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Back from rollickin'

Well, we are back from Disneyland. It was a pretty laid-back day, mostly because Gaston apparently wore himself out playing hockey yesterday. So we spent a lot of time just sitting around enjoying the atmosphere. We enjoyed it so much that at some points we were like, "This is so lovely, now we should go home and work." Only we didn't.

There were a couple of interesting things that happened. First, we were in line to Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters, and soon before we got to go on the ride, who should come through the exit but our bishop and his wife, using his privileges as a Disney cast member to jump the line and get on. The timing was so perfect that we would have been able to go on the ride with the group ahead of us if the two of them hadn't shown up. But that actually turned out to be a good thing, because that group did the same dance we did when we went on it the first time, so they actually made it so that we got to do a different dance! Tadah! (Especially interesting coincidence: they rode the same car we did for that same dance.)

Later, we went to Tomorrowland to watch the Jedi Training Academy show. I don't like the new one very much (the padowan is afraid of everything, but brags about being caught in a stampede of banthas; it's inconsistent), but since Farley's son is sometimes in it, we wanted to see if we could catch him, especially since Farley was off today, so we couldn't go say hi to him. While that was going on, beyond the show, Gaston spotted a Disneyland host with someone who appeared to be a celebrity--a celebrity we might even recognize if we could see them from closer up. So as we're trying to figure out who this celebrity is, I notice the Disneyland host and I realize, hey! That's our friend Rose! But they all disappeared in the direction of the submarines before the show was over, so we weren't able to say hi or figure out who the celebrity was.

After the show, we went to California Adventure again, because we had started the Easter egg hunt there but not finished it. So we had our map and we were trying to figure out what the deal was with the Grizzly River Run eggs, because the map said they were in certain places, and we were pretty sure that those places were in the area that we couldn't get to because it was boarded up while they did refurbishment. (We also know the map was old, because even though it said 2016 very clearly on it, it also called one of the places on the map "Condor Flats", which is now "Grizzly Peak Air Field".) And because of the confusion, I was trying even harder to find eggs, and not paying attention to where I was going. Athena was looking around at the other people on the trail, and so she was able to say, "And there's [Rose] again." Rose heard her name and waved just in time for me to turn around and see her disappear from my peripheral vision, but it bought Gaston enough time to identify her guest as Freddie Prinze, Jr. Neat!

And those were the main interesting things that happened. Well, except that since there was an odd number of us, Gaston had a row to himself on Hyperspace Mountain, and the guy who would went on the next rocket was also by himself, so he almost just sat down next to Gaston because both of them were fine riding next to strangers, but the cast member was like nuh-uh. So the other guy had to wait, but then we passed by him and his wife and kid as we left the ride and he and Gaston had a brief chat/bonding experience. They were like, "Yeah, I was totally fine with it until the cast member made it weird."

...I didn't say it was very interesting. After that, we decided we were pretty much done doing stuff (according to Gaston's app, the line to Indiana Jones was a very specific 39 minutes, and I would have been okay waiting in that line, but I didn't have my heart set on it), so we left and had some Joe's Italian Ice before Gaston went back to his hockey buddies. And now we have our apartment to ourselves again, but it's close to bedtime and we're tired, so no Noragami editing today.

Today I'm thankful for having a nice time at Disneyland today, the beautiful weather we had, getting to go on Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters again (we found out that the car we rode on today was named Sofia), having delicious Italian ice even though we all had a hankering for chocolate and there were no chocolate flavors today (that wasn't meant to sound too backhanded--what they did have really was very very good!), and having a shiny new vacuum cleaner.
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