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The Great VCR Experiment

Today, we had the Great VCR Experiment. See, it's always been a bit of an annoyance that we couldn't seem to get our VCR to record stuff, because it only even plays stuff when we have the TV on channel 3. This would be excellent if we ever wanted to record Jeopardy!, but now that Ken Jennings is gone, I really don't see the need.

Anyway, we never do anything, so we don't ever miss our favorite favorite shows, so it hasn't really been a problem. Until recently, of course, when not only have we developed a crazy obsession with the Kid Flash♥, but new Danny Phantom episodes have put us in the, "Must share Danny Phantom!" mode, and we want to tape it for our friends who don't get Nickelodeon. We came up with this grand scheme to not only tape the episodes as they aired, but to do it in such a way that they would be in the right chronological order on the tape. It's going to be awesome.

...or it would be, had the Great VCR Experiment not failed. Well, I guess, as an experiment, it was successful, in that it proved to us that, if I wire it like this, or change it so it's like that, then no, it still doesn't work. I tried changing the set up so the cable went directly to the TV instead of routing it through the VCR, and stealing the DVD player's AV cables, trying them in the AV IN and AV OUT jacks. Still nothing. Although it does record channel 3 beautifully. But alas, no Danny Phantom, or Kid Flash♥.

I guess this is what happens when you don't have a cable box. If only we could afford digital cable.

Then we'd be spending that money on a Japanese PS2.

But I still want to figure out a way to record Danny Phantom.
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