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Kitty story

It never fails--we think we'll be able to use a Saturday for chores, and something comes up. Today we helped with the music at a baptism. It was really nice, though; definitely not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Nevertheless, the chores still need to be done. But we did have time for a little bit of cleaning, and! Athena got to open up our shiny new vacuum cleaner. Oooohhh... Maybe next week we'll be able to actually use it!

Anyway, translation discussion is still on hold because that part of my brain has been shut off for the weekend, but instead I have something cute to talk about. It starts with the fact that we picked up something that might be considered a bit of a weeaboo habit, in that we always say "itte kimasu" when we leave our apartment, and we always say "tadaima" when we get back. I can't even remember why we started it, but it's such a deeply ingrained habit now, that whenever we go to somebody else's house, we feel like we have to say something when we walk through the door (so we say "ojama shimasu", of course).

That brings us to a couple of nights ago, when Page was being restless, and she couldn't seem to make up her mind whether she wanted to be inside or outside. It was kind of frustrating, because when she wants to be outside, we want to leave the door open so she can get back inside, especially because one time the door accidentally closed on her, and I think they were doing yardwork at the time, so the door was closed by the wind or something, and the gardener came by and scared her inside...but she couldn't come back inside, because the door was closed! So she ran away and hid in a bush. Of course we rushed to find her as soon as we realized what was going on, but we had a really hard time convincing her to come back to the apartment. I think maybe she thought we had closed the door and that we were either playing a mean trick or trying to reject her, and we felt so bad. Now whenever she goes outside, we prop the door open with a shoe, even if I'm sitting on the couch right next to it, because if that door gets closed for a split second, and that happens to be the split second she gets to it, it will be a disaster.

Anyway, last night, she couldn't seem to make up her mind whether she wanted to be inside or outside. But we don't like to leave the door open when she's inside for good, just because we're private like that I guess. So she was hanging out outside like she does, and then she came in and she meowed at us to let us know we could close the door. So I went and closed the door, and mere moments later, she starts meowing to let me know that she wants the door to be opened. What! But you just came back in! Why would you deliberately tell me that you're back inside if you're not really back inside? But she went outside again, and came back and meowed.

Later that night it occurred to me that maybe she had picked up on our "tadaima" habit, and she was saying tadaima. D'awwwwwww♥

And that's our cute Page story. I don't know how accurate this new theory is, though. She still has a habit of coming inside and getting settled in a back room without making a sound.

Today I'm thankful for Page saying tadaima (maybe), that video that occasionally goes around Facebook with the four little bunnies in glasses (as in cups made of glass, not lenses that you wear on your face), getting to go to a baptism, getting some cleaning done too, and having a shiny new vacuum cleaner.
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