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Alethea & Athena
Pthffff (<--sound of not knowing what to write for a subject) 
31st-Mar-2016 09:45 pm
Well, we are not overworked today, but we are here late. We had Book of Mormon class today, so we had dinner early and were working up until that point. Then we came home and watched the last episode of Erased, which is SOOOOOOO good, you guys! I totally recommend it! We're so sad that it's over. It just had a nice feeling, like coming home or something.

We still haven't finished Noragami, even though the deadline was today. We sent a progress report to our editor letting her know we should finish it tomorrow, and she said it's cool, take the whole weekend. So we were like, "Well in that case, I guess we are done for the day!" There was a bit of concern because she said they were still working away on 15, and we were like, "Why? Was there something wrong with it?" Because we're paranoid like that. I think it was fine, though. Athena suggested they might have wanted to change a dialect that we used, but I really hope not, because it was such a fun dialect and we worked so hard on it! And there was a gag manga in 16 that indicated that it really wasn't out of character at all.

The other potential concern was that the Food & Wine Festival starts at California Adventure this weekend, and Gaston being a foodie, it's one of his favorite things ever and they haven't done it in years and now it's finally back! So we were sure we would get a phone call from him tonight letting us know that he would be coming, and that we wouldn't necessarily have Friday to work on Noragami. But we steeled ourselves against it--we are so eager to finish our work and take a break that we are prepared to say you know what, you go on ahead to California Adventure and we'll meet you there later.

But he didn't call, so that's that, I guess. We'll probably be seeing him later this month.

That's not to say nothing came up, however. We got a couple of emails from Seven Seas with new deadlines for My Monster Secret...and they're kind of odd, because volume four is due in August and volume five is due in May. We're pretty sure the person writing the email meant to type April. Mistakes happen. They can be sure we'll turn in four before five at any rate. Fortunately, even if we do assume that the deadline is in the middle of April, we still have time to take next week off! And then you can all listen to me whine about the format again.

I was sort of planning to talk about the Noragami DVD that came with volume 16, but the day got away from me. Maybe I will talk about it tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for getting extra time to work on Noragami 16, getting to watch Erased all the way through, not having plans to go to Disneyland tomorrow (never thought I'd see the day, and yet here we are), ultimately having an enjoyable time at Book of Mormon class even though the best teacher is gone (he got transferred to another area), and finally learning (after so many years reading the scriptures) that Rahab is a metaphor for Egypt (the wonders a little Wikipedia search can do for understanding Isaiah).
1st-Apr-2016 10:22 am (UTC)
No, we're still working away on 15 because the deadline I was originally given is next Friday, so I'm just taking advantage of the time I've been allotted... (which is why I was like, "Why do they need to finish the script for 16 so soon?" but this way you get the week off, so that's cool.)

I wanted to watch Erased! But then I never did. But that's not to say I couldn't still do it! Someday~
1st-Apr-2016 01:24 pm (UTC)
We asked ourselves the same thing when we were given the deadline, especially because the original deadline was the 18th, which was not only the day after the book was released in Japan, but the same day as our deadline for Devil Survivor 6. So we asked for an extension right away and got the 31st, which seemed much more reasonable at the time. Our guess is that, since we were kind of behind on Noragami when this editor came into the picture, maybe she was eager to get ahead of the game. Or maybe it was a typo and she meant April 18th. But we get a break after this, so we're cool either way.

Aaaanyway, thanks for letting us know that there wasn't anything wrong with 15!

You should watch it! It's so good! But, you know. No need to squeeze more things into your schedule.
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