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Well, I have a little teeny tiny amount of time to post today. Church starts at one, and we have stake choir practice in the evening, but to make sure we can actually get there (we missed it last week due to transportation issues), we're going to stay for the Break the Fast dinner that's happening between the two, so we'll be gone all afternoon and night.

The funny thing about this is before we went to Japan, we read our reports of the first time we went to Tokyo Disneyland, which reminded me that I had a little bit of time on a Sunday to post about Winnie the Pooh's Hunny Hunt and nothing else. And as it just so happens, we were almost at the Hunny Hunt part of the report!

But not quite. First we went on Pirates of the Caribbean, which also didn't seem quite as short this time as it did last time. I don't remember if they had added Jack Sparrow when went last time, and...I decided I did have time to check, and it looks like they did. I was still happy to hear the friendly voice again. He's my best friend on that ride. (Before they added all the movie stuff to the Anaheim version, as you're going through the caves before you see all the pirate stuff, there's a friendly voice warning you about the curse and telling you to turn back and stuff.)

And other than that, it was pretty much a typical ride on Pirates of the Caribbean. And then it was time to use our fastpasses for Winnie the Pooh's Hunny Hunt. The description of that ride can be found in this post. It was a little glitchy the first time we went on it this time, so, for example, we were sitting around waiting in the room where it's dark and sparkly for a long time. Checking our last report, apparently I almost forgot that part, so maybe they were just trying to make sure it stuck this time. And we were in that room for a long time, so it definitely did stick. I think that this ride, like with Sindbad, had such an amazing reputation in my memory that when I went on it again, I was like, "Huh. It wasn't that great," but then when we went on it again after that, I remembered that it really was that great. The second time wasn't quite so glitchy, either, which probably helped. But we also didn't get blasted by the honey cannon, which was disappointing. Apparently it doesn't do that every time, after all.

Checking my reference, it looks like I don't have time to talk about the next thing we did, so I'll tell a little story about something that happened on Winnie the Pooh's Hunny Hunt instead. After we sat down on the ride vehicle, I noticed some pretty cool decorations in the queue area, so I pulled out my camera to take a picture. A cast member spotted me and gestured at me that photography is Not Allowed on that ride. I felt really bad about it for a little while (which might be part of why I may not have enjoyed the ride that much), but when I thought about it later, I remembered that when I sheepishly put my camera away, he nodded at me like, "Good, you get it." And I felt better because he clearly didn't think I was an idiot or someone who was trying to sneak around and break all the no photography rules. He might have thought I was an American tourist who didn't understand the language (and he was half right!), but that's okay, because you can't expect strangers to know what you know. The point is, he didn't seem to hate me for having the audacity to be taking pictures, and I appreciate that. And other rides do allow pictures as long as there's no flash, so it's understandably difficult to keep track. They just must be super secretive about this particular ride for some reason...

Today I'm thankful for having a ride to church, having some lovely books to read while we wait between the various Things we'll be attending, getting to go on Winnie the Pooh's Hunny Hunt again, the friendly voice on Pirates of the Caribbean, and having time to update LiveJournal today.
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