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Alethea & Athena
Another Noragami day 
1st-Apr-2016 05:26 pm
Oh man, I'm so beat. The funny thing is, it's not from working on Noragami, although that was far from easy. I said it in the review and I'll say it again, it took us an hour just to get through the gag manga at the back. Oy.

No, what has me tired is writing the review for this volume of Noragami. Oh man, there was just so much to write about, and I'm not even sure I covered it all. This series is just so full of everything! It's so good! Seriously, if you're not reading it yet, check it out, because it's amazing. I only hope we do it justice, because man. It's awesome. Also, if you're a Saiyuki fan, you really do need to check it out. We think you'll like it.

But speaking of Noragami and reviewing stuff, I was going to talk about the Capyper Land episode of the anime. Not the one in the series. The OAD that came with the special edition of volume 16. It was...not as good as the muder mystery OAD. I might say it was better than the Capyper Land episode of the series, but it pretty much has all the same problems.

Problem 1: This is the most important to us, and that is that they always mess up the Splash Slider scene. Why do they insist on making it more boring? Is there something wrong with posing with a chess set on the drop? I'm pretty sure they make magnetic chess sets that would still work. But more importantly, Yato's proposal! Why would they take that out? Is it because the anime staff clearly ships Hiyori x Yukine? Be that as it may, they kept all the shoujo manga sparkly bits from the Elekiter Parade, except for the part about Yukine being jealous, so who are they shipping? The lack of consistency is confusing, but more importantly, we're sad that they toned down Yato's mayhem. (Okay, so Yukine was more annoyed at being left alone than jealous.)

Problem 2: Just kidding, this one is even more important. The scene where Yato meets Capyper. They did keep the beautiful expression on his face, but they made it less beautiful by bringing it into the scene later, and by not putting as much heart into it. But worst of all! Capyper just IGNORED him!? What!? No, no, no, no, no. The magic of Capyper Land is that Capyper notices all of them! And that he's a friend to children of ALL ages. Ha, ha, Yato's not a kid so he doesn't get to take a picture with Capyper. Ha. Ha. Ha. In the manga, he notices Yato first, because (as per our interpretation) Yato is just a big kid who loves Capyper as much as the little ones do. Then he notices Yukine...likely because Yukine actually took the picture. But the thing is, one of the things that Yukine struggled so hard to come to terms with (and almost didn't, hence the need for an ablution) is that he knew nobody would notice him no matter what he did. That is what makes Capyper so magical, and that's what snapped him out of this "this is stupid, I'm too old for this" mood.

And speaking of that! Problem 3: The shifted all of Yukine's punk teenage comments onto Ebisu! What! Why would you even do that? First of all, it ruins the effect of Yukine falling under Capyper Land's spell. In the anime, it's like Yukine is indifferent then suddenly he's not, but in the manga he kind of hates it, then he's suddenly really into it.

And they didn't have Kazuma wearing the girl Capyper ears. He was so cute in them, too! And they spelled Capyper wrong! (They spelled it "Kapipa~". Argh.)

So ultimately, it seems like they added the Ebisu storyline and the Kazuma/Bishamon date to fill up time, when what they should have done was spend more time on the disasters caused by Kofuku, to make them more dramatic. At least in the coffee cup ride where it first shows up.

And I might have had more to say about the whole thing, but I think I've used up all my review energy.

ETA: There was one good thing worth noting, though! When Hiyori did the Capyper puppet thing at the end, her voice sounded just like the Japanese voice of Mickey Mouse! ...Well, if Hiyori were doing an impression of him, anyway. But it was a really good impression!

Today I'm thankful for finishing our Noragami translation, hope of more Noragami in the future even though it's not as near a future (it's for the best), getting to have Cadbury Creme Eggs for a snack today, having finished our translation list, and our loom arriving today!
1st-Apr-2016 11:59 pm (UTC)
The "Capyper ignored Yato?! :( :( " part was what stood out to me most as something they really really shouldn't have changed. Poor Yato!!!!! I noticed the other changes too (of course, I've read or browsed that chapter how many times now?) (and yeah, I don't understand why they changed the proposal to just an advertisement) but I was trying to keep a good attitude and enjoy the event for what it was, in motion and sound and colour. I think I was fairly successful at that. At the end of the day, the manga will always exist as the True Story, and with an OAD at least it's more likely to be seen (...in Japan) by people who already read the manga, so they know better than to believe any anime lies.

I was also a little bummed not to see Yukine's transformation into a Cursed Vessel that led to the final Kofuku Incident. It was just such a great chain of events, the whole thing. Hahaha. But I fully enjoyed the sparkly shoujo manga bits :D And hearing Daikoku's voice was nice~ (Kazuma's made me go "whaaaat?!" again. it's so low!!)

Actually what was really weird for me was just hearing the background music in an anime episode context, because the only time I hear it normally is when it's playing in iTunes, so I kept being like "Whoa, I know that song! And that one too!!" I mean, duh.

Good work finishing your Noragami translation!! (I can't wait to read it! but I gotta finish 15 first!! Maybe I can get it done early...) I look forward to reading your review of it eventually too!
2nd-Apr-2016 03:45 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it's good to keep a good attitude about it, but one of the highlights of the Noragami anime for us is getting to hear Yukine talk, and they cut out almost his whole part! So it was tough. It's okay, though, because you're right, we'll always have the manga.

We were kind of distracted by technical difficulties when the sparkly shoujo bits came along, so we didn't get to enjoy them so much, but we do love to hear all the voices! (Man that Kazuma! Then you think of Panda in Polar Bear Cafe going, "Suuu-waaa-naaa-iii-deee!" and you're like, seriously this is the same guy?)

Ha ha, the music! That's how we felt watching Aragoto, because we'd been listening to the first soundtrack for a while! And when we watched the Say I Love You anime. We'll probably feel the same way when we finally watch Your Lie in April.

And thanks! We hope you enjoy it! We think it turned out pretty good translation-wise, but man, leave it to Noragami to give us an action-packed volume that still takes forever to polish.
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