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Alethea & Athena
My Little Monster volume 12 
17th-Feb-2016 04:56 pm
In case anybody was keeping score, the volume of Corpse Party we worked on today wasn't nearly as exhausting as the one we worked on yesterday. Maybe because there was less gore. But we're still on track to finish everything by deadline (ish), and Gaston won't be showing up to instigate ill-advised trips to Disneyland until after we've had plenty of time to work tomorrow! Everything would be pretty awesome right now, as far as the idea of maybe getting some time to slow down, if we hadn't accepted a new project of unpredictable busyness to be finished in a couple of weeks. On the bright side, we wouldn't have accepted it if it didn't seem pretty awesome itself. (It's not manga; don't get your hopes up.)

And now it is time to get back to our very special week of Review Rednesday. Today we'll be finishing up with our monster theme by reviewing My Little Monster! Spoiler level: Last volume.

We actually started writing this review over a week ago (maybe a week ago), but we had just finished reviewing Noragami 10, and we didn't want Noragami 10 to overshadow My Little Monster 12 or vice versa. Of course, the obvious flaw in that choice is that now we've had a lot more time to forget about My Little Monster 12 and it was the last volume and that makes it important! It seems like not a lot happened, but maybe that's just the faded memories talking. Athena remembers thinking that a week ago, though. We wrote cover for this volume, and Athena recalls trying to write it and asking ourselves, "What even happened?" But I'm getting ahead of myself.

First of all, and I mentioned this on LiveJournal when we first started work on this volume, the fact that it was the last volume came as quite a shock, due in large part to the fact that we are in possession of a volume 13. Finding out that volume 13 was the last(?) volume was quite a shock in and of itself. I was looking at the Japanese Kodansha page to see how long it would be before we caught up with Japan on all the titles we're working on (we were swamped, and I wanted to know when we might be less swamped), and I couldn't find My Little Monster anywhere until I checked the list of past (as in, already over) series. We were a little bummed about that.

Anyway, the last volume. Sort of. What even happened? Let's see...Haru and Shizuku have finally made up. That was a very sweet scene. Those two are such a cute couple. ...And then Haru leaves for a year, and it seems like the rest of the series is just killing time until he comes back. Oh wait, except for the grave visit, which I think was a very important step in Haru and Yuzan's relationship. Now Yuzan can finally (hopefully) stop blaming himself for Haru leaving, and maybe they'll be friends again someday.

Takaya being in love with Oshima amused us. When they went to the temple on New Year's and he asked if Oshima was coming, we asked each other, "She has the biggest breasts of all the girls, doesn't she?" Yes, she does. Then when he stayed with Oshima while Shizuku went to the bathroom, and Shizuku was all, "He's such a social boy..." We were like, "...Yeah. THAT's it." It's really cute, though, especially when they show up in the end credits. (Also, I love that Robico did end credits. That was awesome.)

Asako and Sasayan's relationship is left with an unsatisfactory ending. (Asako is a pretty tough nut to crack.) We're hoping this will be resolved in volume 13, which happens to have the two of them on the cover. And speaking of covers, on volume 12, Shizuku took Haru's collar off! He's human now! Yay!

The way he proposed to her at the end was so great. I have to say, he's gotta cut his hair if he doesn't want to look more and more like Yuzan. Maybe his long hair is a sign that the two of them really are friends again. Or maybe he grew it out because Yuzan cut his hair. That's still kind of weird to think about.

But one of our favorite things will still always be in volume eleven, when Haru closes his hood over his face. It's just too hilarious.

Sorry; that's not a review for volume twelve. The chapter where there was no dialogue was pretty fun. There was a time when we would be a little miffed about such a thing [because we don't charge for pages that don't have text, so we'd get less money], but we've been so busy lately that we were like, "THANK YOU!!!" Then there was Haru's letter, which was pretty hilarious. It really was written using very formal language (hopefully that came across in the translation), but then (and hopefully this came through in the lettering) you see the way he wrote the letter, like as in handwriting, and it's so hyper! Very Haru. Like he looked up what to write in letters, but wrote it in his own unique way.

