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The Ice Reaper, volume three

Well, yesterday's trip to Disneyland was definitely ill-advised. With better advice, we would have known that the AP Days stuff was open longer and that Gaston wouldn't be getting into town until late, so we definitely could have stayed home and finished our Corpse Party translations. Things are going to be tricky as far as finishing Devil Survivor and doing all the other things we want to do (like chores).

But anyway, let's have a review! Today we'll be reviewing Final Fantasy Type-0 Prequel: The Ice Reaper. Spoiler level: mild...ish? There's speculation about the end of the manga that involves facts that you'd already know if you'd played the game.

We had a choice between getting caught up on the My Love Story!! anime and writing a review, and since we're two reviews behind and have already done a full draft of our next thing, we figured we should write at least one before we watch any anime.

So! Now we're going to write about Final Fantasy Type-0 Prequel: The Ice Reaper. That's a long title that I get to type out multiple times per translation. But that's okay, because I heart the Ice Reaper. Now let's see if I can remember what happened in volume three.


The end.

Juuust kidding. This is the volume where Kurasame gets a girlfriend! Awwwww! That's so cute! But Athena says, "I don't know about this Aoi chick. She's kind of needy." I think she's a spy, but thanks to all these reviews, I'm being reminded of lots and lots of theories of mine that turned out to be wrong, so you know. Maybe she's just genuinely needy and not just trying to distract Kurasame. She did seem to sincerely hope that he's not only protecting her because it's his orders--but since the Empire seems to want to recruit Kurasame, she might be the recruiter and still sincerely feel that way. Just for different reasons than, "I love him!"

Anyway, I'm keeping an open mind to either possibility. But if she can't understand his need to fix his own mistakes, she's not the right girl for him anyway! It's okay. She's probably going to die. They're all going to die.

...Okay, we just took time out to read our volume two review, and it was a lot of fun. We hope you all enjoyed it back when we posted it! (Which is in the future, as of this writing.) But the point is, I forgot what I was talking about.

There is an interesting thing we discovered about all the spies in this series. We wanted to look up the name Matin... First, a tangent about Matin. We don't know how it ended up being spelled, but Matin is how we did it. Normally, it would be Machin, because, as we mentioned in our volume two review, Rubran names tend to be very Japanese in nature, so we just romanize them according to standard romanization. But with a CH, the name is Machin, and that's just one letter away from Machina, who is a key figure stupid jerkface who needs to have his head stepped on by a Gundam in the game. (There are no Gundams in the game, but Magitek Armor could do the trick.) But the point is, the names are way too similar. So the readers who are familiar with the game would be like, "Wait, Machina? What?" So we spelled it with a T.

Anyway, Matin or Machin or however you want to spell it is not a typical Japanese name, so we looked it up to see if there was some significance to it. Apparently it's the Japanese word for strychnine. Tadah! So we looked up the name of the other spy, and her name means...some other toxic plant. Like toxic Japanese lacquer bush or something. And now you all know: Rubran spies are named after poison. So if you don't want your child to betray the Dominion, do not name them after a poison. Contrariwise, if you do want to raise a traitor, I'm sure there's a whole array of poisons to choose from.

Changing the subject, I think the way they deal with memory loss in the manga is even more confusing than how they deal with it in the game. It's really such an inconvenient system. It's one of those things that I think the Crystals would be like, "It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I'm not so sure." But I guess if the Crystals constantly want their people to fight each other, maybe it helps them, because people are less afraid of death? Only they're not, because they're now afraid of being dead and forgotten, but anyway. The point is, whether or not Kurasame remembered Mr. Strychnine after his execution, he would have remembered apprehending some assassin. Like Trey says in the game, "If we had assassinated [possible spoiler], we would have remembered assassinating someone." I feel like that fact was repeated a million times, but that might just be because we went over the script so many times.

Anyway. It's looking more and more like Kotetsu is the vile betrayer after all, not because he's a bad guy necessarily, but he seemed kind of shaken up after killing Urushi...and I don't understand why he felt so much need to justify killing her, because A)he would have forgotten who she was, and B)they've all killed like a million people already. I guess loyalty is like a really important thing to the Champions. And what does that say about me that I'm like, "What's your problem, dude?" Maybe it just says I've had a lot of unfavorable experiences with friendships.

Anyway, enough about me. Kurasame is now officially the Ice Reaper...okay, it's kind of unofficial just yet, but the name came up for the first time other than in the title of the manga. Come to think of it, I seem to have faint memories of students speculating that Kurasame was the vile betrayer, because he's the one that survived. Maybe there was no vile betrayer and we just thought there was one because people accused Kurasame. But maybe he really is the vile betrayer, because he's cold like ice! But you know he can't be, because he's so loyal to the Dominion in the game. He'll be like Snape...which means he would be the...? I don't know; I'm confusing myself. And spoiling Harry Potter, but if you don't know what happens in Harry Potter by now, you're probably not going to read it anyway.

So...I think that's all. It's kind of a fun series, but it's important not to think too hard about it.

Wow, that review was ridiculous! (Ridiculously awesome. I would recommend reading it even if you're not a fan of the series or the game it came from.)

Today I'm thankful for having warm snuggly blankets when we need extra coziness (even though it's not very cold; sometimes you just need extra coziness), getting to have pizza for dinner tonight, not making terrible progress on Devil Survivor, Muppet Treasure Island, and it being the 20th anniversary of when we first saw Muppet Treasure Island in theaters.
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