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A novel concept

So we did a strange and novel thing today and decided to stop working at (what used to be) our usual quitting time. Then we ended up taking a long time answering emails and now here we are, updating LiveJournal significantly later than we'd planned to. The whole thing is just...just...I don't know, but I'm nervous. We've just had such a jam-packed schedule for such a long time that the idea of stopping work when we're only halfway through a first draft goes against all of my training for the last several months, even if that book isn't due for another three weeks (and it isn't!).

It's hard, because on the one hand we're so used to working overtime that it seems unwise not to. On the other hand, we've been working overtime for so long that we need to take it easy or one or both of us will likely have a nervous breakdown. This is okay to do, because our schedule has cleared up significantly--most of our titles have either ended, or we're caught up with Japan so we have to wait before we have another volume to work on. But back to that first hand, if we don't work, we don't earn money, and then we don't, like, eat. So when we think about it too hard, we're like, "So, uh, if we don't get any new titles soon, we're going to run out of money." But on the flip side of that, we're afraid that when the new titles start coming in, there will be so many of them that they crush us again!

So we're very conflicted lately, especially because! the emails we were taking so long to reply to involved new work! And it's so fun and exciting! Yay! New stories to translate! We want to translate all the manga! On the one hand. On the other hand, death.

Was that melodramatic enough? For the most part I am excited, though. Except for this pressure in my chest that doesn't seem to want to go away. That's okay, though; I'm pretty sure it's just fear of the unknown.

In the meantime, we have the whole evening ahead of us!

Today I'm thankful for talk of new titles, having room in our schedule to accept new titles, having time this week to stop work at our usual time (today, anyway), having plans to watch Gilmore Girls tonight, and the delicious Cookies & Milk flavor of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.
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