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Adventures in Primary

Today we're just tired. Last week was more killer than we realized, I think. I had a cold and back pain to work with in addition to all the work work work. It was kind of an interesting experience, actually, because I'd never had back spasms before. Aside from the pain and sudden inability to breathe, it's kind of fascinating to have your muscle clench involuntarily. (Actually, I kind of assumed that the muscle itself was doing it totally voluntarily, just not really with my permission.)

I was worried about it, though, because when I thought back on the last week and what could have caused this bout of back pain, I realized it probably had something to do with lifting up small children, which is part of what I do every Sunday. And for reasons, I couldn't take an ibuprofen today, so I was really concerned that I was going to have a really severe spasm and have one of the Primary leaders come into my class to see why the Sunbeams weren't in sharing time, only to find me doubled over in pain while the small children looked on in confusion. But fortunately, none of that happened, and I actually had very little trouble with my back at all! Yay! In fact, during Sharing Time, one of the Sunbeams got unruly, and I said to myself if you make bad choices, you give up your freedom (usually because of the natural consequence of the choice), so thanks to his bad choices now he will be imprisoned on my lap. Of course, he didn't go along without a fight, so he was trying to lie horizontally and I was holding him up, and it occurred to me, "Hey, I'm lifting a small child and my back isn't killing me!" So I'm very thankful for tender mercies.

Not to say that Primary wasn't challenging enough today without that. One of the Sunbeams arrived in class late, and hid in the corner for a little while as I tried to get the kids excited about being in Sunbeams. I looked over at him and discovered he had tears in his eyes. So I asked him what was wrong, and he sank to the floor and started wailing inconsolably. The other Sunbeams and I tried hard to comfort him--we gave him hugs and sang songs and tried to get him to play his favorite game (hiding behind the curtain), but no luck. All I could get out of him was that he wanted his mom. So I determined that he was determined to just sit there crying, and the only way to get him to stop was to show him it was a fruitless endeavor, so I started the lesson anyway...and then his mom showed up. Darn it, we played right into his hands! But she calmed him down and stayed with him for a little while, and helped him get interested in class. And once he was settled, she left, and he was fine for the rest of class.

Then we went to Sharing Time and one of the Primary Presidency asked him why he was crying...and he started crying again. Oh well. Maybe he really just needed his mom today. He got sent to the Nursery, which is where his mother was, and got to stay with her for the rest of church.

And now we're just happy to be done with all our Sunday responsibilities so we can relax.

Today I'm thankful for not having too much back pain today, the camaraderie of the Sunbeam class, scoring some chocolate chip muffins at Bread Day, the kids mostly being really good during Singing Time (one of the Sunbeams tried to get everyone to stop singing so he could take a nap), and adorable texts from our sister about our nephew's reminiscence of his trip to Disneyland.
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