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Alethea & Athena
27th-Feb-2016 05:23 pm
People have been inviting us to Facebook groups to buy their MLM products! I actually think it's kind of fun, even if I think the whole MLM (multi-level marketing) thing is a little nonsensical. I mean, if you recruit all your friends to sell your product, who would you ever sell to? But when the product is fun, I don't see any harm in buying it. Of course, I have read about the vitamins and aroma therapy things that apparently are scams, but for now, I buy fingernail stickers and scented sprinkles. And if the sprinkles aren't scented, you can bet that's the last time I'll be buying them.

But before I say any more about the sprinkles, I wanted to talk about Yato, because he may or may not be susceptible to multi-level marketing scams (stay tuned to Noragami to find out!), and that reminded me of an observation we made relating to Yato that I wanted to mention here but kept forgetting when it was more relevant. But what happened was this: we were walking around Disneyland as is our wont, and we were noticing aaaaaallllll the places that are just filled with coins that people toss in. This is true even of some places at Tokyo Disneyland, and we have to wonder how so many coins get tossed into those places, especially since we only very occasionally see them being tossed. Of course, most of the times we see this happen, the one doing the coin tossing is usually trying to show off their skill by getting the coin to land in a very specific place, but! considering the tradition of tossing a coin into a small body of water and making a wish, we thought, "Uh oh, nobody tell Yato!" And then we feared for his bottle of five-yen coins. (It was extra scary when we were in Japan, because the coins were actually yen now.)

Now back to the sprinkles. So apparently there's some MLM company called Pink Zebra or something, and they sell these things that look like chocolate chips, maybe? Apparently they're wickless soy candles...or something like that. But the fun part is that, because they come in the form of sprinkles, you can buy them in jars, and then you can mix and match the scents! How much fun does that sound like!

...And I really don't have a whole lot more to say about that. We ordered three little bottles: pineapple, because citrus makes people happy; night-blooming jasmine, because we had a night-blooming jasmine bush outside our kitchen window when we were growing up and it was one of the nicest things in the world during the summer when it was in bloom (at night); and falling rain, because we wanted to see if they actually managed to make something smell like water. The description specifies that it's rain falling in a jungle, so they might be trying to fake it with jungle fragrances, but I guess we'll find out.

Incidentally, in one of the volumes of Corpse Party we translated most recently, it was revealed that one of the characters likes to collect scented beads. She lends her container of caramel flavored (it said flavored; we don't know why) ones to the main character, and they're supposed to also work as a good luck charm. And what do you know, we could have ordered some caramel sprinkles, too. We said to ourselves, nah.

And speaking of scents and flavors, somebody posted a picture on Facebook of a bunch of cupcakes decorated to look like the Eeveelutions from Pokemon. We haven't played Pokemon in years, but we'll always have a fondness for the Eevees. But the biggest question on our minds was, "But what flavor are they!?" The caption didn't say, so we decided to pick our own flavors, for the mythical day when we've become proficient enough at baking that we can make flavored cupcakes. We took some ideas from the ice cream elements in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, because of course they're right--sour flavors are "shocking", so the Jolteon cupcake should be lemon, right? And the Flareon one should be a fiery spicy flavor, so let's go with cinnamon. We had a bit of a hard time coming up with something for Vaporeon, but we're thinking a nice, mellow melon flavor might work. Umbreon would be dark chocolate, of course, but we don't know what to do about Espeon. And we can't really comment on the three new(?) ones, because that's how long ago we stopped playing Pokemon. But the ice one would be mint, naturally.

And so today has been a day of assigning scents and flavors. Well, mostly catching up on work, but also assigning scents and flavors. It's just so much fun to come up with things based on a theme.

Today I'm thankful for getting caught up on work (sort of), getting caught up on writing manga reviews, having scented sprinkles to look forward to, the idea of Eeveelution flavored cupcakes, and the delicious chocolate that came in our heart-shaped box of chocolates.
28th-Feb-2016 12:14 am (UTC)
I thought you were talking about My Little Monster (MLM) products and I was like "what kind of products does that have that people would be selling??" Of course the actual explanation makes more sense. And your concerns over Yato are quite valid. What's the deal with his bottle of coins though? That thing's been broken over heads and, I would assume, emptied to pay for various charms and scams, so how is there anything left for our poor unmarketable hero??? It's a mystery.

The soy-sprinkle-candles sound nice!! Pineapple is a very happy scent, but does it count as citrus? Jasmine is nice too. Ah, to live in a land where you could have one growing outside your kitchen window... (says the girl who two days ago was dreaming of Scandinavia, ha ha ha.) Are you going to mix the scents or enjoy them on their own?

Ooooh Eeveelution cupcake flavours!! Leafeon could be like green tea or mugwort flavoured, it'd be so yum!!! And the fairy one seems like it would be something ridiculously sweet. Maybe with sprinkles? I don't know what to do about Espeon either. Psychic pokemon were never really my thing... Maybe just some really odd, mysterious flavour no one would expect. Oooh, lavender-flavoured?? (like the herb. the colour would fit too!)
28th-Feb-2016 12:35 am (UTC)
Now that you mention it, it is a mystery that he has any coins at all. I mean, breaking it over someone's head is one thing--they can pick the coins up and put them in another bottle. But Yato isn't exactly known for his ability to save... Just thinking about back when his jar was half full, the mind boggles to think how it got there.

I don't know if pineapple counts as citrus! I was wondering that after I posted. Wikipedia now tells us that it does not. But there was a category called "fruit & citrus" and the only things that resembled citrus were lime and pineapple...and maybe kiwi? Anyway, it was a toss up between pineapple and lime because we wanted something citrusy (even if not actually citrus), and pineapple won. I think at first we will enjoy them on our own, and then we'll experiment with mixing them. Rain seems like it could go with either of the two others we ordered, but I'm not sure about pineapple and jasmine together.

Green tea does seem like a good fit! We just keep forgetting about it because we don't drink tea and we're not sure if tea flavors are okay or not. For the fairy one, we thought (even though we're not qualified to comment on them, we considered them) white cake with marshmallow fluff frosting. And maybe a strawberry filling because strawberry is the flavor of adorableness. And yes, sprinkles! I was going to say to use the flaky iridescent ones, but then Athena pointed out that you evolve them with a moonstone, so you should use the round pearly ones. Maybe both? I mean, as long as it's unreasonably sugary, it seems like it should work.

And I remembered later, we did have an idea for Espeon, and lavender was part of it! Sort of. Because I remembered that when we tried rose-flavored macarons, it was mysterious, like we weren't really tasting it, but there was, like, a rose-flavored aura that you could feel more than taste. So it seemed perfect for a psychic Pokemon! And then, since it's a flower, we thought lavender would be good for color matching, but we're not fans of the lavender scent, so we decided to go with light-purple roses instead.
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