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Ember~~ You will remember~~~

So, thanks to the TV Tokyo site renewal, we ended up downloading the latest version of Real Player, which also included the desktop weather thingie, which tells us that apparently it's 47 degrees outside. And suddenly, 66 degrees doesn't seem so bad. Man, I feel for all you people farther north.

Aaaah, today feels so non-productive. I guess that's because it was. But thanks to pudges, we worked out most of the kinks on that poem we were working on translating, so we weren't slacking all day.

And we watched an episode of 24, which...counts for something... right? It was part of our mad scheme to start doing something so our home teacher would show up, thus interrupting it, because that's how it always works. You decide either you have time to do something before they show up, or they're not showing up, so you start doing something, and just as you're getting into it, they show up. That strategy has actually stopped working for a while, and tonight was no exception. But at least this time he called later and explained what happened and made another appointment.

I was thinking more about the latest episode of Danny Phantom, and I realized that Jazz was actually being perfectly in character, because bossy people who think they know everything tend to get like that in her situation.

Oh! And as I sit here chatting about Eyeshield21 on AIM, I realize that there's a bunch of people on our friends list who haven't heard why we're extra obsessed with Miyu Irino, who plays Sena. It's a neat story, so here it is:

Now, we always liked Miyu Irino, since he was Haku in Spirited Away. I mean, Haku is the bestest; how can you not like him? The first thing we did after seeing Spirited Away for the first time was look him up to see if he'd done anything else, and we found out he played Sora in Kingdom Hearts! So he was our favorite.

But then, we had just beat Final Fantasy X, and we were feeling a bit bummed, so we were looking for random things to do on the internet to preoccupy our minds. That's when we came across Masumi Asano's website. She's Saga in Snow Fairy Sugar and Hiyono in Spiral, so we thought it would be neat to check out her website. And then, on her message board, she came on and announced she was going to be Risa in the DN Angel anime, and then listed the rest of the new cast.

We were devastated! The cast they had for the CD drama was sooooo perfect! Although we definitely approved of casting Akira Ishida as Satoshi. But we weren't sure what to think of Miyu Irino playing Daisuke. We were very sad that our favorite voice actor, Soichiro Hoshi, had been taken off the role, and we'd only heard Irino-kun as Haku, and we hadn't met Sora yet. We had to cover up the PS2 and the games (FFX and Kingdom Hearts) (all borrowed from chibidrunksanzo) for a while because they were all too depressing.

Anyway, after a while, the DN Angel anime finally started, and Irino-kun wasn't the perfect Daisuke, in our opinions, but he was still cute. And then they started Boys' Angel.

Victor Entertainment had a brilliant scheme designed to sell more DNAngel-related CDs. They had Irino-kun and Shunichi Miyamoto (the kid who sang the opening theme) do an internet radio show, and called it Boys' Angel. Both of them seemed a bit wary of the title, for which we don't blame them, because it does kind of make you think of "Boys Love." It was still a really cute show, and mostly involved the two of them abusing each other. There was one corner that was supposedly designed to help Miyamoto-kun to become a voice actor, so the idea was for fans to send in things they'd like him to say as a voice actor. But early on, one of the fans asked them to read a scene from DN Angel, so Irino-kun chose a scene between Daisuke and Risa, and it quickly became a corner to help Miyamoto-kun become a voice actress. (It was beautiful when Miyamoto-kun managed to get them to switch roles because they did a scene where Daisuke had a cold, and he claimed to have a cold as well. Neither of them made a very good Towa-chan.)

Aaaanyway. We had been toying with the idea of sending in an e-mail for a while, because people sent emails about crazy stuff, and we like for people who make us happy to know we exist. We finally mustered up the courage one day when we got an e-mail from someone who had read my weblog entry about the program, asking us to summarize each episode for her, since her Japanese wasn't very good. We really did mean to do it, but we never heard back from her after we told her we'd do it but probably slowly. But because we're selfish and wanted to put our stamp on it and say, "No! Our Boys' Angel!" we managed to overcome our fear of writing e-mails.

We wanted to do it anyway! That's not the only reason! It's the straw spurred the camel on, or something. Anyway, we spent a while writing a short email, because that kind of thing is scary, where we apologized for our bad Japanese, said that there are some DN fans in the US, and then asked if the two of them could speak English, because there's a corner of the show where fans ask random questions. We figured the worst that could happen was they wouldn't read our e-mail, and the best that could happen would be that we'd hear them speaking English and have adorable Japanese accents.

We sent the email the day before an episode (for lack of a better term) was going to be uploaded, so we weren't surprised when they didn't read our e-mail. But, since this story would probably not even be being told had the outcome actually been different, I'm sure you have a guess as to what happened on the next episode.

Thinking about it, Irino-kun sounded a little distracted when they started out their little intro thingie. And once they'd finished it, Miyamoto-kun said, "Today has a little bit of an international feel to it." We heard it and we're like, "What...? Wait... ... ... WHAT!?" Only it was faster than that, because there wasn't time before they went on.

So the first e-mail they read was the one we wrote, which will now be a source of constant embarrassment because I think I got a bit of my grammar wrong. And then Irino-kun started talking about how embarrassing it is to speak English, and Miyamoto-kun said, "We can at least introduce ourselves." And then, using the nicknames they had chosen for that episode, they each introduced themselves, so we got to hear an adorable, "My name is... Iscar." And he's all trying to use an American accent, so his voice is lower. SO CUTE♥!!!

And then!!

Irino-kun became our best friend. He said to Miyamoto-kun, "Why don't you give Alethea-san and Athena-san a message in English?" And Miyamoto-kun's like, "Really?" And Irino-kun's like, "Yeah. 'Cause they're listening." And we're like, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" (only silently because we were listening as well as speechless)

And then Miyamoto-kun said, "Thank you for your message. We will do our best, so please listen to our radio. Thank you. That's all," and added in Japanese, "but the show is ending," because it was the last episode. And Irino-kun pointed out that we could listen to the backnumbers.

And the best part is, the backnumbers are all still up there, even now (two years later), so we can listen to them whenever we want. But we aren't now, because we're still afraid of it. And here's the link. To start from the beginning, go to the dropdown menu where it says backnumber, and they're all numbered. Or, to just listen to the last one, you can just click the link above the picture (Miyamoto-kun is on the left, Irino-kun is on the right) with the number 07.

And now you know the rest of the story. Assuming you're still awake. Anyway, tonight I'm thankful for people to obsess over things with, furigana (oh my goodness, am I ever thankful for furigana), backnumbers, cooperation, and fingernails.
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