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Alethea & Athena
Another tough workweek 
12th-Mar-2016 02:47 pm
Whew, it's about time we came up for air. Oh man, the last few days were rougher than expected. The first third-ish of the volume of Noragami we were working on wasn't too hard, so we got this false sense of security and thought it was okay to stop working early. Athena says, "Then the rest of the volume chewed us up and spit us out. Then danced on top of us." It was bad. It was really bad. Hopefully it turned out okay. Thursday was tough, but we had other plans (and UQ Holder!) so we couldn't put in too much over time, so Friday was a nightmare. That was the day it was due, and we didn't get it turned in until eleven-thirty at night, so we just barely made the deadline. I'm kind of hoping, but also kind of not hoping, that the editor reads it and goes, "Why did it take them so long to finish this?" Because that would mean we did such a good job that we made it look easy. But it would also mean no understanding for when we're struggling with a translation.

Anyway, in the interest of full disclosure, we didn't spend all our time working yesterday. Some people get super motivated when the pressure is on to finish something, but we're just the opposite: our motivation levels go down the more work we have to do in a short amount of time. So we reeeeeally didn't want to get to work Friday morning, and so! we did some online shopping instead. There were a couple of volumes of manga we needed to preorder, so we figured now was as good a time as any--it would offer just the right amount of procrastination, and if all went well, we'd have something exciting to look forward to, to help alleviate the stress.

Kinokuniya refused to list the books we wanted, so we went to CD Japan instead. This worked out perfectly, because we also remembered reading that there would be new CDs released along with the sequel to Kamigami no Asobi. We ended up not ordering any of them, because they wouldn't be out until long enough after the manga we wanted that we didn't want to wait. But! the search also turned up some KamiAso-themed scented beads! And since scented beads/sprinkles are kind of a thing we're into right now, we wanted them! Especially because they still had the Anubis ones. So we ordered them! Tadah! They're raspberry scented.

Speaking of random merchandise coming up in our CD Japan searches, we made another order about a week(?) ago, because we also remembered that we needed to get the Noragami Aragoto soundtrack. Of course the non-recalled version isn't coming out until after we should be finished with the last volume of Noragami before we catch up to Japan, but technically there's still a week before that deadline, and we have two other books we need to translate first, so we might get a chance to listen to it while working on Noragami! And of course we'll be able to listen to it when volume seventeen needs to be translated (there's no way they're wrapping this up in one volume).

But anyway, when we searched Noragami, one of the things that came up was a Yato stone bracelet. It's a bracelet (obviously) with black and white beads, and one or two clear beads that have Yato's king emblem inside. It was so lovely! So of course we had to buy it...but there was only one left! Aaaaaahhh!! Well, we bought it anyway because we didn't want to miss this opportunity, but then we saw in related items that there was also a Yukine one! What! We need the Yukine one!!! ...But it's out of print. These things went on sale last January. We were in Japan last January! Where were they selling them!? ...Maybe they were part of the stage play merchandise. Oh well.

Anyway, let's change the subject. Page has been very brave today. She likes for us to open the window so she can sit on her window perch and look outside. But if somebody walks by, and especially if they notice her, she will flee the scene and hide. Sometimes that will be the end of her window viewing, and sometimes she'll wait a few minutes and hop back up on her perch. But today! a guy walked by, and he wasn't even the first person to walk by, but this guy stopped and looked right at her. And they had a staring contest. Apparently men have some need to assert their dominance by having staring contests with cats. I think he even started forward in an attempt to scare her. Maybe he remembered scaring her away before and was just as surprised at her dauntlessness as we were. But she held her ground, and she stayed on the perch until he was gone. It was kind of neat, but I don't know how I feel about people staring into our apartment. On the other hand, we're probably neighbors, and it's important to have a relationship with the neighbors.

Today I'm thankful for being done with that Noragami translation (find out what made it so hard when we post the review!), getting it in before deadline, getting to sleep in this morning, not having more than ten minutes of work today (we were too braindead last night to worry about writing the cover copy), and not having any plans for Disneyland next week (and being geared up to say no to any that might try to pop up).
12th-Mar-2016 09:41 pm (UTC)
Good work on Noragami!! I'm excited to take my turn now! I didn't end up reading it ahead after all because I had no time no time no time and then once I finally had a little bit of time I realized if I was going to read anything for fun it was more efficient to read something I wasn't going to be reading soon anyway for work. But last night I was sorting out the files and got a look at the Atrocious Manga (the files for that were especially convoluted to sort out this time, but I did it!) and when I saw the Amanogawa box I laughed and laughed, and shook my head, and hoped you guys were doing alright. I'm sure that was only one minor instance of the so many things you had to deal with...

