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Oh man, the last 24 hours have been packed! First of all, as I mentioned yesterday, our loom arrived! Yay! Athena told herself that she wouldn't be allowed to play with it until she'd played with her other new toy, the vacuum cleaner. But that didn't mean we couldn't at least open the box and look at it!

So that's what we did. It is not pre-assembled, which explains why the box was so much smaller than I expected it to be, and it came with two skeins of yarn. I don't know what the selection process is on colors, but we got a kind of olive green with a...I don't know exactly what shade, but it was purple. Not exactly the first two colors you'd put together, but maybe not the worst. And when you're just learning and experimenting, you can do whatever you want with the colors anyway. I personally don't think the colors necessarily look bad together, but they're not the kind of colors you can just put together for any occasion. Except maybe Mardi Gras? But I think they use a more emerald green for that. Anyway, I guess it's just a question of proportions. [EDIT: Looking at the labels, the colors are lemon grass and boysenberry. We do have a fondness for boysenberries since our visit to Knott's Berry Farm last December...]

Then today was the first day of General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! So we got to listen to a lot of good, uplifting talks. Today the ones that stood out the most were the ones on forgiveness and humility. Yeeeeah, humility is definitely something I could stand to work on. If anyone's interested, all of the talks can be viewed here. They don't have the titles listed for today's talks yet, but the one on forgiveness was by Kevin R. Duncan, and the one on humility was by Steven E. Snow. Also, the video presentations listed are about how we should help the Syrian refugees.

Today also involved the first episode of the Ace Attorney anime! Oh my goodness, I can't believe they made an animated series! And we knew, thanks to Anime News Network's blatant disregard for casting spoilers, that our favorite Yuki Kaji would be in it (I decided to start spelling his name with just one U since I saw something in a magazine that indicates it's how he spells it), but thanks to our quick eye aversion techniques (developed solely for reading ANN headlines), we didn't know who he played. We were a little confused, too, because with the newer Ace Attorney games, they'd already cast all the main characters and we couldn't think of anybody left for him to play, but his name kept showing up in relation to Ace Attorney anime articles. Turns out they recast everybody! And we were very happy to hear who he plays. But since we were just complaining about casting spoilers, I'm not going to say it here.

As for the anime itself...well, the animation and the staging weren't that great. Everything looked very stiff most of the time. Athena and I both thought it was kind of like a high school play. But the story is following the game exactly, and when it got to the big dramatic part at the end of the episode, the animation seemed to put on a little more energy, so we're hoping the animation team was just getting warmed up. Still, I would definitely say the best format to enjoy Ace Attorney is the games themselves, because it's so much fun to figure it out on your own. And then when you find just the right piece of evidence, it's so much more satisfying to hear that "Objection!!" Also, it makes more sense that the cinematography is so video-game-like, you know, because it's actually a video game.

We're still pretty excited to watch the rest of the anime and relive the first game half an hour at a time. And we're wondering if they're just going to cover the first game, or if they're going to cover the whole first trilogy, and if they go beyond the first game, are they going to do Rise from the Ashes or skip it because it's kind of a side story? Most importantly, we want them to do Trials and Tribulations, because that would make the cosplay we wanted to do relevant again. Of course, it's relevant again anyway, since this would revive interest in the games, and just last year at Anime Expo we ran into a Francisca von Karma who told us we should totally cosplay it. I even already have most of the fabric I need, and there was a tutorial going around Facebook about how to do lace if you can't get the kind of lace you need. On the other hand, it would be so much cooler to make real lace that's the right kind, but who has time for that?

Anyway, after conference, we did some chores, and Athena did some vacuuming, and that means later there can be weaving adventures! Woohoo!

Today I'm thankful for two more great sessions of General Conference, getting to see the first episode of the Ace Attorney anime, remembering that rent is due before we get slapped with a late fee, being done tormenting Page with the vacuum cleaner (for today anyway), and getting to read manga last night.
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