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The entry without a subject line

Which, in itself, is an oxymoron.

This is the kind of insanity that I have. At Enrichment tonight, our anime buddy who drives us to Enrichment had spoken with the bishop's wife, who needed someone to come keep her mother company tomorrow night for a couple of hours. Now, on the one hand, we can definitely use the blessings of service, but on the other hand, we're scared enough of people our own age, and we've always felt uncomfortable around old people. So we declined, and the bishop's wife had no problems with that. She's a very nice lady. But now I'm afraid I've brought a curse on our heads by refusing this obvious chance to do some service. And yet I still refused.

Tonight had some interesting stress before that as well, as we came upon the poetry in that series I mentioned last night. Songs are hard enough as it is, but when you start to incorporate older forms of Japanese, or maybe even not actually incorporate them but make it seem like they're there, then things start to get very, very difficult. We're still not sure if we looked everything up properly. And there is definitely a bunch of double meaning in it. Or we think there is. See? This is why it's so hard. Of course, my vague explanation probably doesn't help. We're afraid we're guessing way too much on this thing.

Also, we want to make it just as cool as it is in the Japanese, but we translate because our English isn't good enough to come up with that kind of thing on our own. Usually we don't have to figure out how to incorporate two meanings, so it's okay. But now we don't know enough English idioms to try to work everything in. At this point, I would welcome some helpful poet who would like to help and can keep a secret (confidentiality clause and all that).

Enrichment was very nice, but now it's time to calm down. Tonight I'm thankful for the honey packets we got to take home for our corn muffins, Classical Japanese reference books, good communication, people to talk to at Enrichment, and kitties that love us.
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