Yay, I'm glad you're getting the soundtrack! (considering you already paid for it, if your cd doesn't arrive in time for v16 translation I could share?) Noragami stone bracelets sound like the sort of sketchy merchandise Yato would love. It'll be perfect with your cape! I hope you find the Yukine one too someday. Or once you get the Yato one you can figure out how to make your own? The hard part would be getting Yukine's name on the clear bead, but there must be some way...

What manga did you order??? :D (I don't think Kino's website lists books until their release day or something. it's annoying.)
12th-Mar-2016 10:55 pm (UTC)
We hope you enjoy it! We know exactly how that feels with the no time no time no time thing. That's how we've been for the last two or three or eight weeks! That's why we jumped on the opportunity to take some free time on Wednesday. Boy, what a mistake that turned out to be. (On the other hand, we probably would have worked another hour at most, so it wouldn't have helped that much.) The Amanogawa thing is non-confusing enough that all it took was a simple note, and we didn't have to do any research for it, but oh my goodness, this volume. I think we mostly did it to ourselves, but our artistic sensibilities and our perfectionism wouldn't have allowed us to do it any other way (except maybe more perfect, but we didn't have time for that).

We would definitely let you share if the CD doesn't arrive in time! But it depends on how much time we have to deal with figuring out how to make the file transfer, because if it gets too complicated, we'll just be like, "Eh, we don't have time for this," and listen to more KamiAso (and the original Noragami soundtrack, of course). (KamiAso deals with mythology (even Japanese mythology!) and has the voice of Yato and Yukine and Daikoku, and the kid we wanted to play Koto.)

It would be nice to find the Yukine bracelet. Maybe eBay would help. And you're right, it shouldn't be too hard to make them. In fact, I believe there's a chapter in Urakata that goes into how we could make those clear beads...

We ordered...let me think. Noragami 16 (limited edition of course) and Skip Beat! the latest one (which actually doesn't come out until the day after Noragami, but we think that should be okay), and while we were at it, we added a volume one of Otome Yokai Zakuro (because our beloved favorite voice actor plays the guy who hangs out with the twins) and a volume one of Akatsuki no Yona. We figured it was probably a release date issue with Kinokuniya, but the point of a preorder is that hopefully they'll ship it in time for you to get it just before the release date, so that was a no-go in this case. We agree it's annoying.
12th-Mar-2016 11:37 pm (UTC)
Ugh, we've got to stop this no time no time thing!

I'm pretty sure I can find some way to transfer the file so all you have to do is download it from a link and play the mp3s! (I think Dropbox is an easy and non-spammy site for that sort of thing.) Let me know anytime if you need it! KamiAso does sound like a good choice to supplement your playlist as well :D

Yay for your new manga!! Otome Yokai Zakuro is of interest to me. I watched an episode or two once but decided I'd probably like the manga better and didn't watch any more (...and then didn't read it either...). Let me know how you like it! (and Yona too!!) Also did you know new Robico is out this month??? :D (oh, yesterday, even!) And lastly I'm curious, is CDJapan's shipping still a better deal than Amazon JP's if you're paying for a fast enough shipping speed to arrive around the release date? I've only ever used the cheapest CDJapan shipping, which takes like 2+ weeks to get to MI.
13th-Mar-2016 12:24 am (UTC)
I know, right? DX

We do have a Dropbox account. We'll let you know if/when it becomes relevant!

We will report! ...Assuming we ever find time to read manga. !!! New Robico! Agh, we totally forgot! On the other hand, if Kodansha USA decides to license it and they let us translate it, we'll get paid to read it... Hmmm... I think we'll take a "wait and see" attitude on it, mostly because we haven't overcome the no time no time thing yet.

Umm...I'm going to say that...hm. Well, we haven't ordered from Amazon Japan in a while, so I couldn't say for sure. We went with a medium shipping option from CD Japan, and it was ridiculous--like almost as much as our whole order. But comparing it to the other order (one CD and a bracelet), the shipping is significantly more reasonable (though still not great). And I do seem to remember Amazon Japan allowing for slower-than-overnight options these days, so I'm gonna say they're probably about the same? I don't know.
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