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Alethea & Athena
Fixing stitches(?) 
10th-Apr-2016 05:22 pm
Well, I figure I should update today, since I kind of blew it off yesterday. It's just so easy to get distracted doing other things on the weekend. And since it was the last day of our vacation week, it's fair that we wanted the extra time for Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi, right?

That's not all we did yesterday, though. We tried on new clothes! Tadah! For a while, we've been thinking that maybe we should develop some sort of a fashion sense other than jeans and whatever geeky t-shirt we can find among our laundry. (Some of you may be thinking, "But I've seen pictures of you wearing non-t-shirts!" Those times were either cosplay or winter.) And so, just as we were thinking about things like this, despite the fact that I don't think either of us voices these thoughts in so many words (there may have been allusions), somehow the cookies on our computer knew to show us an ad for Stitch Fix, which is a service that allows you to buy mystery clothes, hand-picked for you by one of their stylists. Well, well, that sounds like just the sort of thing we're looking for! (Since we have no idea about fashion ourselves, and we're too afraid to ask any of the people that we know personally for various reasons that may or may not be valid.)

So we clicked on the link, we filled out a fashion survey, and we ordered a box! It arrived on Friday, and we opened it up and tried on the clothes (well, technically, I did all the trying on of clothes, but we're twins so it's okay), and we decided we liked all of them, which is good because even though Stitch Fix does provide for very easy return on items you don't like or don't want to pay for, it would still require a trip to the post office, which we didn't want to bother with, and you get a 25% discount only if you buy all five items.

Anyway, it's a pretty neat system, because the fashion survey is definitely trying to get a good feel for what you like, and your size and proportions and everything, and it even lets you write comments about preferences and things. I said that I'm trying to branch out from my usual t-shirt and jeans style, so they sent jeans with some nice tops that aren't too frilly, and aren't too nice to wear with jeans. Everything came with a style card to give you ideas of what else to wear each piece with. And I said that I'd probably share the Stitch Fix purchases with my twin sister, who is in the same boat, and we like the same things but people get on our case when we dress the same. So they sent two tops that were similar (but not the same) styles, and one was striped and the other was polka dotted. So their stylists really do care about what you want! The only downside was that we asked for the lowest price range (we are not rich and clothes are not what we want to splurge on) and everything but the necklace and one of the tops were in the next price range up. And that's why the stylists try so hard to make sure you like it!

Then when you go to pay for your purchases, you can fill out a very quick survey about each item so they know how well you liked it, whether or not it fit, etc. It was just a really neat experience all around, but we're not going to schedule another one for a while because it is a little pricey. But I would definitely recommend it!

Not that I meant to be writing up commercials on a Sunday, but like I said, it was a neat experience and I wanted to tell everybody about it. And now we have cute new tops to wear!

Today I'm thankful for neat services like Stitch Fix, getting to watch some neat new anime yesterday, having nice new clothes to wear (eventually; we only got three new tops, so we can't just wear them to everything, and that means we have to think about it), making it through Primary without breaking the dowel from the loom (the Sunbeam lesson involved a fishing game, and the only thing I had to use for a fishing rod was a dowel from the loom, but if it broke, there would go all our dreams of weaving until we somehow found a way to get another dowel the right size), and Page being super cute and curling her tail around the leg of Athena's chair.
11th-Apr-2016 12:57 am (UTC)
Oh, that sounds like a fun service!! (except I do like shopping for my own stuff, so I probably wouldn't use it... but the mystery element would be intriguing!) A manga I lettered recently was about a pair of twins and one always wore polka-dots and the other wore stripes, but otherwise their outfits were identical (...I guess they mostly just wore the school uniform, so the pattern was only for accessories), so I was amused over the two similar tops you mentioned :) I'm glad you ended up liking everything you got!!
11th-Apr-2016 02:01 am (UTC)
It is fun! And perfect for people like us, who are very intimidated by the idea of shopping for clothes. Sometimes, it's okay, and we go and we see clothes and we're like, "Oh, that's cute!" and we try it on and buy it. But at least half the times we go shopping, we just feel very disoriented and overwhelmed, so we're happy to let people do the hard work for us.

The tricky thing with that, though, is that if you know someone in real life who is happy to buy clothes for you, in our experience those people are the types who have their own senses of fashion and aren't necessarily open to your personal tastes and/or comfort levels. And so we come to Stitch Fix, which is all about the customer. It probably doesn't hurt that they don't know what we look like.

Ooh, manga about twins...
12th-Apr-2016 03:35 am (UTC)
I wonder if you'd have a better or worse time going to a second-hand clothing boutique? (like not just the thrift store, but places that are a little selective/fashionable about what they take.) I do most of my clothes shopping in those places, partly because I think it's better to reuse than buy new, but also because everything there is different so there are many choices and styles, and not just whatever season/look is In, and I can almost always find something (or five things) I like. The prices are usually good too, if not thrift-store cheap. But more options might be more overwhelming, too...?

Sorry, maybe I should've mentioned this! The twins manga is a short (5-chapter) story published as a bonus with my recent favourite orange :) (the jp books have 1 chapter per vol.) If you ever get a chance to read it, it's super cute!
12th-Apr-2016 06:16 pm (UTC)
We've been to thrift stores in the past, and it's so much worse. The fact that there's so much makes it even more overwhelming, and then the idea that it's secondhand, for someone who knows nothing about fashion, is like, "But if they got rid of it, does that mean it shouldn't be worn by anyone ever again unless they want to be shunned by society as someone who clearly knows nothing about what to wear?" We'd both rather be seen as someone who clearly doesn't care at all than as someone who's trying and failing miserably.

I don't know if the most selective/fashionable places would help at all, even without the insecurities, because the selection itself is generally the most overwhelming factor. The idea of having to take the time to go through each item, evaluate its cuteness, and then hope it fits, is very intimidating, especially when I have anime to watch and video games to play.

Anyway, it's not like we plan on updating our wardrobes nearly frequently enough to be "in fashion" all the time, but Stitch Fix helps with that in two ways--first, coordination. We don't know what's "allowed" to go with what, so we're happy to have someone advise. Second, you can ask for more "classic" styles that are less likely to go out of fashion.

So to sum up, we're very happy that there are people who like shopping for clothes, and who like it enough to do it for people like us.

Aha! We thought it might be involved with orange somehow. We'll have to look into that.
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