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Today was supposed to be a regular(ish) workday, and it was until close to the end, at which point everything kind of went poof, or something. We had the one rush project to do, so we worked on that until we got to a good stopping point, and then we wanted to work on Kamakura Monogatari for a while because we're supposed to get the end of volume two done by Friday.

We've been turning it in a few chapters at a time, which is fine usually because it's so episodic, and it's so long and talkative, and we have so little time otherwise that breaking it into smaller chunks really seems like the only way to get it done at all. We had two chapter rough drafts that we thought we could get ready to turn in before we called it a day, but then we hit a wall. A wall known as Hyakunin Isshu. We knew it was going to be a problem with that chapter (we already did the first draft!), but it turned out to be a little bit worse than we thought, mostly because we just couldn't look at the cards and say, "You know what? Translating it will just ruin the art anyway; let's just move on."

So we translated a couple of poems...and decided that a translation really would do the opposite of enhance the artwork, so we left the translations out anyway. Ha, ha, ha. (And when we emailed our project manager, we said to let us know if you want those poems translated after all. It really would work best with an extra page to put notes on, but I don't know how they're doing this thing.) On the bright side, we're now that much closer to having our own personal translation of the Hyakunin Isshu should the need ever arise... *wistful*

Anyway, we were editing that chapter, and we were so very close to the end...when Gaston called. He may or may not be coming down for the last week of Annual Passholder Days, but he had something else to talk about. After our would-be roommate called on Sunday, we thought we'd go ahead and look up the Disneyland college program, because before she called, we mentioned her plan to a cast member friend of ours from the ward, thinking this friend, who had other cast member roommates, would have an idea of where people could, like, look for Disneyland cast member roommates. She suggested the college program for our would-be roommate, so I suggested the college program in turn, and was given a list of reasons that it wasn't exactly ideal. So we decided to look it up ourselves.

And really that was just a long way of explaining that we went to the Disney Auditions website, because we were thinking about Disneyland employment opportunities. We never really think we have what it takes to perform at Disneyland (we're not trained in anything and we're too tall for all the female roles), but sometimes it's fun to look, and one time I got it into my head that we could sing alto for the Buena Vista Community Bell Choir. But the point is, we were looking at the site and it turns out they'll be holding auditions for Tokyo DisneySea's new version of Big Band Beat here in SoCal pretty soon. Again, we're not trained in singing and we're too tall, so it's a no-go for us, but it seemed like a thing Gaston could go for. We deliberated for a while over this, because we would be insanely jealous if anyone we know other than us was getting paid to live at DisneySea for a period of several months, but Gaston loves Disneyland, singing, and big band jazz, so we felt like we'd be bad friends if we didn't pass the information along.

And THAT was one of the main reasons he called today--to let us know he was seriously considering it. And while I do think it would be pretty awesome for him, and I wouldn't want him to miss out on the opportunity, right now I'm letting myself get over the melancholy of the whole idea. It's kind of an interesting situation, because it's like, "No fair! He (maybe) gets to do exactly what I want to do! When do I get to do something that awesome!?" And then I ask myself what super awesome thing I want to do anyway. Well, live at DisneySea for several months without having to worry about all this work I have to do, I guess. But on the other hand, I really do love my job. But on the first hand, I really could use a break. But back to the other hand, I kind of just got one when we went to Japan last month. But on the first hand again, it's been a month since then and we've been pretty consistently crushed with work and it would be really nice to at least not be crushed.

We thought we might not be crushed with work this week, but here we are working overtime still. It's okay, though. I just need to whine a little to get it out of my system.

I had something much nicer to talk about today, too! We ordered a new toy for Page, just like one we saw at the pet store in Ikebukuro. It's by Frolicat and it's called FLIK, and it's just a big round flat thing with a string that comes out one side, and when you turn it on, the wheels turn around on the inside to pull the string inside and then FLICK it back out. It seemed to match the kind of play Page seems to prefer, so we bought it! And it arrived today, so we turned it on and showed it to her! ...And she seemed very suspicious of it, like she wasn't sure what to make of it.

So she Watched it. She would get closer to it, or farther away from it, and she'd try different angles, just investigating. Eventually she did start trying to catch the string, and she succeeded several times! And then I guess she got tired of it, so she went to a satisfactory distance, lay on the ground, and just watched it until it turned itself off. It was pretty adorable. But she still seems pretty wary of it; later she sat down between our chairs, a little bit closer to us than usual, which I can only assume is because it helped her be farther away from Flik. And she seemed to be glaring at it distrustingly. It was pretty adorable, but I hope the toy doesn't stress her out too much.

Today I'm thankful for getting a fair(?) amount of work done, getting Page's new toy today, having plenty of chocolate to look forward to, having some translations of the Hyakunin Isshu poems (which may need to be tweaked later, but at least they're something), and it being time to go relax and watch TV.
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