And I think that's about all we have to say. Iyo was pretty funny at the graduation ceremony, and it was neat to see everyone at their careers in the end credits. I'm glad Asako found gainful employment.

...I feel like I should apologize for not having a better review for the last volume of My Little Monster. But it's, like, double in the past now, so there's not a whole lot we can do about it. So feel free to liven up the discussion in the comments, because this review kind of needs help. Eh heh...

Now we'll have to decide what to review tomorrow... I think we have an Ice Reaper, a Noragami, a Devil Survivor... I think that's all, but we've had such a hard time keeping track.

Anyway, today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota today, Page not being too disruptive, getting passed the baton to work on My Little Monster, neat-looking projects on the horizon, and having time to fit said neat-looking projects into our schedule.
18th-Feb-2016 12:13 am (UTC)
Personally, I was sad about the chapter with no talking because I wanted to know what they were sayiiiing!!! I mean it was a cool artistic choice and I enjoyed "reading" everyone's conversation through their expressions and body language (since Robico-sensei is so great at that, after all!) but it did not help my "Waaah last volume!" sadness. I especially want to know what Shizuku said to Yamaken on p119.

I've always loved Shizuku's (mis)perception of her brother :D Maybe because it's funny to see her be so off-base when she's such a smarty. But there's a sweetness to it too :)

The end credits do have a tiny portrait of a couple in a heart on Asako's desk, so I think we can assume it all works out, but I'm guessing (EXPECTING) we'll get a fuller story from v13.

Haru's letter!!! Yes, I totally thought "He copied this from some how-to guide" as I was reading, and then saw the letter in the drawing, with scribbles and scuffs and Haru!! signed crooked and big (the handwriting font was a fairly tidy style, but that's my nitpicky perfectionism speaking) and it was just right! And the end of the P.S. note!! Aw♥ It gave me a big smile. I'm browsing the volume again now. Haru on p164 just caught my eye by being way too adorable. It's not the hood closed completely over his face of 11, but he is all fidgety and excited and it's so sweet.

(and then Haru+Asako's reunion a few pages later. Ahaha, I love how it plays out exactly like you'd expect of a shoujo manga, except they're not actually the couple.)

Oh, I just remembered the meerkats, earlier in the volume. They made me laugh...

Oh yeah, and Dr. Yamaken in the end credits! Aww... I want that boy to have a happy life.

In conclusion, I really want to read a manga about the continuing adventures of Hot Lawyer Shizuku and Eccentric Scientist Haru. But I'll content myself with whatever else Robico writes.

Congrats on the new neat-looking project (that is not manga, alas...)!!! :D
18th-Feb-2016 12:59 pm (UTC)
Ha ha, yeah, we usually prefer to have dialogue because we need it to hold our attention in movies, but in manga we can keep reading anyway. But now that you mention it, what did she say there...?

One of the great things about My Little Monster: it points out (constantly) that people who are smart academically are not smart about everything, and that there are all kinds of different smarts. Like when Shizuku needed Asako to come record a TV show--even Asako is an expert at something!

Hmmm, good point about the couple in a heart...

Oh good, we translated it right! And oh good, the letterer did it right! (Even if not 100% perfectly; I'm sure we weren't 100%, either.) Haru is generally quite adorable♥

(Yes! The Haru+Asako reunion was awesome!)

We're so with you about Yamaken, poor guy.

Yeah, it would be nice to spend more time with these characters; they're just so much fun!

And thanks! That reminds me--we actually do have another neat-looking manga project, too; I just forgot to mention it because it's not affecting our schedule for a little while, and we don't think it's been announced yet. The books arrived yesterday (or two days ago? yes, two days ago) and we're pretty excited about it, but we're not sure how anyone else will feel about it.
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