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Devil Survivor volume 2

Well the day has come, and we're making another ill-advised trip to Disneyland. We were hoping we could finish our Corpse Party translation before then (or at least get have way through the second one), but no such luck. We'll have to finish it tomorrow, and get as far as we can on Devil Survivor, but we have no one to blame but ourselves, because we really want to go see what's happening at AP Days.

Speaking of Devil Survivor, we decided that that is the next logical progression from monsters after our monster-themed Review Rednesdays half-week, so that's what we'll be reviewing today! Spoiler level: It mentions the names of new characters?

Devil Survivor is an interesting series in that it's one of the few series that has us commenting frequently on the characters' wardrobe. For example, Haru. Why don't you try wearing a dress that actually fits you? I'm proud of you for apparently losing a lot of weight, but you need a dress that is not literally falling off of you. (Also, if you lost the weight due to some eating that case, if the dress helps you feel thin [without prolonging the disorder], maybe it's better, but it still seems unhealthy.)

Also, how do Yuzu's breasts do that if she's not wearing any kind of real support? In fact, how do they do that at all? Maybe the stripey non-bra thing is actually some kind of anti-gravity bra?

And Keisuke. It's the middle of summer, it's a blackout, no one has any air conditioning, no one can chill any drinks or make ice because there's no refrigeration, so why in the world are you still wearing two shirts!? Maybe you should lend one of those to Haru.

Speaking of Haru, thanks to playing the game, the fact has really hit home that "Haru" just does not sound nice as a name with American English pronunciation. And we're not just talking about people saying ha-ROO, like that character in The Last Air Bender. They say it HA-ru, but with an American R, and it just sounds bleh. I'm sorry, Harus! (We just wrote up a My Little Monster review, too.)

But as for the book. This volume mostly features Haru and Keisuke. We always liked Keisuke well enough, except for his stupid cowardly "don't help people, they'll only turn on you!" thing (he gets over it), but then we looked up the game's Japanese cast (sort of; we didn't want to just look it up, so instead we tried to find some gameplay videos online and came across a trailer for the 3DS version. I think I registered Keisuke's voice at the same time they displayed the kanji for his name), and he's played by our beloved Kaji-kun, so now we like him even more! We do think he'd be happier with only one shirt, though. Maybe he has some kind of a cooling device between the two layers, like those air-conditioned jumpsuits they invented for racecar drivers.

This book also features Beldr, and oh my goodness, what is going on here? Baldr is the Norse god of light and is generally seen as being very very good and someone that all mankind loves, so why do these video games keep making him into a god of destruction? (Actually, the mysterious figure who remains nameless says something about it in the game, so maybe there's more to the story that we don't know.)

Oh, but they changed the name to BELdr, so it could fit with their whole Bel theme, but we were just reading one of our grandpa's books that talks about how popular it was to put "bel" in people's names as a reference to Baal, and then we remembered that Bel is like the Celtic sun god or something? So we think it comes from the same root. It sounds like there's some fascinating history tying all of this together. We'll have to look into it...if we can ever find the time.

I kind of had a hard time with this volume, because when we were reading through it the third time, the dialogue sounded okay, but maybe a little too forced in places with exposition. I think it was okay overall, just not great. Or maybe I was just too tired.

Here's a bit of trivia: Atsuro's skill "Analyze" isn't a real skill in the game. Whenever you fight demons, their stats just show up above their heads, so you can always see what they're weak or strong against. But it turns out we don't have a whole lot else to say about it. [Annnd much later on, we found out that "Analyze" IS a skill in the game, but it does something different, and it's been weeks since we've been able to play it, so we've already forgotten what it does.]

Anyway, we got just past this part in the game because we were trying to figure out what the mysterious goateed man meant when he said "factors", and that didn't help, but it DID give us some information about the plot that made it seem like everything up to that point was just an introduction. So things should really pick up in volume if they weren't exciting enough already. I really like how the manga artist is doing everything. I think he's doing a great job of making it more exciting, where in the game the main excitement came from the battles. And it's a tactics game, so the battles really wouldn't make for good manga.

Today I'm thankful for making pretty decent progress on Corpse Party even if it wasn't as much as we wanted to, having plans (however ill-advised) to go to Disneyland today, also having plans to get my phone back, and getting to go to a Relief Society activity that was all about chocolate last night.
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