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Our day just kind of disappeared on us yesterday. Mondays are kind of busy for us, what with Family Home Evening and Sailor Moon, and of course the never-ending work. It's our own fault; we probably could have said we weren't available to work on the non-manga project. I was pretty scared about what that was going to do to our schedule today, too. Based on some very rough estimation, there was a possibility it would take all day--by which I mean we would be working right up until bedtime. And then we'd still have to finish First Love Monster.

But! we managed to finish today's quota for the non-manga project and First Love Monster and a chapter of Persona Q, all before dinner! Woohoo! So now we feel like we'll be able to breathe for the rest of the week, but that may be premature optimism.

In the meantime, we got shipping confirmations! Our copy of Noragami 16 is finally on its way! (Although that's the limited edition we ordered for our personal collection; there should be another Noragami 16 on its way to us as well, considering we're supposed to have the whole thing translated nine days from now.) And we got our comp copies of volume 13 today! And volume 12 came out today! That means we get to review it soon! Woohoo!

We also got our fancy travel jackets yesterday! But we have't taken them out to look at them yet, because we haven't taken anything out to look at it yet...and that reminds me! On Sunday, we were sorting through our Japan photos, and then we went ahead and submitted them all to Shutterfly to make a photo book for us! But after like two or three hours of staring at photos and deciding what to send and what not to send, we filled out the whole photo book order form and sent it along and I thought I got the thank you screen, but then I wanted to sign out, and I didn't see a sign out button, so I clicked "my account"...and it took me to a sign in page! Oh no! Did our whole form just evaporate!?

(We did a stupid thing and instead of sorting through them in our album, we thought, "Oh, we'll just edit them in the photo book!" But Shutterfly has three different options for making a photo book (do it yourself, decorate it yourself, or let Shutterfly do all the work), and we charged on ahead without looking at anything, so we were already in the "let Shutterfly do all the work" option. We were okay with that, because who has the time for scrapbooking? But we had an album of more than 1800 pictures to sort through and choose for a photo book, and it took us a looooooong time to pare that down to about 650.)

But then yesterday morning we had a for real confirmation email, so it looks like we're all good! Of course, it would have been better if we had, like, edited some photos so they would look better first, but what's done is done. And for those of you wondering, "But I thought you don't go shopping on Sunday...", we figured no live person would look at the order until Monday, and when we started, we thought we'd just check things out and save the project partway through...not realizing we hadn't chosen an option that lets you do that. And scrapbooking is totally a Sunday-appropriate activity.

But the point is! we ordered a photo book! And that won't let any of our LJ friends see any of our Japan pictures, but it will be in our brains so we'll make it a point to, I don't know, post a batch of pictures every week or so. Like a Photo Phriday or something. (Whether or not that starts this week is totally dependent on our work schedule. Don't get your hopes up. But keep reminding us!)

Today I'm thankful for work not taking as long as I'd feared, being done with that volume of First Love Monster, our order going through at Shutterfly, getting our fancy travel jackets, and our CD Japan order being on its way!
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