. And it's really nice to have a book you can just pull out and leaf through. Ah, memories.

Today I'm thankful for friendly dentist receptionists, finishing our translation of Livingstone today, finishing work early, having an excuse to order more manga, and our photo book being even more beautiful than we thought it would be.
14th-Apr-2016 09:27 pm (UTC)
Well, you definitely wanted to read orange (just kidding, i'm the one who wants everyone to read that :) ). And uh... I don't know what else. Ancient Magus' Bride (魔法使いの嫁) is very pretty and interesting and all the kids are talking about it right now (...maybe. i might be biased. Ysa and I are teamed up on the SevenSeas edition!) You could get more Yona if you liked what you read so far (...if you've had time to read it yet). There's a shoujo manga about a carpenter's apprentice that I like (from Kodansha, カンナとでっち). (it's fairly standard-shoujo, but i think the leads are cute, but it doesn't have a huge awesome cast like My Little Monster... so it really just depends how charming you find the main characters.)

Oh, this just occurred to me: if you were/are ever interested in Princess Jellyfish (and don't already own it), I have some assorted volumes (1-3, 6-8) I bought at BookOff in Japan when I was there, and now that it's coming out in English I probably won't reread them (...i only ever skimmed them, honestly), so I'd be happy to send them to a new home.

Eek, your tooth!! I hope the pain lessens and isn't a sign of a bigger problem! I'm happy your photo book turned out well!! (ha ha ha, I used to write tiny notes too, in high school. now i don't really write notes at all... i guess i do on sundays for the sermon, but the writing surface conditions aren't always ideal so they're just kinda scrawly.)
15th-Apr-2016 02:02 am (UTC)
Actually, I think orange might have been the manga I was thinking of! And I think you're right that everyone is talking about Ancient Magus' Bride, which kind of makes us go ugh, whatever, because the people talking about it aren't talking about Noragami, but I know that's not a fair reason to dislike something. (In fact, we were very annoyed at a friend more than ten years ago for actively disliking FullMetal Alchemist, despite having not seen it, because there was so little Angelique merchandise at anime stores in Japan but they were all full of FMA merchandise. That was just bad timing on her part, though, because these days Otome Games rule all.) So we may consider it. Thanks for the other suggestions, too!

And thanks for the Princess Jellyfish offer! But while we weren't disinterested in the anime, the first episode didn't grab us enough to watch more (we didn't give it our usual three, though; we're now reminding ourselves of not one but three anime series we thought were the best things ever that we didn't get into until the second or third episode). So while I am interested, we can't necessarily guarantee that we'd find time to read them, either. (We have a manga by the author of our dearly beloved DN Angel about a cat cafe that we still haven't read. And a volume of Saiyuki Reload Blast. I'm starting to think we might need to make a list or something. And maybe we shouldn't buy so much new manga after all...)

Thanks! I'm really hoping the pain I felt yesterday (which wasn't excruciating, just lasted longer than it normally did) was just the Lord's way of telling me no, seriously, you need to go to the dentist, and that it will all be okay because now I'm committed. And once we get all the cavities filled, it will be nice to not constantly be thinking, "Oh no, my teeth hurt; do I need to go to the dentist?" Just go, silly! (We almost never write anymore, either! Except for General Conference, and sometimes when I think oh hey I should keep a physical journal. But maybe you could get a nice shitajiki to improve writing conditions!)
15th-Apr-2016 05:12 pm (UTC)
No, that's certainly not a fair reason to dislike Ancient Magus Bride :) (says the one who resented Dawn of the Arcana for years because it was published here and Yona wasn't. that wrong is finally being righted.) I do think Magus Bride lives up to all the talk, but it will never overtake my love for Noragami, have no fear of that. Actually, I was thinking about it yesterday because I was looking at the art of a certain Kodansha series that was suddenly brought to my attention, and the art style struck me as similar. And then I thought, "They're both about supernatural creatures! Just from different parts of the world! It's perfect!" ...So, that's something anyway.

If you want Princess Jellyfish anyway just in case the whim suddenly strikes you to read it, or if you change your mind later, say the word and it's yours! Ahh, the piles of to-be-read...

A shitajiki, there's an idea!! We also have hymnals under the seats I could use if I really needed a solid surface, but... (the bulletin I write my notes in is a few pages thick, so it's not that bad.)
15th-Apr-2016 10:56 pm (UTC)
So very true. But we don't think the series is bad; we're just annoyed at the people who like it (because that's soooo much more fair). We'll have to keep it in mind for the next manga purchase...which may not be for a while, because we just paid taxes (forgot to pay estimates, too DX) and we're feeling rather poor right now.

We certainly wouldn't mind having it anyway. We just wanted you to know the risks before you went to the trouble of sending it our way.

Hymnals probably would be better, since church isn't exactly the best place to be obsessing over anime and manga. But it is nice to think about pretty shitajiki...
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