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What kind of a name is Hiead Gner, anyway?

While I had thought about it a little before we got to work on this new series, it wasn't until we actually started it that I really remembered my second of the two main thoughts I had while watching the anime. The first was, "I bet the manga's way better." (This is because we had seen a series with the same scenario writer after reading the manga of said series, and we knew the manga was way better.) And the second was, "Wow, I really don't envy whoever translates this one."

Now, actually, most of the problem is with name spellings. Fantasy and sci-fi serieses often have bizarre name spellings, if there's anything official (The Candidate for Goddess is a classic example. Gundam Seed is pretty good too), and for this series, there are official spellings. And they are bizarre. The tricky part is finding the official spelling before you turn it in to the official distributors and the official domestic spelling becomes wrong. There's also a potential problem with some poetry we suspect will be going on later, but we haven't gotten there yet.

Still, it's a really fun series, and I'd totally recommend it if we were allowed to say what it was. There's sooooo much I want to talk about with this series, but I'm afraid of people figuring out what it is, so I shall silence myself. Maybe I'll remember it all when they announce it.

Tonight I'm thankful for fun name spellings, dry clothes, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates of the Caribbean, and churros.
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