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Quick update

We were planning to do nothing but work today, but those plans got foiled by a need to go to the grocery store. Then we figured we really ought to have Family Home Evening anyway, and while that was going on, Page got settled on a lap, and she seemed ever so reluctant to get up, so we blew off work and watched this week's installment of Sailor Moon instead. That's our Page, making sure we don't overwork ourselves. Hopefully we won't regret it too much on Wednesday (the day we definitely have to make sure the work gets close enough to done).

In the meantime, there's been a new development in the roommate story. Our original source has concocted an exit strategy that involves letting the roommate stay with us over the summer as a trial period, and if it doesn't work out, her family will take her back with them by force after a visit to Disneyland in September. We're too busy to think about all it too deeply, but we still have a feeling that once she's through our front door, there's no telling when she'll be out. On the other hand, maybe it wouldn't be bad. But like I said, too busy to think about it.

...That reminds me, the roommate hopeful sent me a text I need to reply to.

Today I'm thankful for making not too terrible progress on work today, Page making sure we're not overworking ourselves, staying caught up on Sailor Moon, having chocolate to help us through the really tough times, and this being a project that we like fairly well.
Tags: busyness, roommate stuff

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