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The Curse of the Purple Afghan

Athena is being held captive by a giant kitty!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

See, in order to do our job well, we realized that we have to listen to people speak English so we know how to write it properly. This required us to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. And while we were watching, Oreo came and took Athena hostage. Such is the Curse of the Purple Afghan. It attracts vicious kitties, who refuse to let go. Okay, so maybe they're not vicious, but they're still very stubborn.

And while I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean, I suddenly got this image of Will Turner contracting some terrifying disease from Jack's blood. Jack just seems like the type to be immune to everything.

Our home teacher came by today and we had a very nice visit. He left with a prayer, of course, and in it, he said we have sweet spirits. We're both like, "Gee, thanks for calling us ugly." Only not really, because I... don't... think he meant it like that...



Anyway, this last week or so has been interesting, because on the one hand, we're almost completely out of money and food, but on the other hand, we've had a lot of fun work to do, we got to see the Kid Flash♥, and there have been new episodes of Danny Phantom. So we've been feeling, simultaneously, panicked about our impending doom, and happy about life in general. I've felt both separately before, but never at the same time. We have faith that things will work out.

Tonight, I'm thankful for not having had to fight pirates, hostage-taking kitties, honey corn muffins, websites with screen captures that we want, and afghans.
Tags: kitties, money issues, pirates, translating

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