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It's too nice a day to be stuck inside!

The only thing that prevented us from blowing off work and heading over to Joe's Italian Ice for some delicious Italian ice is the fact that we're lazy and hate moving. We do wonder if they have a special flavor for St. Patrick's Day, though... But not enough to walk all the way over there. Besides, we have just enough time for dinner...and maybe some anime or something...before we're going off to our Book of Mormon study group.

But in the meantime, man there's been some crazy talk about translation these days! Maybe not so much anywhere else, but I feel like we've been surrounded by it! And not just in the sense that it's our job. First up, all you Say I Love You fans are in for a surprise when volume 14 comes out! Except that I'm going to spoil it! Turns out the official official name for emo gamer geek is actually Ren with an R, so moving forward it's going to be spelled the right way. Tadah! (There will be a translation note in the back to explain the change, but it's not a whole lot more enlightening than what I already told you.)

Second of all, there's been a bit of a to-do about a certain key line in the latest episode of Snow White with the Red Hair, which was translated incorrectly not only in the anime's English subtitles, but also in the French version of the manga. Upon inspection, our main theory is that the problem lies in Japanese scholars' failure to get their auxiliary verbs straight. It makes me want to write up a primer on Japanese auxiliary verbs to be distributed to all translators of anime, manga, and video games. But who has the time for that kind of thing? Maybe someday when we're not swamped.

And finally, we had a discussion right here on our very own blog about the (imaginary, if you ask us) concept of high-context culture languages versus low-context culture languages, which led to some fascinating discussion in our own home about why it may be more difficult to "intuit" the context of a sentence in one language versus another, as well as what tends to be emphasized in English as opposed to Japanese. But! I don't have time to go into that now, so you'll have to look forward to it tomorrow...unless we don't have time then, either, but so far things are looking optimistic.

And I almost forgot the most important thing! Our big sister is going to be on Jeopardy! tomorrow! Everybody watch it!

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely conversation with our dear little sister, our nephew also deigning to speak to us, internet streaming that may (I hope I hope) make it so we can watch Jeopardy! tomorrow despite our lack of live TV reception of any kind, fascinating language discussions, and a working knowledge of Japanese auxiliary verbs.
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